egyptian tortoise

  1. C

    Penis or prolapse?

    I have a yearling Egyptian tortoise who has recently begun to exhibit what I consider to be somewhat frightening behaviour. I will attach a photograph, but for lack of a better description, I worry that my animal may be prolapsing. This has only started in the last couple of weeks, with no...
  2. Cass96


    HELP! Little background: Shelldon is an 11 month old Egyptian Tortoise. I recently started noticing when I soak him (or her) this pinkish/ reddish material is coming from the opening in the tail. This ONLY before he/she goes to the bathroom and it quickly goes back in afterwords. I have not...
  3. Joseph1

    Sleepy Egyptian tortoise… help appreciated.

    Hello, I recently got an Egyptian tortoise and it is constantly sleeping and hasn’t yet woke up without assistance. her basking temperature at the moment is 90f and where she is sleeping and other areas are around 77f. i have been waking her to give her food and soaks (she is eating well)...
  4. 2turtletom

    Let's Talk Turtles Podcast - Egyptian Tortoises with Ralph Till

    Ryan Dumas and I sat down with Ralph Till to pick his brain about the wonderful Egyptian Tortoise during episode 7 of the Let's Talk Turtles Podcast: Listen on your favorite pod catcher, or directly here...
  5. Cass96

    Can tortoises eat mushrooms?

    Hey all! I’m sorry if this has already been answered in a previous thread. I’m just curious on things to give my Shelldon as little treats. Shelldon is an Egyptian Tortoise, can he try a bit of raw mushroom? (8months old)
  6. Cass96

    Hello! First time poster :)

    Hello all 😊 I’ve been following along for a while now, but never introduced myself! I’m Cassandra, I live in Ontario, Canada. I’ve been a turtle/ tortoise lover my whole life. I finally have the privilege of owning and caring for an Egyptian Tortoise! Something I never even dreamed of as a...
  7. C

    New to TortoiseForum.

    Hello and good afternoon! I am happy to now be a part of this community. I am about to become the very fortunate owner a 3-month old Testudo Kleinmanni. I have spent the last couple of months absorbing as much information about these little critters as I can, but I have a few questions that I...
  8. ChunkieMonkie

    Egyptian or Russian

    Hello, I am looking for an Egyptian or Russian tortoise preferably something young hatchling, juvie, or even a sub adult!
  9. C

    Rate my enclosure please

    Hey! I’m thinking of having some Egyptian torts! This is a 8ft long by 5ft wide table with a layer of cactus substrate bellow a clay and coco fiber bed. These are just grow light , But how many heat lamps would you add? And where ??? How many torts can fit here ? The walls will be higher once...
  10. tazpjm

    unknown species

    This is my 2 year old tortoise and i have been really confused as to what species, I cant tell if shes a Tunisian, Egyptian, or Hermann's tortoise.
  11. J

    Baby Egyptian Tortoise from TortStork

    I just picked up my perfect baby Egyptian tortoise (Testudo kleinmanni) from Randy Betz (TortStork)! She was packed perfectly and within 5 minutes in her new home she was exploring! I could not possibly be happier and could not recommend TortStork higher!! Randy produces the highest quality...
  12. M

    New Baby Egyptian Tortoise Owner Looking for Suggestions/Advice

    Hello everyone! I am a new tortoise owner and after researching for a while, I decided to get an Egyptian Tortoise a while ago. I’ve now had Milo (short for Meiolania, a turtle from the Pleistocene epoch. I’m a bit of a nerd) for two weeks and he seems to be doing really well! I would love some...
  13. killdashnine

    Tortoise defecate white poop

    - Gave tortoise a shallow warm bath - Large pink organ came out of tail. Is this the tortoise penis? intestine? What is this and this is normal? (see attachment) - Tortoise peed and appeared to poo out white feces. Is this normal? (see attachment) Otherwise seems normal/happy. Eats, sleeps...
  14. A

    Egyptian Tortoise Sexing

    Hi, I have had 4 Egyptians for 3 and a bit years and just wondered if anyone could assist with sexing them. I know they are still relatively young but they were about a year when I got them so I think they’re coming up to an age that I should be able to start determining it. Any advice...
  15. iceysea

    Tortoise found, What species of tortoise is this?

    Hello! I'm a new tortoise owner, but I cannot figure out what species he/she is (my family is assuming female after doing some research but we can't be sure). My parents found a small tortoise outside while walking the dog two days ago and we are assuming she is an Egyptian tortoise. She's...
  16. T

    Looking to buy!

    Hello, my girlfriend and I are fairly new to the game and are currently on the search to adopt an Egyptian tortoise from a reputable breeder. We currently live in central Alberta, Canada and are hoping to find someone who breeds or can acquire a hatchling in this country but will always accept...
  17. O

    what does she eat

    I don't know what does it eat I rarely see it eat or drink I bought for her some cucumber ,Romaine lettuce,iceburg lettuce, rocket, grape leaves but still she dosen't eat any of them and when I put her in my front garden to have a liitle bit of sun light it eats the grass which made me even more...
  18. B

    Should I get a tortoise or not?

    I'm really debating on getting a tortoise. What is stopping be is I don't know if i can feed him a wide range of foods to eat. I don't i can grow weeds inside my apartment. I can give him organic greens from the produce store and of coarse Mazuri tortoise food. But that might be it :/ The...
  19. ShirleyTX

    Guess who woke up? Sunshine the Egyptian Tortoise

    Note: Please don't be alarmed at the white oyster shell substrate in my photos. It is one of the two recommended substrates for this species! You might already know that my Egyptian tortoise arrived last Thursday and was essentially motionless for four days. I was freaking out like a mom with...
  20. ShirleyTX

    Finding Organic Plants for Sunshine the Egyptian Tortoise

    I'm preparing for my 2 year old Egyptian tortoise to come home. I will plant some things so I know they will be grown without chemicals. But I wanted to have some plants ready for her when she arrives in the next week or two. Chris Leone at Garden State Tortoise (her birth father, LOL) gave me...