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    New Hermann added ...

    From the same breeder, just different hatchings. Either way, will they get used to each other
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    New Hermann added ...

    I didn't know whether to separate or whether they will get used to each other - has only been a day?? Thoughts??
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    New Hermann added ...

    I have two Hermanns, aged just over two, so unsexed. I have just added a third Hermann, yesterday, a year old (so again unsexed) but about the same size and weight as the other two. One of my 2 year olds has been mounting the new one and doing the face/expressions/mouthing that I have seen...
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    Hermanns and co co coir

    I use topsoil but want to put some coco fibre into the bedding area of my Hermanns for a bit of warmth for them. I know you wet it to expand it but can I then leave it to dry before putting in?
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    Gorgeous Squirt!
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    Lets see some pics!!!

    My Sparky & Charlie
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    Meet Shredder

    Shredder is gorgeous
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    Little Augusto

    Awww, adorable
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    Sexing my Hermanns ...

    I know they are still juveniles but any thoughts on what sex my Sparky & Charlie may be? Just curious ...
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    Bath time for Albert

    Adorable .. wish my Hermanns enjoyed their bath so much!!
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    so he can climb lol.

    This is MY Sparky ..
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    Live Plants in Enclosure

    My favs are spider plants, garden mint and basil .. they happily grow and, although edible, my torts don't eat them (and the mint smells gorgeous!) so good for enclosure for humidity and decor
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    temporary enclosure for Zeus and Thor.

    Do your best, your way. The thing I realised when I first got my torts was that I had OVER-FORUMED and there is so much conflicting information out there. Glean what you can, do your best and that is all anyone can ask
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    temporary enclosure for Zeus and Thor.

    A tad abrupt with the advice!! WHether one agrees or not, there is a 'helpful' way of saying things!
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    In the U.K?

    I think when it comes to our torts, it is a constant learning curve! I was just being curious (for future reference ;) )