shell growth

  1. theodorejr

    young hermann's shell

    Hello! This morning after their daily soak i noticed this small ''bump'' on their shell in the front middle as seen in the pictures. Is this normal growth or should i be concerned about pyramiding and such? Thank you
  2. Ashley & Rolo

    Wonky spinal scutes?! Help!

    Hello tortoise friends! New to the forum and hoping you can share your vast tortoise-y knowledge! I'm in panic mode right now! I got this little guy a few months ago, hatched July 2022. I was looking back at his weigh in day pics and noticed his spinal scutes are progressively moving off to...
  3. N

    (Russian) Growth lines or should I be concerned?

    Hi, I noticed quite a few lines all around my Russian’s lower scutes. I don’t know much about growth and was wondering if they looked concerning of if I am being paranoid? They don’t feel any “softer” than the rest of her shell, but they feel like significant ridges. Also less related, the...
  4. B

    Shell growth opinions

    2 year old leopard tortoises. Just want to get a second opinion on how well these guys shells are doing :)
  5. L

    Is my horsfield growing too fast?

    Hello. My horsefield is over 10 years old. He was living with my parents for this whole time until last week when he joined me. His condition was not good, he was living on fake grass no substrate, basking lamp which was 50 Celsius, eating only lettuce with no supplements the list goes on...
  6. S

    Help is this shellrot? My Redfoot losing plastron scutes

    I was giving my 3 yr old redfoot a bath and I noticed one of her plastron scutes had fallen off. I was kind of horrified by that but after a lot of research I started immediately treating her with Beta iodine and a topical skin cream. I also used Chlorhexidine diluted to clean the area scrubbing...
  7. S

    White around shell and plates

    Hi there, I am worried about my cousins Russian tortoise. We have had this one for a year or so now and it does not get the attention it needs, but it well fed. It had white around its shell and plates. Is this new growth for him? Is this lack of vitamin D or calcium? She’ll rot? We don’t know...
  8. Booty


    Svenya's getting her bell bottoms.
  9. A

    Normal Shell Growth Sulcata

    Hi all, I just recently rescued a sulcata he’s about 45lbs. I’m in south Florida. First time with a tortoise and I’ve read about growth lines being white, but this guys look pink. Is this normal looking? Posting some pics over the last few weeks. Thank you!
  10. M

    Are my sulcata tortoises’ shell okay? There are white rings on them!

    Hello, everyone. I have 2 baby sulcatas about 2 months old. They are active and eat a lot. This evening when I took them to soak, I found white rings on their shells. Is this normal? I’m worried if this is an early sign of shell fungus or shell rot? PS. I come from Thailand. I’m sorry for my...
  11. S


    About a months difference in Henry’s shell. Little baby boy is becoming a man ??
  12. C

    Need advice/help withba sulcata

    I noticed today one of my Sulcatas thats very solitary and grunoy it seems, nit as active as my other sulcata that he lives with, hes always chilling by his self digged in or sleeping, the ither is always active and moving and aware as the other isn’t buthe seems fine and healthy. He gets active...
  13. Realbookworm

    Abnormal Shell Growth?

    Hi! I’ve had my Russian (her name is Pistachio lol) for a little over a year now and I noticed when I got her that her shell seemed a little off centered, and in the last few months it’s been concerning me more and more. I want to know if her shell growth is normal or if I need to seek a...
  14. A

    Shell Growth or Damage???

    Hello! Is Terry's shell damaged or is this normal growth?
  15. S

    Tortoise out of hibernation, help!

    Hello all I’m just messaging to get some advice about my 6 year old Russian Horsefield male called Arnie! He is very active, eating well and generally seems happy but I can’t help but worry as I’ve never had a tortoise before so I don’t feel as confident in looking after him as I do dogs and...
  16. Pjfarm

    Shell health?

    Hi, We have had Rocky for just over a year. I would guess he is about 1.5 yrs old. Please tell me if you think his shell looks ok or not. There seems to be wide spaces that did not exist a few months ago. Thanks
  17. Meag

    Experienced Advice On Shell Growth

    Hi Everyone! I have a 1 year old Hermann’s tortoise named Zippy and have been stressed reading all these articles about pyramiding. This is my first tortoise and I have a UVB and a heating lamp along with a hide box, however, I do think it needs to be packed with more moistened peat moss. I...