1. T

    horsefield tortoise won’t stop scratching

    my horse field tortoise (presumed boy) won’t stop scratching at the walls but only when he is sleeping / getting comfy to sleep. i’ve noticed it’s only in his hides but i’m not sure if it’s normal, i mean can he sleep scratch or is he stressed? or do i need to change anything about his enclosure...
  2. C

    Tortoise food toppers UK

    Hi there! Does anyone know if there is anything similar to this product available in the UK? I have an (almost) 2 year old horsefield torty, William, and I think he’d love this! Any help would be really appreciated. M
  3. D

    My new baby russian hasn't eaten for 11 days

    Hi just looking for some reassurance I brought home a new baby russian nearly 2 weeks ago and she still hasn't eaten she comes out in the morning to bask walks around for abit then goes back to bed for most of the day and night her diet is romain lettuce and a mix of dark multi leaf lettuce red...
  4. Dr22


    Hey all Im getting a CB23 horsefield in a couple of weeks, I'm just finalising their enclosure now. There is all sorts of conflicting info out there about what sort of humidity levels they need and I thought I'd ask here to try and nail down some figures. Thanks in advance for any advice Hayley
  5. P

    White spots on shell

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and just wanted some advise. I have a horse field tort called Totty (she is actually a he as we found out recently) Totty is around 10 we think, we had her of a friend who had her off another friend... I've noticed Totty's shell is looking different, almost...
  6. Lgi98


    Hi guys, recently got young horsefield (about 1 years old) and I seem to be struggling to keep the humidity low in his vivarium, especially at night. It seems to sit around 60 during the day and at night risen to around 80+ Any advise would be great, cheers 👍🏼
  7. J

    please double check for me

    Hi, everyone. I picked up this beautiful boy this morning and I'm 99.99999% sure its a Horsefield, however you guys are far more experienced than myself and so want to double check whilst hes in quarantine before his vet check and introduction to my other shelled friends. He's apparently around...
  8. B

    Damaged shell

    Hello, I’ve just noticed some damage to the underside of my 10 year old Horsefield’s shell. His behaviour hasn’t changed and is still eating and active all day. He climbs a lot and does fall, but this seems like an odd place to damage from a small height and a soft landing. I’m not sure how...
  9. E

    Help, my tortoise has woken up from hibernation early

    Hi guys, my horsefield tortoise, who is 2 years old called Cleopatra has just woken up after only being hibernated for 19 days. She managed to get out of the mini fridge even though the tempera i tire was right and i had prepared her correctly and now i’m not sure what to do. Do i need to put...
  10. A

    Russian Horsfield eating less

    Hi, I have a Russian Horsfield called Bert. He has always had a good appetite and I've kept it varied. He loves dandelion leaves, aloe Vera, prickly pear (all thorns removed), other garden weeds etc. Occasionally I'll give him some cucumber as he loves it. I also always top it with calcium or...
  11. C

    Horsefield lighting configuration

    Hi guys, I have recently built a new enclosure for my horsefield tortoise . The measurements are 4ft x 3ft with a height of 1ft. What would be the optimal heat and lighting setup for indoor only? I'm thinking about somehow attaching a T8 UVB to one of the sides with a clamped on ceramic...
  12. T

    Shell rot?

    Hi there I had my tortoise out earlier and was inspecting her and noticed what looked like signs of shell rot on her plastron? The top of the shell looks okay to me but is the bottom normally supposed to look like that? She hasn’t been eating as much the past few weeks which I chalked up to...
  13. T

    Is my tortoise preparing for hibernation?

    So over the last few weeks I’ve noticed my 2 1/2 year old Horsefield tortoise slowing down a bit. She appears healthy still, weight is good, eyes and nose are clear, pooing less as she’s eating less but urates and urine looks good. She’s kept indoors as the weather in the uk now isn’t as...
  14. Harvey_Halfshell

    Summer brumation, dos and don'ts?

    Hi all, I'm really annoyed by the lack of information on a google search about what to do when your tortoise burrows in their enclosure and there is a risk of night rain. My instinct is to dig him up or risk him drowning but says "Do not try to prevent a healthy tortoise from...
  15. Harvey_Halfshell

    Harvey not eating

    Hi everyone, I took Harvey to the vets and the vet said that he had most likely slowed down his eating cuz he was in a kind of Summer hibernation (name of this please?) due to hot weather but it has since cooled down and he is still extremely lethargic and not eating much. He will eat his...
  16. Harvey_Halfshell

    Hello from Harvey

    Hi all, just joined the forum so thought I'd introduce my 6-year-old Russian tortoise (re)named Harvey. Had him for around 4 months and he is a joy to keep! Built him and outdoor enclosure with a secure heavy-gauge mesh lid but he has been very lethargic as the weather here in the UK has been...
  17. 5

    Horsefield tortoise not eating much and (maybe) deformed shell

    Hey all! I have a horsefield (6 months old) He never really eats much apart from dandelions and lambs lettuce which are either hard to get a hold of or not good for him as a routine diet. I think the vitamin powder that I put on his food is what makes him lose his appatite. Also a bit worried...
  18. J


    Hi guys. I have a 1 year old horse field tort that currently has Coco coir for substrate but we're really struggling with fungus gnats and keeping his table clean I've been recommended herbifloor pellets could any one please advise? He loves to dig and burrow so I wasn't sure if the pellets...
  19. A

    Brand new tort owner here..!

    Hello..! I am brand new at tort keeping! I feed fresh greens every day - but I’ve heard im meant to give two starve days. I can’t go and forage at the moment. He seems happy and active and I let him have free roam in the living room (I don’t have an adequate safe space for him in the garden yet)...
  20. J

    LED strips

    Hi all I’m popping some LED strips around the inside of my tortoise table (inside but very top) would this be appropriate? I’m aware it has to be 5000K