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  1. M

    Tortoise shell growth looks strange to me, please help.

    I have a tortoise named Bibble( I’ve had her for going on three years). And Her shell has these strange indents on them and I don’t know what could be causing it. She’s still very active and everything else seems fine. I feed her leafy greens and some lettuce (kale, mustard greens, salad greens...
  2. H

    Emergency!? (white lump)

    Hi guys something is wrong with my russian tortoise. Today I looked at her tale and she had this lump and something white trying to come out! I thought it was an egg at first. After helping her take it out, we noticed it wasn’t an egg but poop. We’re worried because one of her back legs is...
  3. L

    New member, tortoise dad for two years

    I've been the proud owner of a red eared slider since I was nine years old, and when I was fifteen I spontaneously became the owner of a russian tortoise! It's been a little over two years since then, and it's kind of a funny story as to how I came to meet the little guy. I was alone one...
  4. J

    Horsefield tortoises!

    Hi Guys! My 4 month old Horsefield tortoise seems unhappy? He seems to scratch at the outside of his tank a lot and when he’s in his run outside he just seems to want to get out. Does anyone know if this is because he’s bored or unhappy? And if so does anyone have any ideas on spicing his life...
  5. Jeanettics

    New indoor enclosure for Russian Tortoise

    I used an old bookshelf to create a new enclosure for Tortellini. It’s 69” x 28” x 9.5” so not quite big but definitely a step up! I’m hoping when I move to a new place in September I can create an outdoor enclosure for him. I was a bit nervous posting because everyone here is so knowledgeable...
  6. zbarry

    Bioactive setup questions

    Hi I was trying to get some advice on making a bioactive setup for my Russian tortoise. I've done a little research but I figured there might be some experts here that could provide good advice. So really I would like to know what kind of subrate would be recommended for a bioactive setup and...
  7. A

    Russian Tortoise Laid Eggs, but no incubator

    Hello! I am new here but my Russian tortoise laid 3 eggs in her outdoor enclosure today! This is not her first clutch, the first one was either infertile (most likely) or we incubated them wrong. This is her second clutch so I am more hopeful that they are fertile but with that being said I do...
  8. G

    Russian Tortoise

    I just brought a Russian tortoise home. It's only been a been day and a half, all he does is sit in the corner in his hide. But I know he needs time to adapt. He came up for a bit ate and went back. I do have a question about what exactly I should feed him and what brand of supplement I should...
  9. Jamieclvrt

    Russian Tortoise

    Hi, I am looking for a captive breed Russian tortoise in Texas. Any information will help. Thanks!
  10. A

    Any good Russian Tortoise breeders?

    Hi I’m new here. I’ve been doing some research for a while now because I’ve been interested in owning a tortoise for the first time. I’ve settled on a Russian tortoise. Does any one know of any good Russian breeders? I tried to order one with tortoise town and that didn’t go over well so I got a...
  11. M

    Soon to be Russian Tortoise owner!

    Hello everyone, I intend on purchasing a Russian tortoise for my family in the coming days and I have a few questions to ask. I have a 40 gallon terrarium and a wooden tortoise habitat for it. It will spend a majority of its time in the wooden habitat (I’ve read that is the best option). I’ve...
  12. For-Mr.Spock

    I cannot find these on Tortoise Table?

    I live in PA and have a decent sized yard. My store only really has endive and kale, so I have taken to foraging to supplement my russian tortoise's diet. What are these following plants and can she eat them? Thank you for your time and patience.
  13. OsirisOmen


    I have a Russian Tortoise. He has a slimey texture under his shell. Any idea what that means? It'd be a big help if anyone could answer.
  14. PHOTO_20190425_113311.jpg


    My Russian posing for a quick pic before taking off to explore the kitchen.
  15. E

    Can tortoises over eat/get fat?

    *can tortoises over eat and get fat?* Hi all! We have a debate rn in my family and I need some help! I got Theo almost two weeks ago and he’s been doing great especially with food. He’s sorta picky about the what but once it’s something he likes he’ll literally just keep on eating. My mom says...
  16. Yoyotort

    Constipation help

    Hello I have had my Russian tortoise koopa for over a year now the past week or so he has been eating less and being very inactive. He has also not been pooping for a few days I’m starting to worry and have soaked him (he always poops plenty in the bath) but this time he isn’t at all. I’m not...
  17. E

    Russian tortoise PNW weeds?

    Hi all! My Theo (Russian tort) is doing great so far! Sadly he’s a little obsessed with the lighter leaf lettuce I got him (it’s a romaine) so I found a garden group in Seattle and asked people with untreated yards for weeds! We have two dogs and our HOA treats the front usually so ours doesn’t...
  18. E

    Theo got another soak today and was photo ready during his lunch! Got him this week and I’m in love!

    Soaked him for the second time, he loves the water and he loves running around afterwards even more! He’s stuck on romaine and red leaf lettuce but he’s got quite a few dark leafy greens mixed in too! After he ran around he pushed his bedding up in the corner to make a nice little pillow for a...
  19. E

    What exactly to feed Russian tortoise- supplements and needed nuitrition?

    Getting my Russian tortoise tomorrow!! So sorry I’m asking so many questions but I don’t want to hurt him or anything. I made a mix of Russian tortoise approved green veggies to offer him daily plus a feed in moderation food to encourage him a little in his new home over the coming weeks. I’m...
  20. For-Mr.Spock

    Hydrated Vegetable Mix given to store tortoises?

    Alright, the pictures are bad (sorry), but the list is: Bok choy, carrots, zucchini, green beans and peas. This is given with grassland tortoise pellets. Should this be fed to Russian tortoises? And other tortoises like them?