1. D

    Good Plants, & Outdoor Habitats Ideas?!?!

    Hi, I was wondering what are some good ideas for building a outdoor habitat for my 6 years old African Spur-Thigh Tortoise?! I live in East Texas, and he will be coming to live with me in June, from Florida! I would love to plant Hibiscus, & some other plants in his area! I have a yard with 2...
  2. joecolonna

    Egyptian tortoise won't eat

    I recently bought what I think is an Egyptian tortoise, but I am having problems getting him to eat. I had him now for about 3 weeks and have tried to make him as comfortable as possible - big space to roam and lots of sunlight - but I haven't seen him eat yet, although he drinks a lot. I've...
  3. TinkFoxclaw

    Please help! I really need some help and advice about my tortoise!

    Hi there, thank you for the add to your site. I really am desperate for some help and advice please. In October last year I was given a tortoise by a family member for my daughter. They didn’t know a lot about the tortoise so they gave me some info but I’m not sure how accurate it all is...
  4. Taz3388

    Komodo food diet for star

    Hi all I have an Indian Star called Wally. Although he Is eating, drinking, growing and active at times im having problems with his diet. He will only eat the Komodo pellet feed. His diet before was mainly weeds I could find in fields mixed with kale, spinach, watercress and rocket with the...
  5. Totally_Tortoise

    What is The Best Cereal?

    What is the best cereal in your opinion mine is fruit loops, what are your thoughts on the best cereal?
  6. CountingMareep713

    Russian Tortoise's waste is powdery

    Whenever my RT goes to the bathroom, it is always dry and powdery looking. It's white and it will either clump together with the substrate or it will be loose and have almost no consistency. I don't know if this is normal or if I should be worried. I've had him for 4 days, and he eats a varied...
  7. Cliygh and Mia

    Quick question about diet

    The title says it all, but right now since it's the winter, we have been feeding our two Russian tortoises Kale, Collard greens, and diced carrots mixed into the mixture, with occasional vitamin and calcium supplements added about every other feeding. Is this correct? I've heard some plants have...
  8. Bookaddict25

    Basic Diet Question

    At some point, I realized tortoise table was a website, and I love it. I just want to make sure the foods on there are safe for all species.
  9. Rusky


    So my Russian refuses to have the ZooMed Grassland pellets. I have heard that this is a fairly common phenomenon. It makes it easier for me if I just feed him pellets a couple of days a week. How should I persuade him to have it? I moisten the pellets and mix them in with greens, but he will...
  10. Rusky

    Trying to eat rock?

    So today Rusky decided he was going to try and eat a rock. It's about half his size, but he kept smelling it and opening his jaws and trying to eat it. I sprinkle calcium on his food once in a while and he has a cuttlebone which he took a small bite from about a week ago. What is he up to?
  11. TortyDxb

    Should I do anything, tortoise ate a toxic leaf?

    one of the new 4 month olds in our care ate an entire leaf (more than the size of her) of a miniature eggplant plant. Not the fruit. The leaf looks like fig leaves and it didn’t occur to me to check ... She’s basically finished and gone off for a sleep, shall I do anything or just let it...
  12. T

    Meet little Yerba the Sulcata! Advice needed

    Hello everyone! My name is Ty and Im a college student in Colorado with tons of reptile experience with lizards, snakes, toads and frogs, but no tortoise experience. I got little Yerba the Sulcata about 2 months ago, and I have fallen in love with her. Im fully aware of the size she will grow...
  13. C

    Bulk food???

    I’m trying to find decent pellets for my two Sulcatas in bulk so it’s cheaper. (For when I run out of regular fresh stuff.) All I can find is 3lb plastic jars.
  14. D

    As we approach our first winter with Speedy, I would appreciate some feedback on his growth!

    Here are some pictures from about 2 months back, I can't find my first ones. Here are the new ones: I'm just curious as to if he's growing properly. His shell doesn't feel like it's pyramiding. Is it supposed to flatten out a bit around the back of it? That's the only thing that's...
  15. M

    thin + lethargic russian tortoise

    My tortoise had been doing well in general health until I left home for three weeks for camp and he was left in the care of my parents. But when I came back he looked severely emaciated and was not doing well overall. His shell, which had only recently healed, begun looking like it was flaking...
  16. polywhirl5712

    New Box Turtle Friend

    Hello! My name is Sky and I am a box turtle enthusiast from the beautiful Central California. I recently discovered this site as a way to get advice and tips from fellow turtle owners. I currently own one three toed box turtle but plan to expand my friendship to tortoises as soon as I am...
  17. Tried to sneak some parsley in her clovers

    Tried to sneak some parsley in her clovers

    She's still mad at me.