russian enclosure

  1. philjkeel

    Newbie Tortoise (Horsfield) owner looking for reassurance/advice please

    Hi All, I am a newbie member to the forum (in fact its my first time ever posting on any forum!) and to Tortoise ownership in general. We purchased Twig the Horsfield (which I think I am right in saying is aka a Russian tortoise) on 28th April and we think 'he' is approx. 6 months old. I wanted...
  2. D


    Hi I know humidity for a baby russian is important and so have been keeping my vivarium nice and humid but I'm having issues controlling it of course with heat and water you get condensation the condensation gathers on the glass and runs down making the wood/chipboard Swell and eventually rot...
  3. sunny_27

    Outdoor cold frame

    Hi! I'm building an outdoor enclosure for my tortoise (Sunny Pistachio) this weekend. We are adopting him from a rescue and he should be home with us at the beginning of May. As we prepare his new outdoor home (we will also be building an indoor enclosure), I was wondering if this cold frame...
  4. F

    Setting Up a Good Tank For My Russian?

    Hello Tortoiseforum! I wish I could be joining under better circumstances, but here we are haha. Context: I've had my Russian Tortoise for some amount of years now (don't remember how long, but a rough estimate would be 4-5 years?) and I've only just now learned that basically everything I've...
  5. D

    My baby russian is not very active

    I've had my baby russian now for about 3 months and I'm a little worried about her health she never comes out of her hide I have to wake her up for her daily bath I've not seen her poo or pee ever. After her bath I put her near her basking spot she normally crawls into it to warm up she basks...
  6. SweetP

    Rhea Calypso my new 1yr old female Russian Tortoise

  7. Z

    Tips on Russian Tortoise Enclosure Please

    I am currently planning on building my own enclosure once I free up some more space but any tips to make Kirby’s current enclosure better would be awesome! He’s a Russian tortoise and around 6-7 months. This is a top view, the left side is a large shaded hide and the right side is his roaming...
  8. C

    Top soil humidity question

    Hi guys, I recently bought a bunch of sterilised top soil for my Russian tortoise. I'm just a bit confused about the humidity as everywhere recommends 40%-50% however my humidity ratings indicate 80-90% (when the sensor is submerged in the soil). Is it only the air around the tortoise that...
  9. B

    Keeping my Russian tortoise in a tortoise table inside a shed

    Hello, I live in the UK and i am planning to put my reptiles outside in a shed which has an electrical supply , My Russian tortoise currently lives in her tortoise table in my room but i want to move her into my shed but I am worried it will be to cold for her , The shed is not insulated...
  10. P

    How Long Do Russian Tortoises Stay In Their Burrow?

    I'm new to owning a tortoise. I did as much research as I could before getting her so I knew she would burrow. I provided extra substrate for her and she made sure to take advantage of it. She made a burrow for herself about 12 hours ago ( before night/bed time) and hasn't come out since. When...
  11. G

    Do I need a higher watt bulb?

    New tortoise mom here. I have the bulb that I posted a picture of. Under the bulb seems to be 85-90 on average. I have a tortoise table that is 12.4 inches high. I have the ceramic lamp piece that sits right on the mesh of the tortoise table. Should I get a 100 watt bulb instead?
  12. SinLA

    Outdoor enclosure advice for Russian Tortoise - especially hide questions...

    OK, I finally have a relatively decent "work in progress" outdoor enclosure set up for my Russian tortoise, Fezzik (4'5" long, guessing 4ish years), which has an enclosed/predator safe "night" area, and a larger day area (with door between). Right now he is only out during the day, and still in...
  13. texastort17

    Temporary indoor enclosure

    Hi, all! I know it’s a little early to be worrying about winter time, but I like to be prepared. I’ve posted here once before, but basically I inherited the family russian tortoise from my dad this past spring. She’s about 15 years old (probably older, but that’s how long he’s had her) and...
  14. Inspire2be

    Can I please see Russian tort indoor setups. Looking for more inspiration for our lil guy when he’s not outside!

    Just wanted to see if anyone is willing to share their indoor Russian tortoise setups? Ours is in proper size, proper lighting etc…it just needs….more lol. He has a hide, water, a feeding rock & my son & I our going to our river tomorrow for stones! So that may help. Thanks in advance! 🐢
  15. M

    I'm going to buy a tortoise, but I have a question for it

    I'm going to buy a Russian Tort, and I just want to know if me being in Upstate NY (def not an ideal temperature) if it would be fine to take him out of his exhibit every once in a while, probably just once or twice a day for no longer than an hour, but probably more like 30 mins, outside is...
  16. S

    All the Tort Q’s

    So, new here and I have several questions. Best substrate? Currently use Repti-Bark, a bit pricy though. Suggestions/tips for his home? Going to build an outdoor area for summer too, but he’ll be here at least in winter. Should I be worried about his shell? I’ve had him at the vet twice...
  17. D

    Creating A Big Enough Enclosure?

    I plan on making my Russian tortoise's indoor enclosure as a 7x2.5 size (a bit awkward but fits in the room); aside from this he has an outdoor enclosure aswell. I know a lot of people strongly suggest an 8x4 enclosure for an adult; so I was wondering if instead of expanding it I could add a...
  18. Otis-RussianTort

    Enclosure Upgrade for Otis!!

    I know size could be bigger, but I am really proud of myself for the changes I have made in the last week for Otis! ? larger enclosure, deeper substrate, hide on the cool side, new light fixture with reptisun 10.0 bulb, and soaking pellets before serving with greens. Basking temp is 100-102...
  19. T

    Multi Level Enclosures to increase sqft

    Howdy! Ever since I was a kid I've wanted a tortoise, and now that I'm 23 I'm finally fulfilling that dream and have decided on a Russian Tortoise. Now I'm still going back and forth between getting an adult or a baby (It's technically my first pet other than betta fishes), and while I am...
  20. T

    Russian Tortoise--pooping in small "nuggets"?

    Hello! Below I've attached some pictures--my Russian tort Ivan, who I've had for around 4 or 5 years, and what his poops have been looking like recently. For the past couple of weeks, his poops have been coming out in these small "nuggets" rather than continuous, larger pieces. At first I...