1. AllieKat1997

    Live Fish Feeding Contradictory Info?

    Hello! I’m new to the turtle world (though not the tortoise world. I’ve had a tortoise for a year and a half just about and she’s fantastic) - so I decided to get a water turtle (next I’d love to get a box turtle but that’s later) anyway after my turtle came in (a common stinkpot musk turtle)...
  2. Hailey Hollingsworth

    Edible plants for enclosure

    Hi everyone I have an almost 2 year old Sulcata and I will be redoing his enclosure this week and need plant suggestion for inside his enclosure!!
  3. Ruszian Tortoise

    "Starve Days"? What?

    I was looking around, and found this link... It says "As a general rule, you should offer an amount of food equivalent to the size of your tortoise's shell. They should be fed once a day, 5 days a week. The 2 starve days can be implemented at any time, in...
  4. turtlebean

    My Tortoise Has Evolved

    Hi all! Little update on my little bean. When I first got Tortillini I was feeding him a diet of mostly grocery store greens. The occasional tortoise pellets soaked and mixed in. Mostly escarole, chicory, some spring mix, small amount of red and green lettuce maybe some spinach, some turnip or...
  5. M

    Im worried about my tourtise.

    My Russian tourtise is recovering from a reapitory infection with the help of antibiotics. This has been going on for two weeks. I've noticed that he has been sleeping alot other them when I take him outside which he is SUPER active. I mean practically running a marathon active. Then came the...
  6. M

    New / any help, tips, suggestions appreciated

    Hello Everyone, My name is Marleine and I just moved to a house in Granda Hills, CA. Two desert tortoises were sprung on me-- age 4. I am loving these guys/girls but I just have so many questions to make sure I am giving them what they need. So, Id like to know their gender? How can I check...
  7. G

    Russian Tortoise

    I just brought a Russian tortoise home. It's only been a been day and a half, all he does is sit in the corner in his hide. But I know he needs time to adapt. He came up for a bit ate and went back. I do have a question about what exactly I should feed him and what brand of supplement I should...
  8. C

    How much to feed leopard tortoise

    Hello, kinda new to the whole tortoise thing! Cedric my leopard tortoise is 2.5 years old, at the moment we feed him around a large handful of food every morning. He use to slowly eat this throughout the day, sometimes having bits left. Recently he has been eating this amount within hours of it...
  9. A

    Which Weeds are Okay?

    Good afternoon all. Perhaps fortunately, due to the neglect of our backyard lately, we've had a variety of natural weeds growing. We use no fertilizer or pesticide of any kind and live in California's high desert. I have a 22 year old Russian box tort. What can I feed her? We have the long fans...
  10. Ruszian Tortoise

    ...what is this? For Russian

    Is this okay for a Russian tortoise?I think this one is... I forget, d-----------a?, and what about this?
  11. Ruszian Tortoise

    Is this food OK?

    Hi, I copy and pasted this from a thread I posted on about my tortoise's nails. My tortoise is a three and a half year old russian female. Is this a good diet: Kale, dandelion (flowers not too often), field madder, creeping jenny, small amounts of clover, some flukers pellets (don't like them...
  12. yusufning

    Leopard Tortoise: Pellet Addiction

    Hi everyone, Background information: so I have a leopard tortoise which Ive kept for about 1.5 yrs. When I bought him he was arond 130grams and now he is arond 250grams. The problem: The first month he was fine (eating all sorts of greens and vegetables). Then he got sick with runny nose...
  13. E

    Can tortoises over eat/get fat?

    *can tortoises over eat and get fat?* Hi all! We have a debate rn in my family and I need some help! I got Theo almost two weeks ago and he’s been doing great especially with food. He’s sorta picky about the what but once it’s something he likes he’ll literally just keep on eating. My mom says...
  14. E

    Russian tortoise PNW weeds?

    Hi all! My Theo (Russian tort) is doing great so far! Sadly he’s a little obsessed with the lighter leaf lettuce I got him (it’s a romaine) so I found a garden group in Seattle and asked people with untreated yards for weeds! We have two dogs and our HOA treats the front usually so ours doesn’t...
  15. E

    Theo got another soak today and was photo ready during his lunch! Got him this week and I’m in love!

    Soaked him for the second time, he loves the water and he loves running around afterwards even more! He’s stuck on romaine and red leaf lettuce but he’s got quite a few dark leafy greens mixed in too! After he ran around he pushed his bedding up in the corner to make a nice little pillow for a...
  16. polDurna

    My Food Train (of thought)

    Greetings All! This will probably be a little rambling, and hit a few points out of order.... It is not the thought of a business, or charity, but timing and need. I have seen a few post now where we are all enjoying (or Not) more time home with our little darlings. Many of us with a drop in...
  17. E

    What exactly to feed Russian tortoise- supplements and needed nuitrition?

    Getting my Russian tortoise tomorrow!! So sorry I’m asking so many questions but I don’t want to hurt him or anything. I made a mix of Russian tortoise approved green veggies to offer him daily plus a feed in moderation food to encourage him a little in his new home over the coming weeks. I’m...
  18. IRTehDuckie

    Where do you Supply from?

    I used to get a mix of seeds online, but the website that i used before is no longer a business sadly. they used custom blends for me while being a repeated customer had my info etc. Since they are no longer a thing, I am having trouble finding a good seed mix for my tortoise that has a nice...
  19. Paulastortoisejourney

    Tortoise food and seed mix

    Hi guys! I am from The Netherlands and I’m new to this community. Already read a lot of articles. I love it so far! Super helpful. In a few weeks/months I’ll be getting myself my first Greek Hermann’s tortoise when everything is set up and ready. I have some questions about the food I should...