1. L

    Butch the bruiser

    this is butch I bought him from a pet shop. I dont know how old he is. He's small his shell fits in my palm. My fiance has had a Russian tortoise for 13 years. We are in the process of building a home enclosure. We know the main things such as calcium and what he is and is not to eat. But he's...
  2. glitch206

    Apartment/ small space living

    I often see posts saying: I can’t get grass for my tortoise .... grazing is not an option... I can’t grow grass for my tortoise... and so on. I am blessed with a big house and a big yard etc. but I lived in a small apartment before with a dog, cat and a guinea pig. Also now as soon as I put...
  3. tort_us

    Low-Oxalate Weeds

    I can’t find a ton of info online about low-oxalate weeds (only the ones that are common for humans to eat). What are some good feeds that aren’t high in oxalates?
  4. tort_us

    Ate miracle gro potting mix

    I turned around for two seconds to weed a plant and found my 3-year-old Russian tortoise eating miracle gro potting mix. He took between one and three bites of dirt and may or may not have eaten perlite pellet(s). I’m really worried but it doesn’t have any sort of insecticide or weed killer—...
  5. lionheartHC

    Sulcata hatchling snack?

    Never realized the place I typically buy my greens has clover sprouts. Would this be alright to include in my hatchlings diet?
  6. Digger 16.jpg

    Digger 16.jpg

    Waiting for more food
  7. SuperReggie64

    Help. (some general questions)

    Hello I'm a new tortoise owner. I just wanted to ask people what's the normal time to feed and how long should they be asleep? Today my tortoise slept for over 15 hours. His 11 years old we think (his a rescue) and is a horsefield tortoise. I have been giving him food twice a day. And I also...
  8. L

    She ate toxic plants?!

    Hi! I'm desperate for help please! I have a sonoran desert tortoise of about 6 years old, she's been eating this plants outside for a few months and she's been doing fine she loves them, an older woman recommend I give them to her like she did to her tortoises, but recently my tortoise keeps...
  9. AllieKat1997

    Live Fish Feeding Contradictory Info?

    Hello! I’m new to the turtle world (though not the tortoise world. I’ve had a tortoise for a year and a half just about and she’s fantastic) - so I decided to get a water turtle (next I’d love to get a box turtle but that’s later) anyway after my turtle came in (a common stinkpot musk turtle)...
  10. Hailey Hollingsworth

    Edible plants for enclosure

    Hi everyone I have an almost 2 year old Sulcata and I will be redoing his enclosure this week and need plant suggestion for inside his enclosure!!
  11. Ruszian Tortoise

    "Starve Days"? What?

    I was looking around, and found this link... It says "As a general rule, you should offer an amount of food equivalent to the size of your tortoise's shell. They should be fed once a day, 5 days a week. The 2 starve days can be implemented at any time, in...
  12. turtlebean

    My Tortoise Has Evolved

    Hi all! Little update on my little bean. When I first got Tortillini I was feeding him a diet of mostly grocery store greens. The occasional tortoise pellets soaked and mixed in. Mostly escarole, chicory, some spring mix, small amount of red and green lettuce maybe some spinach, some turnip or...
  13. M

    Im worried about my tourtise.

    My Russian tourtise is recovering from a reapitory infection with the help of antibiotics. This has been going on for two weeks. I've noticed that he has been sleeping alot other them when I take him outside which he is SUPER active. I mean practically running a marathon active. Then came the...
  14. M

    New / any help, tips, suggestions appreciated

    Hello Everyone, My name is Marleine and I just moved to a house in Granda Hills, CA. Two desert tortoises were sprung on me-- age 4. I am loving these guys/girls but I just have so many questions to make sure I am giving them what they need. So, Id like to know their gender? How can I check...
  15. G

    Russian Tortoise

    I just brought a Russian tortoise home. It's only been a been day and a half, all he does is sit in the corner in his hide. But I know he needs time to adapt. He came up for a bit ate and went back. I do have a question about what exactly I should feed him and what brand of supplement I should...
  16. C

    How much to feed leopard tortoise

    Hello, kinda new to the whole tortoise thing! Cedric my leopard tortoise is 2.5 years old, at the moment we feed him around a large handful of food every morning. He use to slowly eat this throughout the day, sometimes having bits left. Recently he has been eating this amount within hours of it...
  17. A

    Which Weeds are Okay?

    Good afternoon all. Perhaps fortunately, due to the neglect of our backyard lately, we've had a variety of natural weeds growing. We use no fertilizer or pesticide of any kind and live in California's high desert. I have a 22 year old Russian box tort. What can I feed her? We have the long fans...
  18. Ruszian Tortoise

    ...what is this? For Russian

    Is this okay for a Russian tortoise?I think this one is... I forget, d-----------a?, and what about this?
  19. Ruszian Tortoise

    Is this food OK?

    Hi, I copy and pasted this from a thread I posted on about my tortoise's nails. My tortoise is a three and a half year old russian female. Is this a good diet: Kale, dandelion (flowers not too often), field madder, creeping jenny, small amounts of clover, some flukers pellets (don't like them...