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  1. yusufning


    Hi everyone, This post will be a tad long but please bear with me. So I've had 2 leopards (approximately 8cm) for almost three months. I think their eating habit is a bit weird, namely with the following conditions: 1. They eat roughly the same amount compared to my 6cm sulcata, I assume they...
  2. FreddieTheTort

    Russian tortoise feeding questions

    Hi! I am a semi-new tortoise owner and I still don't know if I am feeding my russian too much or too little. Freddie is about 5 years old and he eats like a pig (from what I can tell) but I don't know if I should keep giving him more food when he finishes the pile, or stop. I have heard things...
  3. Maidens Hill Farm

    Weed id and food questions for new Sulcata

    We have been creating a beautiful structure for our new Sulcata adoption Chello. He is arriving this Sunday! (4 year old, about 20 inch male). We have his home and yard set up, but now I'm stressing the food situation, since we are due for snow on pick up day! 1. If I cut grass and weeds do...
  4. J

    Zoo Med Tortoise Food

    We have had our Russian Tortoise for about 2 months now. She seems as happy as can be. Our only issue is that she will only eat greens (and some other veggies when we give them to her occasionally). The guy we bought her from recommended Zoo Med Tortoise food. I've gotten it wet, I've...
  5. AllieKat1997

    Hatchling Diet

    Hello! I’m getting my Golden hatchling tomorrow and we picked up a few things for him/her. We went ahead and grabbed a squash because I read that fed a very small amount once a week is good, and also a sweet potato. I’m assuming both of these - the squash and sweet potato - needs peeled? Should...
  6. M

    Turtle indoor or outdoor

    Hello im new to the forum and new owner of a turtle, its a land turtle and lived in my house for years in the garden, but now hes in my room for some days, i gave him a piece of cucumber and some water now, he barely eats. my question is, should i release him back? then how i feed him and take...
  7. Jenna kamenski

    Can leopards eat green bell pepper leaves?

    I know you shouldn’t feed them peppers that often but can leopards [or any tortoise] eat the leaves the peppers grow?? I will also post a picture l
  8. D

    Deworming Baby Tortoise

    My baby leopard tortoise is currently undergoing a deworming treatment for 5 days. Im three days into her treatment and I do notice that she has lost her appetite. Yesterday I soaked her in a mixture of pumpkin and butternut squash baby food mixed in with warm water since she hasn't been showing...
  9. NewTortEnthusiast

    Sulcata Pyramiding Control: 7/28/18 (with weight question)

    Hello all. I am back after the first real week of Steve and George being in a rudimentary closed chambers. Around 80% humidity, 83 degrees F day and 79 degrees F night, 3 soaks that last 30 minutes each, and 2 hours of outside time. I have been feeding Steve and George: romaine lettuce...
  10. Brit G

    Best Food BESIDESGRASSES to grow for leopard hatchling?

    I will be getting a hatchling leopard tort at the Dallas Expo in September. Wanted to start growing some food now, though I also have a back up plan if I'm starting too late (aa friend who has Sulcatas said he could lend me some grasses/weeds for a spell). I plan to purchase seed mixes from a...
  11. H


    Decided to make a new list of edible plants for anyone interested. I edited a previous list I posted and down to EDIBLE plants only from these 4 sources. Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital Russian Tortoise.Org Susan M. Barnard. Reptile Keeper's Handbook. pp. 167-184. 1996. Tortoise Table - The...
  12. Pattech

    Where to buy Food?

    Hello, I would like to know where I can buy food for my 2 Russian tortoises. I am kinda new with turtles but I have had them for about a year :eek: So if anyone could link some Web sites that are from Europe cause if I buy outside Europe I have to pay more where I live. Thanks. with best...
  13. ssprada

    I Don't Know What To Feed My Sulcata!!

    So I have 2 baby Sulcatas, they're almost 8 months old. Their diet currently consists of wheatgrass, Bermuda grass hay, and red leaf lettuce. They don't like the hay, I'm thinking because it's not colorful and it's also hard for them to eat, and therefore they don't eat it. I also live in an...
  14. kevvmic

    Trouble with food!!!

    Hi all, this is my first post here :D So I have 2 tortoises, one is around 34 years old an another greek tortoise that is 20 months old now. The elder one eats everything, but the youngest one is only eating lettuce. I tried carrots and tomatoes without any success, she just doesn't eat, than...
  15. H

    List of foods from 4 sources if anyone is interested

    After looking for foods that I can grow, harvest or pick up at the store I decided to make a list I could carry with me on my phone. This list consists of plants from 4 sources but I am constantly finding plants that are not listed. Here are the 4 sources I compiled from. Arizona Exotic Animal...
  16. S

    Elderflower - Is it safe?

    Hey Fellow Tortfriends! Could someone please tell me if it's safe or not to give my hermannis elderflower? I searched the forums and didn't find any answers. Thank you in advance!
  17. Colinpv

    Need some advice! (mouth injury)

    My western box turtle has these weird slits on the sides of her mouth, and when she eats they seem to bleed a little. i see no signs of mouth rot and just looked inside her mouth less than a half hour ago, but its definitely frightening. it got better with some peroxideneosporin but every time i...
  18. Food Competition!!

    Food Competition!!

    You guys fight.. meanwhile I devour the lettuce..
  19. Squirtle's mom

    Russian Diet??

    Ive had my russian for a little over three years, Ive been under the impression that most types of leafy greens are the way to go but recently he's had some problems that are probably linked to too much calcium/his diet. The vet suggested i move to a spring mix but other sources say to avoid...
  20. TinkFoxclaw

    Please help! My tortoise isn’t eating.

    Hi can somebody out there please give me some much needed help and advice. I have had my tortoise for about 6 months from a family member. I have been told he is a Russian tortoise so I have been researching all about Russian tortoises. When I was given him he was in a tiny little Vivarium with...