1. Hannah sellars

    Horsefield tortoise

    Hi, I have just got a horsefield tortoise, she's six years old and she's called bellatrix, I did my research before getting her, and made sure I have pretty much everything I need for her, she has a enclosure that's 120cm by 70cm she has a little house at the cool end and a hide at the hotter...
  2. Tino the Tortoise

    Restless hibernating tortoise

    Hi all, I'm new to the site and am looking for some advice on hibernation. My tortoise is a ten year old female horsefield tortoise weighing around 900g. I have let tino hibernate (brumate?) in the last few weeks, but have noticed she seems to still be moving around and relatively responsive. I...
  3. happyhank

    First ever smart home tortoise table...?

    Hello all! So it's that time to build my Horsefield tortoise, Hank a new table. I went to town on his current setup with temperature sensors, automated lights, LCD screens etc. This time around I am going even more over the top and integrating Hank's new table into my smart home which will allow...
  4. S

    Please help- my first tortoise- not ate since Sunday

    Please can anyone help. I bought my horsefield tortoise who is roughly 4 years old has not eaten since being with me. He is in a tray not glass enclosure. Heat lamp goes up to 80 f Cooler spots room temp about 70f His bedroom is filled with hay and on a heat mat which he seems to love. Bathed...