is my Sulcata Pyramiding?


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Nov 15, 2020
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Hello guys, I got a cute Sulcata tortoise back in September 4th.
He has been growing a lot and recently I've been noticing some pyramiding...
His enclosure is a big tub, with cypress mulch as his soil, water and his peletes food.
I have a hard time trying to keep the humidity in his enclosure cause the tub is open from the top, but yesterday I added a shower curtain on top of it, so hopefully that'll help with the humidity.
I also try to soak him in water everyday but I sometimes don't have time to do so.
(The first pics are from we first got him/her and the last ones are him/her currently)

Thank you for your help and advice!


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Hello, and welcome to the forum!

He is pyramiding, as you said, and the only way to stop it is humidity, spritzing his shell with water, and soak, soak, and soak.

You are going to lose too much heat and humidity with the shower curtain folded back like that. The entire enclosure, including the lights, needs to be under the curtain.

First, read this care sheet for detailed care for your baby.

Then, there are different ways to enclose your tub. Read this post for some suggestions.

You could also consider building a framework over the tub to hold the lights, with the shower curtain over it all.
Like this....

Enclosure covered d
Enclosure covered h
Enclosure covered g

Spritz your baby with a spray bottle throughout the day, using distilled, RO, or rain water to avoid water stains on his shell.

And soak as much as possible, at least daily. Also spritz his greens with some water when you feed him. Use regular tap water for this.
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