species identification

  1. Timmy22653

    What species? And sex?

    Hello! We believe he is a male Greek? This is right? What species and gender is he? Thank you very much :)
  2. T

    I'm new and in need of some serious help!

    Inexperienced and in need of help!! Hi there, I'm a 17-year-old living at home with my mum and we have just come into possession of a tortoise. I did not advise getting a tortoise, as we have never had one, but my mother believed it would be fine and said we could rescue her anyway. She will...
  3. Turtwig the tortoise

    Tortoise Species identification

    Hiiii, I adopted a tortoise 5 months ago , but i can’t identify what species they are.
  4. A

    What is the Gender and species of my tortoise?

    Hello, I’m new here and wanted to see if anyone could confirm if my tortoise is male and what species he is please? He is 20 years old. Thank you Amber
  5. Gr00t

    What kind of tortoise is this?

    Hi everyone :) I am a pet sitter from Kent and I have been doing pop-ins on this tortoise for a couple of weeks now. The owner told me he is a rescue and they’re not sure what his breed is. I was hoping someone here may have some ideas so that we might better care for him. He doesn’t really...
  6. B

    Tortoise Species?

    I found a tortoise near where we are and I wanted to know what kind of tortoise it is? We found him and wanted to know if this tort is legal or not, we live in Nevada and he reminds me of a sulcata, but also a desert tortoise, but I could be wrong. Any feedback is appreciated!
  7. tazpjm

    unknown species

    This is my 2 year old tortoise and i have been really confused as to what species, I cant tell if shes a Tunisian, Egyptian, or Hermann's tortoise.
  8. L

    Species Identification

    Hello all! I am currently poised to inherit my grandfather's tortoise and want to ensure that I know his species and proper care before I take him in. I have attached images below. Unfortunately I know very little about his care... all that I know is that the tortoise is, at the very least, 60...
  9. X

    Yellowfoot or redfoot tortoise?

    I recently found this turtle in my yard so I did some research and discovered that it could either be a redfoot or yellowfoot tortoise. Can someone please tell me which one it is or if it’s a different kind?
  10. F

    please help with I.D.!!

    A few months back I was looking to buy a tortoise, and I knew better than to buy from petco. I went to a reptile store a few hours away and found a tortoise being kept in horrible condition. The store employees didn’t know the age, or sex of the tortoise. They claimed it was a hingeback, but it...
  11. TheLastGreen

    Hingeback ID

    Hallo, I would like to adopt a hingback, but I'm not sure what type it is. The person says it's a tanzanian hingeback, (perhaps zombensis?) It can be skepii or natalensis but I'm not sure? I heard @tortadise is good, so I'm hoping they could help?
  12. R

    I don't know wich species is my tortoise

    Can you tell wich species is it?! Thankss?
  13. L

    Species ID

    Hi so I understand that a lot of the Speke's Hinge-back Tortoises that have been coming into the use lately are likely to be Bell's. My question is do these look like the same species or distinct species from each other?
  14. G

    Looking to I.D. turtle I saw as a kid

    In short, I need some help identifying the species of a turtle or tortoise I saw as a kid on some land I inherited in the far northwest corner of Kansas. It had a tall shell and slight fluted humps to clear its legs. The shell was solid dark olive green. It looked like a smaller turtle hiding...