1. M

    Help with red foot tortoise care

    I am about to get 2 baby red foot tortoises, any tips and advice for them? And what is a good enclosure?
  2. mayo

    My tortoise 😃

    They’re an Egyptian Tortoise. I don’t know they’re gender or age, but I named them Squirtle. I’m currently building them a tortoise table, any tips or concerns? Thanks 😊
  3. TommyTheV

    Hello from Sunny San Diego

    Hi everyone, New here to the forum. Found this forum while researching about Sri Lankan Star Tortoises. Already deposited for mine and will pick up a trio next week. Very excited to start with them. I currently have 3 healthy Sulcatas. 1 male and 2 females. About 10 years old and came from...
  4. M

    New Hermann Carer - looking for advice and reassurance!

    Hi everyone! New Hermann's owner here looking for some advice. There's so much information online and given at local reptile centres that we've become really confused. We want to make sure he's got the best possible environment and life so I'm hoping you'll be able to help! He's a Hermann's...
  5. Sallythehermanntortoise

    New tortoise mummy

    Hello group! I'm new to the community and being a tortoise mum. Meet Sally, she turned one in march, she's a Hermann tortoise who's full of character. I've had her since February and I'm totally in love with her 😍 Any advice I would love to hear..
  6. M

    Round top tortoise

    Hi im new here. I just got a sulcata baby about three weeks ago. When picking the breeder showed me a few to choose from. I picked the roundest one. Now just for my wanting to know, why are some hatchlings more round on top vs flatter tortoises. Im not talking about the scutes or pyramids. I...
  7. M

    Help! I caught my tortoise trying to chew his artificial plant

    Hello I’m new here, I’m Meg and my tortoise who is a Hermann is 2ish, called Darwin. I have a few things…. Firstly I keep catching him try to chew his artificial plants in his tortoise table, he seems to be okay and is eating and drinking fine ect… how long should I be worried for…. Secondly...
  8. H

    Drum and tortoise good together?

    Im new to this forum so im not gonna be able to get some stuff but is it ok that i can play my drums while my tortoise is in the same room as me?
  9. J

    Is it normal for my new sulcata tortoise to not eat?

    I researched this and a few things say it's normal for the first few days. On day 2 she ate a few bites of her food and regularly drinks water. (To add, I keep a thermometer in there to keep track of the temperature in her enclosure while her lamp is on) She also just sleeps all day, which I...
  10. A

    Brand new tort owner here..!

    Hello..! I am brand new at tort keeping! I feed fresh greens every day - but I’ve heard im meant to give two starve days. I can’t go and forage at the moment. He seems happy and active and I let him have free roam in the living room (I don’t have an adequate safe space for him in the garden yet)...
  11. A

    I need help with redfoot care

    Hey, I need help. I'm taking over care for my little brothers tortoise which has been severely neglected. I'm doing so because I've noticed some issues with poor Alex. Can anyone help me with correcting some of the issues? I'll post pictures and advice will be really nice. Thank you all so much...
  12. TenTonTurtle

    Hello from Ohio! New Tort-father.

    Hello friends, I'm Steve and I recently adopted a male Russian tortoise. His name is Gregori (He is my display picture). I have two aquatic turtles but this is my first Tortoise ever. Just looking to make friends, chat about tortoises, turtles, and much more. I am also looking to discuss indoor...
  13. Donnie61

    New tortoise owner from Korea!

    Hello Everyone! I'm from South Korea and this is my new tortoise Donnie :> I got him about a week ago and he's a Horsfield tortoise! I've read a lot of useful information here before I got him so I figured I should just sign up. Thanks for reading!
  14. F

    Hermanns tortoise is trying to hibernate? Need help

    Hello to all tortoise lovers, I'm new here so I might be asking something I'm not supposed to here. Feel free to redirect me plz. I had hermanns tortoise that got sick and survived for 2,5 - 3 years (it was it's age as well). I might have done plenty mistakes as it was my first tortoise ever...
  15. V

    Help! I don’t know what to do!

    Hi there. I’ve had my sweet tortoise for about a year and a half now. I love him so so so much, and I’ve done so much research and tried my very best to care for him the best I can. But lately, he doesn’t seem right. He won’t eat, doesn’t want to even come out of his hide anymore. His eye...
  16. B

    Edge of Shell Flaring/Fringing/Turning Upwards

    Hi there! I'm looking for some experienced opinions. Attached are some pictures of my little Hermanns (please excuse the calcidust on her bottom, she's been roaming) - I'm a little worried as I've noticed the edge of the back of her shell is slightly flared/turned upwards (she's around a year...
  17. Aaru.


    I have a star tortoise. It's my first time and i don't know his age as it was previously owned by someone else. He seems comfortable in the new environment and is friendly with all of us but i have noticed during his meal he makes a choking kind of sound. It happens once or twice every time he...
  18. Aaru.


    hello guys! My name is Bhumika and i have a star tortoise that was gifted to me a week ago. His name is Aaru. I don't know his age but the previous owners said they had him for 6years. We are still learning more about him everyday and i saw this site while searching about his diet so i decided...
  19. T

    Need help making sure my new tortoise is healthy

    Hello everyone! I just joined this forum just a few minutes ago and this is my first post. I just bought a Russian tortoise from someone near by a couple days ago and he seems to have a few concerning issues. First issue was that his beak and nails were severely overgrown, but I took care of...
  20. tortiella

    Suggestions for new owner?

    Hi, I'm looking to get a baby Hermann's tortoise in May-ish. I've compiled a list of supplies I'm getting for them in advance. If you have any suggestions please let me know so I can update my list. Thanks! Food/Water (hibiscus...