1. R

    White skin around eyes?

    My Horsefield tortoise has developed some white pigment around his eyes and I'm rather concerned. It's only appeared in the last day or two. I've read online that it could be dehydration but I don't see how that's possible as he normally soaks in his bath every single day for up to two hours...
  2. PiL71

    Safe plants for Horsefields?

    I want to integrate some live plants into my tort's habitat, but I don't really trust the websites that I've looked on ie; Tortoise Town Link, Garden Guide Link, because I'm dealing with my buddy's life here, if I pick the wrong plants. Some that I've picked a liking to are Hawksbeard (not sure...
  3. A

    Very confused... greek or russian?

    So, I have had my tort Cyril for 5 years, inherited him from someone else and was told he was a med spur thigh. He is currently in hibernation. So all was well until I was recently asked to rescue a horsefield tortoise - which I duly did. However, the two of them look remarkably similar, even...
  4. I

    Horsefield shell help

    Hello all :) I have owned my tortoise for 11 years and I’ve never had any problems with her. She is kept in an indoor glass vivarium (upgrading to a table in the next month or so). I bath her regularly and she has a diverse diet and eats very well. However, I recently changed a blown...
  5. HollyLovesBob

    Thinking about hibernation...

    Hello all, I could use some advice! I know it’s a long way off hibernation time but we are considering hibernating our Russian boy this coming winter and I was really hoping to get some advice from someone who has past experience of successfully hibernating Russians. The issue we have is we...
  6. K

    4 year old horsefield tortoise hasn’t moved for two weeks, help please!

    Hello My horsefield tortoise is three and a half and over the last month he hasn’t eaten much and the last two weeks he hasn’t surfaced! Two weeks ago my partner cleaned out his house so we put fresh top soil in, about two/three inches thick. Since then he hasn’t come out to eat or drink. We...
  7. grumpytort

    humidity? humid hide?

    Hi again, I've got a one year old russian tort, i've had him 3 weeks, he's living in an open top table (4 x 2 ft). I was understanding that tortoise tables were best for these tortoises but after some reading on here i'm worried i've made a mistake. Should the table have a cover on it, if so...
  8. grumpytort

    new horsfield tortoise owner!

    Hi there, I'm a first-time owner of a one year old horsfield tortoise, called tort :tort: Tort is living in a 4ft x 2ft tortoise table with a UVB lamp which is on from 8 am to 7 pm. The temperature under the light is around 34 C and 21 C in the cool end of his table. He also has a heat mat in...
  9. Bcrawford

    New tortoise parent - advice needed!

    Hi everyone, I’m the proud owner of a new Horsefield Tortoise named Dash. He is only 5 months old and I only got him this October. I’ve read conflicting advice about when to have lamps and and whether or not to hibernate. He lives indoors as we have no suitable outdoor environment and we only...
  10. Rainbow Tortoise

    Help! Wrong Tortoise basking temps!

    I recently got a 1 year old horsefield tortoise and thought his temperatures were fine as I was using a 100W bulb and a temperature gage on the side of the cage said it was 30 - 35 degrees Celsius. However I recently got a temperature gun that says the temperature directly under the bulb is...
  11. B

    Hello from winston

    Hi all I’ve had winston for about a year and a half now. No idea how old he is sadly :-( he was pretty tiny when I got him from a pet shop so can’t be too old...... he was sold to me in a viv, and after getting him home and doing more research (I know I should’ve done more first!) he’s now in...
  12. MaxisMYtortoise


    Okay so I just bathed Max for the first ever time alone and the water was too deep (not by too much) and I noticed a few bubbles so I immediately took him out and tried blowing in/near his nostrils (I now know a bad mistake) so I took out a bunch of water and checked on him so much. I eventually...
  13. A

    Russian shell healthy?

    hello, We’ve had our Russian tortoise for one year now. Recently I noticed little indents on the darker parts of his shell, like little bubbles. Never noticed this before, is it normal? Is his shell healthy in general?
  14. T

    HELP! Mouth problem!

    Hi, I have a two year old Russian tortoise called Ted, as of the past two weeks he's been acting as little funny with regards to his eating habits, he usually chomps his food and almost completely clears his bowl every time, but lately he has not, and he's been eating rather slowly. Noticing...
  15. P

    New Russian tortoise owner, over-worried?

    Hi scaly mamas and papas I got my Horsfield tortoise Tolstoy in February this year. He's about a year old. He has bright black eyes and a beautiful shell. I have some general questions for more experienced hands as I've never owned a tortoise before and only know one other person who does...
  16. G

    Breeding a horsefield tortoise

    I'm hoping to breed my young horsefield tortoise once he/she has reached maturity. I was just wondering if anybody could give me some useful tips or advise/facts about breeding the type of breed then please let me know ! It would help if I do decide to breed my horsefield tortoise ;)
  17. G

    Horsefield gender difference

    Hello I would love if someone would tell me how to tell the gender of a baby horsefield tortoise I got a baby horsefield in August when it was aged about 7 months and would love to know it's gender if anyone could help me :)
  18. TinkFoxclaw

    Please help! I really need some help and advice about my tortoise!

    Hi there, thank you for the add to your site. I really am desperate for some help and advice please. In October last year I was given a tortoise by a family member for my daughter. They didn’t know a lot about the tortoise so they gave me some info but I’m not sure how accurate it all is...
  19. TortoiseMomAiden

    Small red spots

    Hi! I just joined this forum because its helped me a lot and i need its help again. I recently got a tortoise (which i was told was a Herman but im pretty sure he's a horse field. Hes five months old and i haven't had a problem until now. 2 days ago i noticed these two little red dots on his...
  20. HeGoesBySprout

    Hi everyone! New Horsefield owner looking for a little advice along the way!

    Hi basically to cut the story short I made a tortoise table for my girlfriend for Christmas but the original tortoises I bought turned out to be suffering with herpes and they had it before i purchased them. I had no idea what to look for so I never knew. after taking them to a specialist and...