1. thegringler

    ISO Female Russian Near Oklahoma

    Looking for a female Russians to put in my big indoor enclosure, I am in NE Oklahoma willing to drive a couple hours please let me know.
  2. B

    Urgently Re-homing 3 aquatic turtles

    Hi, everyone! I'm reaching out on behalf of my family, due to unfortunate recent circumstances, the care of our turtles has become too extensive for us to keep up with. They've been with us since they were hatchlings for the last 13 years and we love them dearly, but they're in need of a new...
  3. T

    Looking to adopt

    Hey I’m looking to adopt a adult male Hermans tortoise or a adult male Russian tortoise in Texas 10+preferred lmk if anyone has any available:) pictures will be asked
  4. EmiliaEvan

    2 year old Greek spur thighed

    Hi Due to personal circumstances, I am now unable to keep my tortoise. She is a two year old Greek spur thighed called Blodwyn and full of personality. She is super healthy as far as I am aware and has been raised according to the care sheets on this site. I would be giving her away with...
  5. B

    Looking to re-home female red ear slider / Chantilly, VA

    Hello, I am looking to re-home a female red ear slider which I believe to be somewhere between 7-10 years old. I received the turtle from a neighbor a few years ago and have been keeping her in a 200 gallon aquarium. Turtle is fully grown and about a foot or so in length. I am located in...
  6. E

    Sulcata Re Homing

    Hello everyone! I have a Sulcata tortoise that I am looking to re home. Unfortunately, I don’t anticipate having enough space for the tortoise in the near future as I had hoped. I am hoping to re home her to someone who has experience with Sulcatas and perhaps other Sulcatas with space for...
  7. N

    Re-homing 3 year old Sulcata in Texas

    I am in urgent need of re-homing my 3 year old sulcata tortoise, Tuni, in the Texas area. I just joined the forum but I've been a long time lurker since I got Tuni back in September 2020. I've had Tuni since he was a hatchling (3-4 months old) and I am reluctant to let him go, but due to...
  8. W

    3.5 Year Old Sulcata

    Hi everyone, I have a 3.5 yr old/12 in./10+ lb. Sulcata in need of a home. I'm not asking a fee, just that you are experienced and have yard space. I would like to deliver my tortoise to see that he/she will have a good home with outdoor space. For this reason, I need someone in the Southern...
  9. K

    2 Russian tortoises up for adoption.

    2 very sweet Russian Tortoises up for adoption. They are about 10 years old and are very healthy. I can send pictures upon request. Southern California area (Palmdale).
  10. J

    Rehoming for 2 ornate wood turtles (Kentucky)

    Hi all, We are looking to rehome our 2 female ornate wood turtles, aged 5 years and 10-months. We are looking for responsible and caring owners only and want to be sure the correct cage/habitat are present. Please message me for details.
  11. L

    Looking to adopt a Russian tortoise. Albany NY

    We are looking to adopt a Russian tortoise. Let me know if you know of one. Thanks, Leah
  12. casstom702

    Rehome gopher tort in Vegas

    I need to rehome a 10 to 15 year old male gopher tortoise. A friend of mine was moving out of town and the person who was supposed to take him flaked last minute so she asked if I would take him. He had nowhere else to go so I accepted, but he does not get along with any my other tortoises at...
  13. A

    Needing to rehome, any suggestions of safe ways to do so?

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well and having a good day. I have had my russian tortoise Sheldon for about 3 years now and I love him with my whole heart and wish more than anything that could continue to care for him. However, due to some recent health issues I unfortunately...
  14. M

    Red-Foot up for adoption.

    Hello, I recently bought a red-foot from a pet store here in Oregon, and after more researching, post-decision, I have discovered I am not ready to take care of a tortoise. Like it says in my bio, I am located in Corvallis, OR. If anyone is interesting please e-mail me at [email protected]
  15. K

    Help my Box turtle

    Hello, I hope you all are having a good day. My box turtle is not active and has not been eating much. Once in a while, he will eat a worm, but that's it. His setup is a large square "pool" with dirt logs some leaves a fern and a water bowl. I've tried berries, but he just does not eat. Any...
  16. R

    Red foot for adoption Florida

    I have had a red foot tortoise for about 5 years & am looking to give them up for adoption to the right home. The tortoise has had a well balanced diet, adequate home, etc for the 5 years I’ve had them. The reason for adoption is that recently (about 6 months ago) they started to bang on the...
  17. C

    Looking for somebody to take in my 2 year old male Sulcata!

    Hi! I have a young male Sulcata that is looking for a new home. I got him almost 2 years ago as a birthday gift because I always wanted a tortoise. At the time, I had a house with a large fenced in yard but at the beginning of COVID I obviously lost my job and had to move. I no longer have a...
  18. Lemmy the tortoise

    Rehoming My Russian Tortoise (SoCal Area)

    Hi everyone, I live in the Los Angeles area, I have a 7-10 years old Russian tortoise named Lemmy that I am looking to rehome. I live in a small apartment and I can't provide enough space for her to live well. I have had her for 3 years now and she is very healthy. I soak her almost...
  19. S

    Looking for Juvenile/Adult Leopard Tortoise!- SoCal Area

    Hello all!! My family and I are looking for a juvenile/adult Leopard Tortoise! We are in SoCal but would be willing to drive a bit, so please offer! I look forward to hearing from you all! Thank you!
  20. N

    Red Eared Slider named Jerri-LOS ANGELES

    She’s large, six inches long, she’s very healthy and beautiful, and in need of a home. Jerri is kind and intelligent, and friendly unless provoked. She resides in Los Angeles, California and I will only give her to people willing to take the time and love to take care of her. she comes with a...