indian star

  1. ManAlive85

    RI or sinus problems?

    I’ve kept a growing collection of Indian Stars for the last three years. The oldest is a male I’ve had since he was a 30g hatchling, he now weighs over 800g. He eats everything in sight and is very active. I follow the advice prescribed on this forum quite closely in terms of habitat and...
  2. A

    Enclosure help

    Hi there Im trying to do my research on ab India star and I'm wondering what is best a viv or a table top! Myself as a zoo keeper is thinking viv as they need high humidity but suggestions are welcome!! Thank you!
  3. Lindalee7

    rehoming an Indian Star tortoise

    Thread ok'd by moderator Hello all! I have recently been given a gorgeous male Indian Star. Appears to be an adult, and from what I can tell, looks to be in great condition. I already have two Red Foot torts that I keep in a large natural outdoor enclosure- and due to being in south Florida ...
  4. Aaru.

    My indian star

    Hi guys this is Aaru. He's an indian star. Here's a cute pic of him.
  5. shellfreak

    Tortstork - How we raise Indian star babies

    I get a lot of questions about how i raise my Indian stars from day one. I’ll explain in bullet form. If anyone wants to reach out to me, please do so at [email protected] -place on damp paper towel donut at first sight of pip -I remove them from the incubator after a few milestones. 1...
  6. S

    This is regarding my Indian star

    I have two young Indian stars. I don’t know their age.. but I was told they there around 2 years old. My cousins pet Pomeranian attacked the tiny One a few weeks ago.. she had a deep wound at one place on her bottom shell, I took her to a doctor who treated her told me that she healed pretty...
  7. Dinner time

    Dinner time

    My Indian star having some din
  8. Nopainnohaines

    Indian Star Tortoise Lighting..

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping that someone here can help me. Yesterday, I picked up my hatchling Indian Star. What I had set up in his enclosure prior to his arrival was a 100W ZooMed MVB on a ZooMed light stand. As of now, he's in a ZooMed Tortoise House until he gets larger. To compensate for the...
  9. DeanMckinney

    Indian Star Treatment Upper Respiratory

    Hi Everyone, Im seeking some advice on my Indian Star tortoise that has become sick with a respiratory infection and I cannot seem to get it cleared up. I have had this tortoise since it was a hatchling and it is approaching almost a year old at this point. We went on vacation at the end of...
  10. Siddharth Gori

    My baby Indian star won't eat normally, is very lethargic, has cellular debris in her eyes,....

    Hey everybody I'm new here, I just wanted some help with regard to my baby Indian star tortoises, I have two at the moment and I'm not an experienced keeper of the two. I have a male and a female, Michaelangelo and Raphael respectively. Raphael is the little one, she doesn't eat as she used to...
  11. Tortoise tornado

    Feeding tortoise

    Is there a time of the day I should feed my tortoise? Or does it not really matter?
  12. Tortoise tornado

    Indian star diet

    I know it’s not The best option. But what vegetables should I buy from the grocery store, for my Indian stars?
  13. Lizk

    Indian Star Growth Advice

    Hi hoping you can help! We bought an Indian Star tortoise in January this year. The shop wasn’t sure of his age but said he was under 1. (Know he’s too young to be sexed but refer to him as a boy) When we bought him he weighed 48 grams. He is now 62g. Feeds well and is active. We keep his viv...
  14. Stoneman

    Is nest building the same motions as burrowing (Indian)? Too small to lay? & other Questions

    Today I had a female Indian star SCL about 6.75 and bodyweight about 850. Today I noticed she looked like she was building a nest in an enclosure, and then it looked like she abandoned it. I have seen her mate with a Male, I am not sure if the magic happened but with how much they have I would...
  15. DylannMikeyy

    What different foods should I feed my Indian Star Tortoise

    I had been using a variety of different greens and other things, but I'm looking to enrich my male indian star tortoise more? Are there any foods that I could buy in the store or get online that would be good for him?
  16. Lrodmyre

    Breeding Questions For Indian Stars

    Hi All, I have a few questions about Indian Stars and breeding. I acquired 2 Indian stars last August. One female and one male. The female's birth date is 11/26/17. Her name is Star. Then my male's birth date is 3/4/17. Name is Indy. I have noticed "activity" from him with her that I am...
  17. Valentine11

    Pyramiding in Indian Star

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum. I have a young possibly 2 years old Indian star. Her name is Valentine, but she could actually be he. She is my little angel. I am worried that in the last 6 months she developed pyramiding, please see the photos. Her length is about 10 cm. Apart from...
  18. yusufning

    Indian Star in Tropical Climate?

    Hi, Im considering getting a Indian Star tortoise to add to my tortoise collection. My question is that I have been hearing from Kamp Kenan who live in Florida and said IStar just dont thrive in humid and rainy environment and stopped having them as pet. I live in Jakarta where it is warm...
  19. Stoneman

    Does anyone have pics or info of the Albino Indian Star?

    So, I am reading Star Tortoises by Jerry Fife, because I am trying to freshen up knowledge and skills about how to take care of eggs, because I have never had any lay before. So, I came across something really interesting there is a picture of a rare golden albino indian star tortoise. I have...
  20. Stoneman

    Should I give my Indian star eggs a cooling phase before setting? Add water to vermiculite?

    My first batch of star eggs are just laid. Should I add water to the vermiculite? If so, how should I do it? I have an R-Com Max 50, so it has advanced humidity control. I just want to know if it is important and if I should add it directly to the vermiculite and how much to add. I plan to...