russian tortiose

  1. I

    Missing Russian Tortoise !! Hollywood CA

    Hi everyone, Our Russian tortoise Houdini has gone missing in our yard and has been gone for 2 days since 5/10/2022 on Melrose and Wilton, there’s a small chance that he has escaped the yard as we have looked pretty much all over our yard, please anyone in the area if you see him please email...
  2. Inspire2be

    Safe outdoor weeds? Please help. Appreciate responses! (Russian)

    I have a new Russian & I live in upstate NY. Can anyone glimpse these 6 (labeled with each pic for clear photo) pictures & tell me if these are safe for Oogway to eat or not. I’m sure it’s been asked a ton but I just want to make sure lil dude eats right & appreciate any...
  3. texastort17

    Temporary indoor enclosure

    Hi, all! I know it’s a little early to be worrying about winter time, but I like to be prepared. I’ve posted here once before, but basically I inherited the family russian tortoise from my dad this past spring. She’s about 15 years old (probably older, but that’s how long he’s had her) and...
  4. A

    Looking for an appropriate sized tortoise table!

    Hi everyone! I recently, and a bit abruptly, acquired a Russian Tortoise. I temporarily have him in a 40 gallon tank which I know is not ideal for him so I was looking at some tortoise tables to get him into something more comfortable ASAP. I came across this Tortoise Table on Etsy and wanted...
  5. C

    Please can someone look at my Russian tort:(

    Hey. We’ve had this little girl for a couple months now. She came from a home where they did not know how to care for tortoises. I’ve done all my research, feed her adequately, she’s got a heat lamp, goes outside twice a week and gets soaked. Does her shell look okay? It’s not completely round...
  6. K

    2 Russian tortoises up for adoption.

    2 very sweet Russian Tortoises up for adoption. They are about 10 years old and are very healthy. I can send pictures upon request. Southern California area (Palmdale).
  7. texastort17

    Stay outside during texas winter?

    Hey, y’all. I have a russian tort that I’m keeping watch over for my dad until he has a yard to keep her in again. We’ve had her for around 12+ years and for about 5-6 years he’s kept her fully outside all year round. I’m not well versed in the ins and outs, but I’ve got a great outdoor set up...
  8. K

    Tortoise Training

    Has anyone worked on training a tortoise, Curious to hear if anyone has had success here is my story of my journey training my Russian tortoise named Yoshi. Yoshi is a 4 year rescue who loves to sleep in hoodie pockets, watch finding Nemo (he will not watch anything other then that), yoshi...
  9. P

    Need help with my russian tortoise’s schedule

    Hi again! I have a few questions/asking for advice! I have (what we believe to be a male) russian tortoise! I got him a little over 24 hours ago from petsmart. I’ve done tons on research on the testudo genus, russian tortoises themselves, and how to care for them as well as keeping them indoors...
  10. T

    ISO female Russian tortoise

    Hello, I am a middle school science teacher and I have been thinking about adopting a female Russian tortoise as a classroom pet. I would prefer to either adopt one, or get one through someone who breeds them. Please reach out to me with pics and prices. Thanks!
  11. K

    Need to get rid of tortoise

    Hi there! My cousin is needing to get rid of her Russian Tortoise and I am helping her. She is lovely, but unfortunately would be happier getting the love and care she deserves. She’s healthy and well cared for, but as she’s grown has become too busy to give her the extra care. She’s so sad to...
  12. I

    White Marks By My Russian Tortoise’s Eyes

    Hi, im new to this forum and a fairly new owner of my Russian tortoise. Her name is Beatrice, this morning I noticed marks on her face near her eyes and practically had a heart attack, can anyone please help me? (Dont mind the dirt on her head she had just finished burrowing before i scooped her...
  13. For-Mr.Spock

    Carapace flaking off and revealing something underneath?

    Hello! My Russian tortoise is a wild caught, I got her from PetSmart two years ago, and she is somewhere between 5 and 10 years old as well as we can tell. She is active and has a good appetite. When I first got her, she had some she'll damage that has been very slowly healing. She has also...
  14. T

    Russian Tortoise enclosure

    Hello friends, I am a beginner tortoise owner. I built this enclosure for my new russian tortoise. what do you guys think? Does it look suitable for a russian tortoise?
  15. K

    Russian tortoise swollen leg

    Hi all, i have a Russian tortoise for about 5 years now and this is the first time something is wrong with her. Today I discovered that her left leg is swollen and has a small red mark. I took her to the vet but he didn’t really know what was wrong. It could have been a bite (she is currently...
  16. D

    Crack in Shell

    Hi, I noticed my tortoise has a cracked shell above it’s head. Should we take it to the vet or would it heal on its own with cleaning and antiseptic ointments? Tried calling a vet and they said they don’t deal with exotics, and the number they referred me to is out of order. Will definitely find...
  17. 20210710_134453.jpg


    *Mikie* Our 2 to 3 years old Russian tortoise enclosure so far. I want to order more stuff for it.
  18. K

    Hal’s Homecoming!

    Our Russian Tortoise, Hal, has been a part of our family for the past ten years. On Saturday, June 26th, I was giving Hal a soak and then an afternoon walking in our backyard m. Unfortunately, I got involved in a project when my husband Bob asked…”where’s Hal?” Hal was gone! The neighborhood all...
  19. S

    Skin peeling/skin scratching

    Hi, everyone. My tortoise Steven very often scratches his neck. Does anybody know how I can help him?
  20. tamzsturg

    Kidney failure/ Renal problems

    Hi there, I recently made my first post discussing my little Horsefield Tarquin’s situation. He had stopped eating (apart from a mouthful a day seemingly just to please us) and just wanted to sleep and hide in a dark corner completely avoiding his bulbs. His bloodwork came back from the vets and...