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    Please HELP - Tortoise may be dead

    Hi, I have read many of the posts on similar topics, but wanted to get feedback just in case. My 2 yr old hermann, Peanut, has been slightly less responsive than normal the past two days, but no other symptoms. Today we found him submerged in his bath. Usually he stays in the shallow end, but...
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    Moving to another country with your tortoise

    Hi :) Due to some career changes, we are considering the possibility of moving to another country. We have a hermann, around 10 months old and I was wondering what the process would be to move your tortoise to another country. (I'm in the US and we are considering countries in East Asia) We...
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    Tortoise trying to bite/eat rocks, slates?

    Thanks guys. This is really helpful!!
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    Tortoise trying to bite/eat rocks, slates?

    Thanks @Golden Greek Tortoise 567 @1289Gabe !! He has a cuttlebone in his enclosure which he rarely touches. He also gets a mix of: 1. Zoomed's Repti Calcium - a pinch once a week with mazuri 2. Zoomed's Reptivite - a pinch once a week with mazuri. Are there other sources of mineral? Also...
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    Tortoise trying to bite/eat rocks, slates?

    Hi guys, I posted this video of my tortoise before: back in May. He's still trying to bite on to the side of his food plate (slate) or rocks in his enclosure. These rocks are twice the size of his body but he keeps trying to take a bite of it. I catch him doing this 2-3 times a week. I'm...
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    Russian Tortoise Pinworms

    What is considered to be a reptile safe disinfectant? I'd like to clean his table with something more than hot water, but I'm hesitant to use soap or other detergent.
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    I'm so sorry. CVS has posted locations where expanded testing is being offered. You have to register in advance to schedule an appointment. I don't know if any of these locations are near you but here's the link:
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    Broadleaf forage vs Buck forage mix seeds

    Thanks for the suggestion. I just made an order from Tortoise Supply. I was able to order a clover mix from them too!
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    Broadleaf forage vs Buck forage mix seeds

    I'm growing them in large planters.
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    Broadleaf forage vs Buck forage mix seeds

    I have purchased the Broadleaf Tortoise Forage Blend from etsy 3 times, and I seem to end up with mostly chicory. My tortoise loves clovers so I was looking for clover seeds and came across the Buck Forage Plot Mix Seeds, also on etsy. The webpage states that the Buck Forage Plot Mix contains...
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    Biting/snapping on food plate (slate)

    Thanks. We've placed the cuttlebone in that corner but he seems to bite at all parts of the slate board. I'm still watching for any other strange habits. He's been snapping at it and eating his substrate (coco coir) so we're making sure he's getting enough vitamins.
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    Biting/snapping on food plate (slate)

    Here's a video of how he's biting. He's snapping so hard, I'm afraid he's going to hurt himself in the process. Every time we see him do this, we've moved him to a different section of the enclosure and he forgets about it for awhile. We catch him doing this more than 3 times a day. Could...
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    Biting/snapping on food plate (slate)

    Hi all- Hope you're having a good week :) Our baby hermann has been biting/snapping on the edge of the food plate, which is a slate cheese board. It's biting on it hard enough that I can hear it snapping. I haven't seen it bite on anything else. We have a couple cuttlebones which he's never...
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    Making changes to enclosure - any advice on lighting positions?

    I posted some questions about lighting and based on it we made some changes to our enclosure. I was hoping to get your thoughts on the lighting positions. We are using two combos, but there are only 1 ceramic heat emitter bulbs in each (one 100W and one 150W). We have this set up with this...
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    Tortoise vision issues?

    Thanks for sharing the hand feeding tips. So glad to know that Louie has a caring owner now!