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    2 Sulcata's free to good home.

    Edger and James have been picked up and are on their way to their new home, we finally got connected with the lady we had been talking with! I'm glad they have a new forever home where they will be well taken care of!
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    2 Sulcata's free to good home.

    After making 4 set times on 4 different days the person called and cancelled after we were to meet and had been waiting all day. I wish it could have worked out, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.
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    2 Sulcata's free to good home.

    My work situation has changed due to economy, I now am constantly traveling and have can no longer care for my Torts and am having to have family do it while I am out of town and it is getting to be to much for my aging folk's. We have there lights, and three bags full of other things that go...
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    2 Sulcatas Free to Good Home

    As it turns out we have adopted them out to a very nice lady named Carol In our thanks for everyones help.
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    2 Sulcatas Free to Good Home

    I want to be VERY clear as I have gotten a few wierd texts that some people think that we will stop caring for them or that they are in some kind of danger? THESE TORTS ARE LIKE MY CHILDREN AND ARE VERY HEALTHY AND WELL CARED FOR! THEY ARE IN NO KIND OF DANGER OR WOULD I EVER STOP TAKING CARE...
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    2 Sulcatas Free to Good Home

    My work situation has changed due to economy I now am constantly traveling and have can no longer care for my Torts. We have hundreds worth of equiptment, lights, greenhouse setup etc....All of this is free on a few conditions. 1. YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO CARE FOR AND BE ABLE TO PROVE YOU HAVE THE...
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    Sulcata baby not eating.

    I would start with some good spring mix and cut it up so it's small, once it starts eatting that start adding cut pieces of flowers ect.
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    How often am i supposed to feed my tortoise?

    We feed once in the morning and once again about 3pm, I wouldn't listen to your brother. Read on here you will find everything you need. I would rather them leave some food then not have anything to eat. We feed twice a day since we live in WA and they are inside, I don't like there stuff to get...
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    Need help

    Do you keep your tort outside or in? Does he ever get out to the sun? The MVB is great keep that up, if you could get him out for some sun a few times a week that would be good as well even for a half hour. You guys have tons of sun there, I wish I had sun all the time where I lived, my torts...
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    Baby not eatting

    Well they have been going outside once it hit's 70, I measure them every month and I was looking at everything and noticed he's really not been gaining weight the last two months, and being REALLY bad about eatting. I started feeding him inside before putting him in his outside pen, I keep him...
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    On The Road..

    We take ours with us a lot as it is hard to find someone that will give them the care we do. They go camping ect all the time. We put them in clear rubber made containers with substrate. their normal rock for food and their hid box and they do just fine.
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    Baby not eatting

    We have tried the flowers and all sorts of bright colored fruit even to see if he will even try it and he won't. We are going to try a little apple juice mixed in and see if he will try it. Thanks for your idea!
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    Baby not eatting

    So we have two Sulcata's, Edger was our first and he is 2 years old we have had him since he was hatchling, he eats and we have never had any problems with him. We got James in January, he was just a hatchling, now we have had him for 9 months, he has never been a very good eatter. We knew more...
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    Edger has a new friend meet baby James

    Oh James and Edger live in a 6X6 Green house in our upstairs living room and they both have their own areas, we don't keep them together. I have some pic's of the green house set up on our page. At the time we only had Edger but now there are two pools in there so they say nice and warm and very...
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    How long before baby sulcata no longer hides from me?

    We have two Sulcata's both as new babies. We have been very hands on with them since we got them. We try to hold them and pet there head everyday. They are very friendly and my 4 year old newphew holds them all the time and they even let him pet them no problem. They will strech there head out...