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    9 months buried underground

    9 months ago my favorite female Russian tortoise went missing. The gardener had knocked a slot between the cinderblock wall and we thought she had escaped. Just today we are moving so we are removing the enclosure walls from the ground and we found her 2ft deep buried underground. I put her in...
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    Cricket & Roach Water

    I was watching a video tour of a cricket and roach breeding facility and I noticed they have flipped over bottles with a dish beneath it (water dispenser), which they use instead of water crystals. I thought that was a great idea as it’s easier and more economical than purchasing crystals. Does...
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    When a Sulcata is living outside, do you have to feed them?

    Grass should be the majority of the Sulcata’s diet. Although it’s nice to supplement with other foods to better the health of your animal. Variety, variety, variety!
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    Looking for sulcata, redfoot, leopard tortoise hatchlings/babys In Southern California

    Hello, I have a 120lb Sulcata I need a home for. Email me at [email protected] if interested. Thank you, Dylan
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    My Tortoise will not eat her calcium supplement

    If you are not putting too much; tortoises seem to know when they need calcium and simply won’t eat it if they don’t need it.
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    15 min soaks are enough, I soak mine for 30min. If you want your tortoise to get natural sun, it’s better to make an outdoor enclosure like Tom said when the tortoise is old enough to be out of a controlled environment. If I were you I would soak the tortoise indoors not to risk over heating...
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    Ca to Cholecalciferol Ratio

    Im aware that all supplements have to be 100% phosphorus free. My question is how much cholecalciferol powder do I have to mix in with a pound of Ca powder for example to make an effective yet safe supplement? I’m going to get 50-100lbs of Ca powder because it’s cheap in bulk. I might sell some...
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    Ca to Cholecalciferol Ratio

    Does anyone know the ratio of Ca to Cholecaliferol in Reptile supplements? Is there a specific IU per gram that should be used? (I’m trying to construct my own supplements for my tortoises).
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    Unidentified Flying Phenomenon

    Anyone thought of asteroids or falling space junk?
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    Wanting to Buy/Adopt a Russian

    There are many adoption centers that give Russians for little or no fee. Check to see if there are any in your area before you buy one. I find a lot when hiking that were pets and unfortunately released. I take them to the SDTTS - (my local rescue).
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    Stork arriving with baby yellowfoot on Wednesday

    Sphagnum moss does hold humidity, although there are plenty of other alternatives that don’t pose serious health issues. Most tortoises tend to eat them and there are countless stories of impaction from them. Tortoises do not recognize heat from underneath them. They are programmed to...
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    Wanted Radiated in NY

    Just Incase you don’t know; You must have a CBW permit to own a radiated tortoise. If you don’t already have one, they are nearly impossible to get these days.
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    Stork arriving with baby yellowfoot on Wednesday

    They shouldn’t be kept on sphagnum moss. Tortoises will eat it which causes impaction. Heat mats should also not be used for tortoises, use overhead heaters such as a CHE.
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    Seeking young Aldabra, Galap, or Radiated

    Does anyone have or know of a breeder who has any young Aldabra, Galap, or Radiated tortoises?