1. C

    Is my Tortoise Fat/Overweight

    Is my tortoise eating too much, I've been feeding him every other day four times a week with pellets mixed with hibiscus leaves and flower is it gaining too much weight
  2. C

    Tortoise food toppers UK

    Hi there! Does anyone know if there is anything similar to this product available in the UK? I have an (almost) 2 year old horsefield torty, William, and I think he’d love this! Any help would be really appreciated. M
  3. Kisobel

    Hermann Tortoise Food(s) Question

    Hello Everyone, I discovered this forum when I needed assistance with my Hermann tortoise previously and has been really great help! Herman (what I called my tortosie) has been doing very well. I see them active on days either walking around or not just hiding and awake observing the world...
  4. R

    Baby sulcata eats so much

    I have a 2 year old sulcata tortoise. She/he has just come out of brumation and is eating all day every day. I'm beyond happy that she is happy and healthy, but with the prices of lettuce and other produce these days, she is eating the greens in my wallet as well. Is there a bulky produce I can...
  5. terri_the_tortoise

    Help Needed - Testudo Graeca

    Hello everyone - I'd like to introduce Terri, who we picked up at the end of September and was hoping we could get some advice. She is a Testudo Graeca (Greek Tortoise). She sleeps a lot (as we fully expect her to) but we are starting to think she is sleeping TOO much - as in she will sleep and...
  6. T

    2.5yo Started brumation on his own in outdoor enclosure...

    This will be our hermann's third winter and his first real attempt at brumation. He turned his nose up at most food over the past few weeks, except a few bites of dandelion greens here and there, including in the 2-3 days before he burrowed. He has now buried himself in his substrate (mostly...
  7. EmW

    Keeping my marginated tortoise indoors for the winter

    Firstly, thank you in advance for reading my post, I know it's long! Just a bit of background before I ask my questions. My family has had our marginated girl, Nelly, for about 44 years and she was fully grown when they got her. She was given to my mum when she was a young child so Nelly is...
  8. P

    Do different regions make the way we treat sulcata differently?

    Hi folks I'm new in the forum from Thailand and I'm a dad to my 5-month-old sulcata. Here's my story... I'm in 2 sulcata care groups on Facebook, the Thai group and the other I'd say the international group. Both have the same and different ways of treating sulcata. The most different I've found...
  9. Sallythehermanntortoise

    Hermann tortoise edible garden

    Hello community!! I'm looking at doing a garden project full of edible plants and flowers for a Hermann tortoise I want to get it right and full of varieties. She loves her strawberries so I will be adding them but I don't know about edible flowers please help
  10. Yum


    Svenya has a treat. It's difficult getting a picture of her eating because she usually runs to me instead. When a turtle of any kind picks you over food, you know you're special.
  11. Cass96

    Can tortoises eat mushrooms?

    Hey all! I’m sorry if this has already been answered in a previous thread. I’m just curious on things to give my Shelldon as little treats. Shelldon is an Egyptian Tortoise, can he try a bit of raw mushroom? (8months old)
  12. E

    How much food for Hermann?

    He is 2 years old. Previous owner said he fed him 4 days a week. I’m unable to do that to him. He seems always ready to eat but the question is how much greens should he eat in a day? As much as his shell would hold? Also is 70-80% humidity about right? I’m using a diffuser as a misting method...
  13. Celiagg

    Aloe Vera

    Happy Saturday! I was at my local nursery and got this plain aloe Vera. Is this something I can have in my sulcata enclosure that is safe for have and eat.. I also read about this one but didn’t buy as I was unsure.
  14. M

    Food and Enclosure

    Hello again. It has been a hot minute since I posted last, and I have some more questions for you guys. 1. My Leo in this past year has been particularly picky when it comes to grasses and hay. I’ve done my best to mix in tortoise diet in to get her to eat it with her other foods, but she will...
  15. A

    How to transition Sulcata to eat what he should be eating?

    So- like a lot of tortoise newbies, when I got my baby sulcata I asked the specialty pet store people- who had their own Sulcatas! what I should feed him. Like a lot of us I was told put mixed greens in there, no spinach, but other than that some store bought mixed greens were what I should be...
  16. S

    Tortoise not eating

    Hello all, I am new, so hello!!! I got a Russian tortoise last Tuesday, 7 days ago from petco, and she hasn’t eating anything…….. She’ll drink water while she soaks and she is pooping and peeing after each soak, once a day or every other day. I have offered her spring mix, yellow squash, bok...
  17. Triple9Nickel

    What plants do sulcatas ignore?

    Hi everyone, My 20yo sulcata lives in our yard in Los Angeles. He's happy and healthy, lives underground, and makes love to the rocks, which is better than I do some months. I've built a shallow garden pond (only 6 inches deep) surrounded by succulents and hibiscus, but of course I realize he...
  18. gep0322

    Is it safe for a box turtle to eat a salamander?

    I’m looking for safe food for my baby box turtle. I have a lot of small brown salamander’s around my house. Are they safe for Max to eat?
  19. B

    Tortoise eating seeds/seedlings?

    Hi all, I know that this is a fairly well discussed topic but I believe my case is a little different. During the winter I like to grow food from seed to feed my tortoises, as packaged vegetables aren’t that great. When I grow these I just put them on wet paper towel in a large tray and wait...
  20. P

    How Often Should I Be Feeding My Russian Tortoise?

    Hi! I recently adopted a russian tortoise, believed to be male, not sure how old. His name is Scooter, he isn’t very big. I’ve had him for a little over a month now, and some days I feel like I’m not feeding him enough. I usually give him a pretty big handful or two of food every day, sometimes...