pyramiding sulcata

  1. megnlong

    Help, possible incorrect husbandry!

    Hello I have an almost 2 year old male sulcata tortoise. I got him when he was 8 months old and he was absolutely perfect. As he’s grown I’ve noticed his shell getting much darker and some mild pyramiding so I know I’m doing something wrong and I’d like to stop this in it’s tracks so he can live...
  2. W

    Humidity (Relitive Humidity or Dewpoint)

    Hi I have a hatchling Sulcata Tort in a closed tub enclosure. Substrate consists of 90 %Coco fiber and 10% reptibark. It is moisture but not wet. The relative humidity is 80% temp is 81F on cool end but the dewpoint is 75%. Which measurement should I be looking at? I have a push wifi...
  3. K

    Advice on Growing Greenery in Sulcata Cage and Shell Health (pyramiding)

    Hi Everyone! I live in New Orleans and we have had our little guy (or girl!) For almost 2 years now. We unexpectedly took it home from deplorable pet store conditions at a garden store on Christmas Eve 2021. He was itty bitty when we got him so I assume he's almost 2 years old now. We've built...
  4. mools

    slight pyramiding in middle scutes of the carapace

    It's been about 11 months with Walter. I got Walter maybe a few weeks after they hatched. There seems to be slight pyramiding in middle top scutes of his carapace which is more apparent when looking from the side profile view. I'm a little concerned because the his sides seem quite smooth in...
  5. E

    Cracks or Peeling on Sulcata Carapace

    Hello, Looking for someone who has some knowledge or experience on something we are seeing on our Sulcata. We noticed tonight that there are two spots on its back that appear to almost be cracks between the scutes. A corner of one is lifted and then there is what looks like a crack between two...
  6. C

    Is this ridge a sign of Pyramiding or just his spine (sulcata)

    I have seen the ridges start to grow on him (1 year) So I made sure his light is okay and double my efforts to make sure he has enough humidity. So I hope that will stop his tiny ridges from growing any taller. But I do not know if that ridge that he has is? I think it might be his spine but I...
  7. E

    PLEASE HELP! (Sulcatas with MBD)

    I took 2 Sulcatas in today from an old friend who was looking to give them away. She acknowledged she isn’t able to care for them and they’ve been ignored for quite some time. Since I currently have my own Sulcata, I decided to take them in (temporarily) and see how i can help. When i picked...
  8. D

    Help! Are these ridges on a baby Sulcata Normal?

    Hi guys. I just got my lil guy back in January. He’s 4 months old now. I was checking out his shell the other day and noticed little ridges between the scutes. Very small and I’m not sure if I’m being paranoid, and these were always here, or if it’s getting worse. Some opinions would be greatly...
  9. Z

    is my Sulcata Pyramiding?

    Hello guys, I got a cute Sulcata tortoise back in September 4th. He has been growing a lot and recently I've been noticing some pyramiding... His enclosure is a big tub, with cypress mulch as his soil, water and his peletes food. I have a hard time trying to keep the humidity in his enclosure...
  10. K

    Shell health

    Hello! How can I tell if my baby is starting to pyramid? I got this baby sulcata 2 months ago. I was told that he was about 7 months old when I obtained him. His husbandry and diet was poor before I got him. This is my first sulcata but I think I’m on the right track now.
  11. B

    Is he pyramiding?

    Hello! I got my tortoise, Jim, about two weeks ago and he's about 4 months old. I am wondering if he (or she) began pyramiding before I got him. And any tips to help stop that. I keep his enclosure humid and soak him every day. Thanks!
  12. ToryTort

    Is this early signs of pyramiding ?

    When I purchased him/her I was provided a tortoise table along with a load of bad advice. I quickly found out all the information was wrong. I contacted the breeder and asked him how he raised his hatchlings. He said in an open top table with D3 lighting “he seemed to think D3 bulbs are the holy...
  13. RescuedSulcata

    Pyramiding in Rescued Tortoise

    Hi: I work at an animal sanctuary and she has 3 sulcata. The owner confessed to me that she bought them from a pet shop when she saw them in a box. I believe this was at least 5 years ago. I expressed wanting one and the next thing I know she is giving me the male because he drives the 2 females...
  14. Leooo


    Hello, i have one simpe question. Is my sulcata pyramiding?