1. Triple9Nickel

    What plants do sulcatas ignore?

    Hi everyone, My 20yo sulcata lives in our yard in Los Angeles. He's happy and healthy, lives underground, and makes love to the rocks, which is better than I do some months. I've built a shallow garden pond (only 6 inches deep) surrounded by succulents and hibiscus, but of course I realize he...
  2. gep0322

    Is it safe for a box turtle to eat a salamander?

    I’m looking for safe food for my baby box turtle. I have a lot of small brown salamander’s around my house. Are they safe for Max to eat?
  3. B

    Tortoise eating seeds/seedlings?

    Hi all, I know that this is a fairly well discussed topic but I believe my case is a little different. During the winter I like to grow food from seed to feed my tortoises, as packaged vegetables aren’t that great. When I grow these I just put them on wet paper towel in a large tray and wait...
  4. P

    How Often Should I Be Feeding My Russian Tortoise?

    Hi! I recently adopted a russian tortoise, believed to be male, not sure how old. His name is Scooter, he isn’t very big. I’ve had him for a little over a month now, and some days I feel like I’m not feeding him enough. I usually give him a pretty big handful or two of food every day, sometimes...
  5. Mom of Zitouna

    Help me make my tort's diet please!

    Hi, everyone. I have a little tortoise, I think she is a Greek tortoise and she's probably a baby since she's tiny. She loves lettuce but many told me it's not enough for her. So, I live in a third world country, and we don't have a lot of diverse vegetables available but if anyone could...
  6. J

    Tortoise food

    Hi all! Just want to start by saying thank you for making me feel so welcome here, your information is going to be invaluable. I take everything I learn from you all on board and I’m bound to make mistakes, but I welcome any advice! SO my question is, when you guys are getting your broadleaf...
  7. BuzBuz

    Chow time!

  8. LordTurtlington

    I’m a fussy tortoise

    I am a 6 month old Sulcata and quite fussy. My owner has gone through the Tortoise Table and found lots of plants that are completely safe to eat and created a little garden to fill my bowl from…except I don’t want to eat ANY of it and will only eat lambs lettuce and the red pellets in the...
  9. LordTurtlington

    Lord Turtlington introduction

    My name is Lord Turtlington, I am a 6(ish) month old Sulcata Tortoise living in London. My owner is trying their best to take good care of me but would love some advice especially when it comes to the English climate and food to eat as there’s such conflicting information online! I am 9cm long...
  10. R

    Switching Tortoise Diet! Please HELP!

    Hello, My name is Ryan, and I am new to this forum. I am super grateful to have stumbled across it because it has been so helpful! However, I am seeking some advice for my own tortoise... When I was 10 years old, I really wanted a tortoise so my mother allowed me to get my own Sulcata...
  11. snailpeekoutofshell

    Safe to feed plants grown with hydroponic nutrients?

    I'm having A LOT of trouble growing a garden for my Russian to eat... It's been very hot the past month or so, and my plants are suffering for it. Almost everything I started growing a couple months ago is dead, with a few weeds holding strong. I'm about to start growing them indoors and moving...
  12. Mizena01

    Advice please

    Hi everyone, Could you please all offer advice… this evening I found what I thought was our little tort choking on a long piece of green leaf, which seemed to be caught in her mouth and throat. I immediately panicked, and seeing she was trying to hook at it with her arm, I jumped to help and...
  13. BuzBuz

    Is my Redfoot growing too rapidly?

    Hello All! So my baby Redfoot, Heidi is about 3 months old now and I just measured her for the first time. she is 3.5 inches wide and 3.25 inches long. Now I've looked around online and a few sources I've read say that, that is the approximate size a 1 year old! question to you guys is...
  14. A

    Tortoise Not Pooping when Soaking

    Hey guys, I have 2 Star Tortoise. I tried to soak them in Lukewarm Water but the girls are not pooping. I’ve checked their enclosure and seen their poop. Any tips on what foods to give to make them poop? I’m worried they’re keeping their poop inside their body
  15. L

    He wont eat!!

    (species- forest hinge back)hello, i just got my first ever tortoise a few days ago, he came form a farm and was caught, the farmer said he eats ugbono fruit, but there was a small problem, I fed him a varied diet of cucumbers,cabbage,apples and bannanas but he wont even eat it,my mom even gave...
  16. A

    Tortoise won’t eat food

    Hey guys, so I keep 2 Indians Star tortoise outdoors. For the last month, they never eat the food I give. I always see them eating the grass. And there’s a lot of grass in the outdoor enclosure they live. The food I give them is Mazuri pellets mixed with Chinese vegetables . The vet said it’s...
  17. K

    Help my Box turtle

    Hello, I hope you all are having a good day. My box turtle is not active and has not been eating much. Once in a while, he will eat a worm, but that's it. His setup is a large square "pool" with dirt logs some leaves a fern and a water bowl. I've tried berries, but he just does not eat. Any...
  18. S

    Russian Tortoise with Worms in Feces

    Hello, My Russian tortoise had a soak today and I noticed him expel feces with worms in it. I am hoping to make an appointment with our veterinarian but is there anything I can do in the meantime? He eats regularly and poops regularly.
  19. TortoiseAndTheLagomorph

    Are these weeds safe?

    I have some weeds growing in this pot, and despite looking at a bunch of identification sheets, don’t feel 100% comfortable feeding them to my Russian tortoise without a second opinion. Does anyone know what these are and if they are safe?
  20. AgataP

    When you get a seedling and you decide to plant it

    I have seen many posts on enclosure plants, on what is safe for a tort and so on. I went to HD and I got some kale seedlings last week. First of all I some them for some time to loosen up the roots and second of all.... soaking allows me to remove pretty much most of all the styrofoam (guess...