1. The_Four_Toed_Edward

    Tortoise started to eat substrate

    Since Monday this week I have been able to take Edward outside a few hours a day to soak up some natural sun. Since his semi-temporary outdoor enclosure is not ready yet, I have been keeping him in a cold frame that is staked on to our lawn. The temps in the cold frame have been ranging from 20C...
  2. P

    Gritty urates… for a while now

    Hi! I’m a first time tortoise mom to a 2-month old sulcata and for 3 weeks now it has passed gritty urates! I don’t understand why, I’ve been soaking it every single day, sprayed water on its food. I feed it romaine lettuce to just get hydration. His/her diet is a high fiber pellet, previously...
  3. Beetle_Rain

    Food suggestions for leopard tortoise!

    Hi! I wanted to share everything I provide for my baby Leopard Tortoise it’s going to be a long list but I’d like to know if anyone thinks I am missing anything important or need to take anything out! Fresh greens: - endive - escarole - arugula - hibiscus leaves - spring mix (spinach removed) -...
  4. marbalboy

    Enriched cuttlefish…?

    I bought this cheap cuddle fish for birds off Amazon but now I’m questioning whether I should give this to my tortoise because it appears to be enriched with omega-3 vitamin B one. Should I return this for something more….. fully aquatic? For hatchling Mojave desert tortoise (oh my gosh I just...
  5. R

    Baby sulcata eats so much

    I have a 2 year old sulcata tortoise. She/he has just come out of brumation and is eating all day every day. I'm beyond happy that she is happy and healthy, but with the prices of lettuce and other produce these days, she is eating the greens in my wallet as well. Is there a bulky produce I can...
  6. M

    New Family Member

    Hello All, I'm after some advice please. I live in the Middle East and bought two tortoises from a pet shop, I was only going for one but the conditions they were being kept in were pretty poor. I got them home and they've got the run of the ground floor of the house with a heat lamp for...
  7. terri_the_tortoise

    Help Needed - Testudo Graeca

    Hello everyone - I'd like to introduce Terri, who we picked up at the end of September and was hoping we could get some advice. She is a Testudo Graeca (Greek Tortoise). She sleeps a lot (as we fully expect her to) but we are starting to think she is sleeping TOO much - as in she will sleep and...
  8. bezthehee

    Plants for Enclosure

    I just bought these succulents from a local pet store with a lot of reptiles and exotic animals. The store owner told me that they should be safe when I asked about chemicals. My plan is to plant these in her enclosure. I understand that there’s a chance my tortoise will eat and kill them which...
  9. bezthehee

    Tortoise Digging At Walls

    Hi everyone, For a while my russian tort who is around 4 and a female has been digging at the walls. She used to do this in the past but usually after upgrading her past enclosures she would be okay. A couple of weeks ago she started doing it again in her IKEA bookshelf enclosure (inspired by...
  10. T

    Thuja , white cedar , arbor vitae within reach?

    I have a new to me Russian tortoise. Former owner told me she is a baby but I’m quite sure that is not true! She also told me she is a hybrid Russian x greek which also seems untrue. I am planning an outdoor enclosure and one ideal area has some smallish white cedars (thuja green giant) trees I...
  11. Timmy22653

    Inheriting tortoise - diet advice

    Hello! I am inheriting a tortoise, Timmy, from my partner’s grandmother this weekend. We have spent the last 3 months preparing for him (building enclosures, tortoise proofing the garden, researching, etc) He is used to a “basic” diet of lettuce and a few of the same weeds. I would like to...
  12. W

    Underbite or overgrown beak?

    Hi, so we’ve just acquired Delia, a 40 something year old (we think greek?) tortoise from an acquaintance who’s moving country. My mum has had a tortoise before so we know at least the basics. My question is, can tortoises have an overgrown bottom beak/jaw? I’m wondering if it’s an underbite or...
  13. P


    Hi! Just wondering if I can feed my Greek spur thigh tortoise dock leaves? Seen lots of the HUGE ones and I would love to give them to him! But not sure if he can have it 🤔 online says yes but tortoise table says no so very confused! 🥴
  14. Wayfarin

    Ideal plants for an outdoor red-eared slider pond? Any plants that can withstand grazing?

    Hello, folks! As I've mentioned on other threads, we have a female red-eared slider named Teresa, and after her spending years in a rather undersized aquarium, I am interested in the idea of moving her into an outdoor enclosure with a large pond and a land area for basking and digging. My...
  15. akcoff

    Can my adult Red foot have this?

    Friend of mine gave me a large bag of dried food her rabbit used to eat. It's sealed and store-bought, but I wanted to see if there's anything on here that my Red foot cannot have before I toss it in. Ingredients: Cornflower,Dandelion, Melissa, Plantain (leafy greens), Alfalfa, Peppermint...
  16. T

    Snake plants for the Indian Star Tortoise?

    I recently planted a snake plant in the enclosure for our Indian Star Tort. He likes to nibble it here and there. But I read on the tortoise table website that it should be fed in moderation, should I remove the plant from the enclosure then?
  17. O

    Wet poop- Leopard tortoise

    Hello everyone. I’ve had my leopard for tortoise since about September. At first I thought his wet poop was due to stress of travel (1 day overnight). But it hasn’t changed since. Took him to vet, said he looks healthy and poop test came out negative for parasites. He eats greens and enjoys...
  18. I

    How much food should I give my tortoise per day?

    I have 3 greek tortoises and 1 hermann's tortoise. How can I calculate how much food should I give per day? I searched everywhere and couldn't find a reliable feeding technique. Some people say they should eat a loose fist size and some say that you should put food on their plate then take it...
  19. A

    looking for advice caring for my tortoise

    so, ive had my indoor russian tortoise for around a year now. she was young when we got her - the pet store said she was around 2-3 months old. in all honesty, our care for her has not been optimal. i listened and have been following the advice of an aunt with a russian tortoise, and my tort...
  20. EllisEditz

    Redfoot Tortoise & Chicken

    Hello people, I want to switch up my torts protein diet and try feeding some chicken I’m just wondering if any of you have before how did you prep the chicken.? Boil it?,oven? I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ The Chicken 👇🏻 Was it bought fresh.? Was It A Whole Cooked Chicken From any ordinary grocery...