1. Turtwig the tortoise

    Accidentally woken up my tortoise from hibernation (female, aprox.3 years old).

    Hiiiii, I am a bit worried about my tortoise (female, 3 years aprox.) She is an inside tortoise, She entered hibernation late November 2023, and I live in a really irregular temperature environment. And i accidentally woke her up 4 days ago. When I woke her up I was cleaning her enclosure, After...
  2. M


    Hi all, My tortoise is around 50 years old. I have had him since I was little. He hibernates in a hotel mini bar every year, which holds a good constant temperature of 4-6 degrees c. He hasn’t eaten for a month, and has done a last poo 2 weeks ago. When I was bathing him 2 weeks ago, just about...
  3. Spurs2131

    Eggs or no eggs?

    I have two Greeks (6 yrs old) who do not share an enclosure. They have been separate for the past 4 years. Although unlikely at their age, I am worried about the possibility of eggs needing to be laid before hibernation. They are going for routine worm check and health check next week ahead of...
  4. V


    Hey, I’m currently pet sitting a tortoise who’s hibernating in a fridge, I’ve been opening the door for 5mins each day for air circulation. However today I’ve got home and readied I’d left it open all day! There’s been some movement as there’s mud that wasn’t there before but I checked him buy...
  5. A

    Please help!!

    Hello! My name is Armani and I am very new to the tortoise forum. I've had my tortoise for about five years and have had minimal problems with anything. But this winter has proved to be the most challenging one yet. My goal is to get him through this winter. Alive. Here is the...
  6. W

    Help?? Tortoise only hibernated one month?

    Hello please help, My parents recently moved and brought their desert tortoises with them, but the enclosure had to be moved, and outside was too cold to leave them out there. They kept the tortoises inside, and they entered hibernation for what they said was about a month and a half, but now...
  7. T

    Tortoise not eaten since late September

    So my 3 year old Russian tortoise hasn’t eaten since late September, it’s become very cold here in the U.K She is bathed every day to keep her hydrated but I’m becoming more worried at how long she hasn’t eaten for The temperatures are good in her enclosure ( 34 degrees C basking spot ), health...
  8. E

    Help, my tortoise has woken up from hibernation early

    Hi guys, my horsefield tortoise, who is 2 years old called Cleopatra has just woken up after only being hibernated for 19 days. She managed to get out of the mini fridge even though the tempera i tire was right and i had prepared her correctly and now i’m not sure what to do. Do i need to put...
  9. FomTarro

    Brumation Guidance Needed

    Hey all! We have an adult Horsfield's tortoise that we're trying to hibernate for the third year in a row. The prior attempts have been short-lived, as she has both times woken up and broke her way out of the box and fridge that we attempted to keep her in after only a few weeks, even at very...
  10. T

    Tortoise urinated at start of hibernation

    Hi, I put my Spur Thighed tortoise into hibernation a week ago, but I noticed that he urinated in his box. He was still a bit restless at the start of the week which is when I assumed he urinated. I have changed his box/bedding, but I am now worried he will get dehydrated. Is it still safe to...
  11. L

    Bouncing back from worming treatments

    Hey, Both torts successfully worm free. My question is how long to let them recover before winding down for hibernation? Younger is still chomping away but older is properly off her food as she knows it's wind down time, feel bad trying to get her to eat everyday 🥺 Lizzie
  12. M

    I really need some help

    Hello Turtle-Friends, i'm completely new to this forum and hope this belongs here. I'm searching desperately for an good advice what to do and what not to do. I have my lovely greek tortoise now for 26 years and he is my oldest friend. Usually my mother used to take care of him because she has...
  13. M

    Overwintering advice for a Marginated tortoise

    I'm looking for input on overwintering my 7 year old Marginated tortoise. Since climate matters -- I live in San Francisco where our night temperatures dip into the mid-40s F, and winter daytime temps are usually 50s/low 60s F. Minimal rain, definitely some cold wind, but a good portion of the...
  14. T

    Is my tortoise preparing for hibernation?

    So over the last few weeks I’ve noticed my 2 1/2 year old Horsefield tortoise slowing down a bit. She appears healthy still, weight is good, eyes and nose are clear, pooing less as she’s eating less but urates and urine looks good. She’s kept indoors as the weather in the uk now isn’t as...
  15. F

    Mouth open and head bopping after hibernation

    My 1 year old Herman's Tortoise is starting (pretty late) to wake up from hibernation. My other two tortoises are a bit letargic but I guess it's kinda normal if we consider that they are waking up just now; but this one in particular keeps opening their mouth while moving their head up and...
  16. kidokistortugo

    Climate change: Chaco tortoise waking up from hibernation

    Hi! It’s autumn in this part of South America and Tortugo, my chaco tort, was already a bit slow, hiding/sleeping a bunch and not eating much all throughout April, which is totally normal for him. He had his last bath and food on April 19. It’s normal that our temp lowers around this time of...
  17. A

    Hibernation for most Testudo species really necessary?

    Hello and greetings from Germany, this is gonna be my first post on this forum and maybe this has been debated to death already but I'm still curious what the anglo-saxon and english speaking international tortoise community thinks about it. I'll soon be a first time owner of a marginated...
  18. Ciri

    Hibernation app

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of a hibernation app that can help me keep track of the dates when I soak my box turtles and desert tortoise, as well as their weights. I typically use a spreadsheet to keep track, but it would be nice to have an app. Any thoughts?
  19. M

    Sick Horsefield Tortoise - Is he hibernating or sick?

    Hello everyone! I have a 2 year old horsefield tortoise named Newton. Over the past three weeks he has completely stopped eating and is sleeping all the time, only waking up if pestered enough (which I don't want to do) but then going straight back to sleep when putting him back down again. Due...
  20. biochemnerd808

    Waking your tortoise up from refrigerator brumation

    The most important thing here is to avoid shock. You don't want any sudden temperature changes. A brumation should last at least 8 weeks at 37-41°F (3-5°C), but for Russian tortoises can last as long as 4 months, if the tortoises hold a steady weight and don't show any blushing on their...