1. J

    Cherry head season change and lighting advice

    Hello, I've moved cherry and berry into a new home (pictures attached) and I have some questions about lighting. Its fall here in MN and I noticed that they were slowing down and eating less, which seems like it's normal for cherryheads. I also have seen a lot of conflicting advice on basking...
  2. V

    Cherryhead with one less Scute on the vertebrae

    I am about to buy my first Cherryhead but noticed it has one less Scute on the vertebrae, is this something of concern?
  3. M

    Enclosure advice needed

    A few weeks ago we got a Brazilian Cherryhead red footed tortoise, but we are first timers and learning. It was born 6/3/2022. I bought a larger enclosure for it so it will last it a couple of years before we transition them outside. I have looked through threads for hours and figured it was...
  4. ArmadilloPup

    Large juvenile cherryhead - Wilmington NC/Myrtle Beach area

    Relocating and concerned for my red foot's welfare. I would prefer this tortoise stay in the Southeast/coastal/humid region. I can deliver, depending on distance. No shipping. They are chunky, but still able to fully tuck up. Born July 2019. From top of the shell to the bottom, they are about...
  5. Lady Ashthorn

    A myriad of questions.

    Ok, I have several related questions. I currently have a baby redfoot who is going to be 3 months tomorrow. I have seen that this is a debatable topic, but would I be able to house multiple (specifically 2) baby to yearling tortoises together. Are pairs ok? Can a yearling and a hatchling be in...
  6. Shelldons_mama


    Hey guys! We just got this beautiful baby girl from these guys off Craigslist. Found her randomly and felt so bad we just had to bring her home! She is 371 grams (about 13oz). She didn’t eat for like 3 days after we brought her home, thought maybe it was stress but now we can’t seem to get her...
  7. B

    Hi all new first time tortoise owner

    hi I live in Southern California and the weather has been in the mid 80F this week and expected to be in the 90F as we get further into summer. I received my baby cherry head about 2 days ago, he/she is 6months old, my question is about how many minutes a day in sunlight is enough for me to...
  8. yusufning

    Sexing my Cherryhead

    Hi all, Ive just recently acquired an 11cm Cheeryhead, im trying to determine if its a male or a female? I know its probably too small to determine, but i think its a female. What do you all think? Thanks
  9. huntertao

    Has anyone had an experience with a cloudy eyes?

    Greeting all, This is my first post here on this forum, as I've just eventually got my first Cherry head tortoise last month. I've noticed that my Cherry head's right eye is cloudy, I can see that there is a very thin film-like layer over it. (Both eyes are all opened normally as they would...
  10. Successor4

    Seeking CherryHead hatchling(s) or baby

    Hello everyone, What an Awesome forum - so glad I found this! I am looking to buy 1 or 2 CherryHead hatchlings or babies. I live in central Florida. Any recommendations on where or from whom I can buy are greatly appreciated. ~Thanks
  11. N

    Looking for Chery Head Red foot Tort

    Hello, I have been planning on getting a tortoise since last year. I have the Tortoise set-up box and everything necessary. I am looking to buy a really red Cherry Head Red foot Tort. I prefer local so I can choose the colorations. Im in Socal 92354. I have $100-150 budgeted for one. I have...
  12. nmcgooby90

    Thinking of getting new enclosure

    Hey all, I have had my 9 month old cherry head tort for 3 months now, and it occurred to me that as he grows I'll have to get a bigger space for him. At the moment I have a 40 gallon terrarium that's 18 inches wide,3 feet long and 16 inches high...
  13. M

    Sexing Peroni - Cherry-head tortoise

    Hi guys, Can you please help me identify (if already possible, of course) the sex from my cherry-head? She/he is already about 4 1/2 years old. Any insight is much appreciated! Greetings from Brazil, Marcello.
  14. Cherryman304

    Cherryhead or Red foot?

    Ok so I am a new to tortoise keeping and husbandry. I bought a cherryhead tortoise from "tortoise town". The more research I do and the more I look at other people's photos. Well long story short I feel I recieved a regular red foot and not a cherryhead. What signs should I really be looking...
  15. E

    Sick Cherryhead? :(

    Hi all, first time poster here. I have a ~3 year old baby cherryhead, who normally seems happy and healthy. But tonight I heard him wheezing, and when I checked on him I found a strange sort of bubbly mucus around his mouth and nostrils. He had also just pooped quite a lot, not sure if the two...
  16. nmcgooby90

    Shell rot in cherry head tortoise

    Hey fellow tortoise owners. I have had my cherry head for 2 weeks now and I think it’s time I treat his dry shell rot now that we are acquainted with one another. He’s about 7 months old and he already had the shell rot when my friend gave him to me. All of his conditions are good. Proper heat...
  17. Flores93k

    Hello from CA

    Hello my wife and I have been interested in a tortoise for some time now I purchased a red foot hatchling a couple weeks ago and my wife surprised me with another hatchling here they are enjoying a soak in the sun
  18. masonpertman

    Opinions on keeping a cherry head indoors most of the year.

    Hey I live in Massachusetts and it gets real cold for most of the year. Really it's only consistently hot enough (80+) from June to August. What size enclosure would be recommended for a full grown adult? Should it be enclosed or just a standered table? I've been doing lots of research on a few...
  19. Brit G

    "Peach Phase" cherry heads?

    I was really interested in some cherryhead hatchlings that an owner advertised as "peach phase." Is this something anyone is familiar with? I had read in a thread somewhere on this forum earlier today that "iivory leopard tortoises" are generally considered a scam, as well as something about a...
  20. theo_piron

    male redfoots fighting

    Hello, thanks for approving my account, i live in Brazil and i have 3 redfoot tortoises, 2 males and 1 female. I have these tortoises since 2013 and i never had big problems related to them, but now i can't let the 2 males together because when they are together in their enclosure they fight...