1. LoriR

    Hello from Steve the Russian tortoise

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking on this forum for months, and am finally going to introduce myself. I'm Lori, and I have a 5-month-old Russian named Steve. Her hatch date was July 10 2021, from Tortstork-I got her when she was about 2 months old. She's most likely female as she was incubated at...
  2. T

    Horsefield Tortoise Shell Pyramiding?

    Hi all, I am worried that my horsefield tortoise’s shell (1 year and 6 months) is starting to pyramid. He is fed on a pure weed diet, temperatures in the tortoise table are 34 degrees at the warm end and around 20 at the cool end. Humidity is about 70%. He is bathed every 2-3 days. Does his...
  3. J

    Horsefield tortoises - advice

    @TheLastGreen @Lyn W @Tom @maggie3fan Hi everyone! I just want to thank you all for your advice and reassurance yesterday. I wish I’d found this forum and your guys care sheets earlier! I hope I haven’t come across as ignorant with all of my questions, I’m still learning and will continue to...
  4. J

    Tortoise food

    Hi all! Just want to start by saying thank you for making me feel so welcome here, your information is going to be invaluable. I take everything I learn from you all on board and I’m bound to make mistakes, but I welcome any advice! SO my question is, when you guys are getting your broadleaf...
  5. J

    Baby horsefield belly markings

    Hi all Any advice on this topic would be massively appreciated. My baby horsefield (7 months old) has little bumps and what look like scar lines (I’m sure they’re not) on his belly, I’ve popped a picture on the feed, can anyone tell me exactly what they are, and if this is normal?
  6. G

    Is the Reptisun UVB 5.0 Compact suitable for my horsefield tortoise?

    2 weeks ago I bought a 4-5 month old horsefield tortoise with a 3 foot vivarium, ceramic heat bulb and Reptisun 5.0 compact which the pet shop stated would provide enough UVB. Looking at the setup, I feel that he is not getting enough UVB because he left a large calcium deposit in his food bowl...
  7. OT1_

    Questions about claw length and 'smooth' skin on rear legs [Pictures attached]

    Hi All, This is Puck, my Russian Tortoise. I'm a little concerned that his/her claws are getting a bit long. I've also noticed recently that there is quite a lot of 'smooth' skin on his/her rear legs - this may be completely normal and I've just noticed it and it looks a little odd. Any...
  8. E


    Hello! This is Rocky. I responded to a rehoming request on Craiglist and Rocky has been with me for almost three weeks. The posts that recommended daily soaking for tortoises having hard times adjusting to new environments were very helpful. Rocky’s initial hunger strike only lasted 6 days. He’a...
  9. A

    Baby Russian tortoise - not opening eyes much

    Hello, I am hoping for some help with what could be causing my Russian tortoise (Sheldon) to act this way and how best I can help him. I have booked a vets appointment but it’s 5 days away and I’m worried he will be suffering. Bit of background - I got Sheldon from a pet shop locally, I wasn’t...
  10. R

    Horsefield Tortoise Eggs

    Hi! My horsefield tortoise laid 2 eggs 76 days ago. These are her first fertilised eggs. We have definitely seen veins previously in the eggs. However, for the past 4 weeks, the veins have disappeared and the eggs appear to look discoloured. There is no sign of collapsing on either eggs but...
  11. Matthew11_28

    Girl or boy??

    Hi. I’ve read it difficult to tell the gender of young horsefield tortoises, I was told my tortoise was a girl, but would like to ask your advice? Thanks
  12. Matthew11_28

    Humidity for a horsfield tortoise

    Hi. Does anyone know what humidity level would best suit a horsefield tortoise? I’ve looked at many different sites online and the answers vary from one extreme to the other. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. rubyg22

    Night time temperatures for baby horsefield tortoise

    Hi there. I’ve just got a baby horsefield tortoise. Had him for a couple days and he’s seeming all good! Just have one question regarding night time temperature if anyone could help. We have him in a tortoise table, and so far for the first couple of nights he’s insisted on being in the open...
  14. A

    How can i make this better?

    I have a horsefield tortoise who’s just under 2 years old. Excuse the sawdusty stuff everywhere it’s a bit of a mess atm. I want to find out whether this is okay or i should be adding or getting rid of anything to make sure he stays happy and healthy. the open bit is 80cm x 60cm (2.6ft x 2ft)...
  15. A


    Can anyone offer any advice as to why our tortoises beak is developing this way and if this is something we should be concerned about?
  16. Ubercat

    Can you identify my subspecies?

  17. R

    Eyes shut

    Hi my name is Rhiannon and I have a 4year old horsefield named Clyde and have been having some issues with his health for the past few months now. A few months ago I began to notice that he was not as active as he would usually be and as the weeks went on I noticed he wasn’t eating a great deal...
  18. MistakenMexican

    Hello! New Tortoise Parent - Looking for some advice on juvenile horsefield tortoise behaviour

    Hello All, 3 weeks ago myself and my partner became parents to a 1 year old Horsefield Tortoise called Ferrari (my family are car mad). We've wanted a pet for a while and research brought us to the decision that the Horsefield Tortoise would be the best for our lifestyle and conscience. We...
  19. M

    General Advice

    Hi I'm brand new to owning tortoises and my first tortoise is a baby russian/horsefield tortoise named Albus. I bought him very recently I seem to spend a lot of time worrying about him and whether I'm doing the right thing. At the moment his enclosure is 90cm X 50cm which is a little small but...
  20. K

    Head bobbing & squeaking

    Hi! I gave my male horse field tortoise a bath of lukewarm water and he did seem to drink some of it (mouth went into the water via a head tilt) when I took him out and put him down he began to squeak & bob his head in and out of the shell, when the squeak happens that’s when the head jumps...