tortoise table

  1. A

    Looking for an appropriate sized tortoise table!

    Hi everyone! I recently, and a bit abruptly, acquired a Russian Tortoise. I temporarily have him in a 40 gallon tank which I know is not ideal for him so I was looking at some tortoise tables to get him into something more comfortable ASAP. I came across this Tortoise Table on Etsy and wanted...
  2. H

    Is a closed vivarium suitable for a 1 year old Hermann tortoise?

    So I want to change my Hermann tortoise enclosure from a table to a vivarium as this will allow him to have the biggest enclosure for the space I have and will also be safer as we have a dog that doesn’t like him. Though I have done a lot of research I keep getting conflicting answers as to...
  3. B

    Worried my Hermann Tortoise is pyramiding

    My Western Hermann, Pablo, is less than a year old and I've had him for nearly six months now. I'm worried that I initially made a mistake with his enclosure. I kept hearing that vivariums were bad for Mediterranean tortoises and could cause respiratory issues (though now I believe I must have...
  4. Tafidler79

    5yr old Hermann Tortoise

    5yr old male named Taco, in great health. Includes a 7’x 3’ tortoise table on a stand. Also includes uvb light and all accessories and timers. I’m military and I must sell him due to upcoming training requirements. I have photos as well. Let me know and I’ll send them to you. Local pickup only...
  5. P

    My tortoise is climbing the walls :(

    Hey ? I’m a first time tortoise owner of 2 weeks and I’m trying to get to know my new 2year old hermann, Tortellini. He weighs 44g and is about 6cm So far I think things have been going well.. he tends to sleep quite a lot, which I’m not sure is normal but when he’s awake he tends to be quite...
  6. S

    Building a table.. advice?

    Hi all! Hope everyone had a good Christmas (if you celebrate). I'm in the process of drawing up some plans for the enclosure I am going to build for my tortoise. I've done some looking and nothing commercially available is quite what I want. And besides, who doesn't love a project :) he's only...
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    Ready for fall ??
  8. T

    Tortoise table for sulcata tortoise

    Hello, I have a sulcata that is about a year and half old. I’m needing to build a tortoise table for him in my garage for winter. What is an appropriate size? Does anyone have plans with photos and list of lumber with measurements? I need to build something this month before temps start dropping...
  9. DracosMum

    Humidity and temp

    Hi all. I am a new tortoise mummy and I'm obviously trying to get everything perfect. Can someone clarify what temps I need to keep my tortoise table. Basking temp Little hideaway (where he sleeps at night) Remainder of the table. Also humidity, what is best for my little 7 month horsfield...
  10. Speedy and Pokey TheTorts

    What substrate should I use for my Marginated Tortoises?

    Hi I have two marginated tortoises and was wondering what substrate I should use that‘s as close to the soil in their native habitat. Thanks!
  11. T

    I am worried about my new Hermann's tortoise

    Hello everyone! I really love this forum and I am so glad I found it. I have a lovely new Hermann's tortoise, who I've named Titus (though of course we don't know his sex yet!) He is 11 months. I have experience with many animals, and I foster kittens etc, but have never had reptiles! I love...
  12. Krista S

    A big thank you & my new enclosure

    I first want to thank all of the members who are putting in countless hours posting replies and helping people out. I, like many others, did an enormous amount of research before getting my Hermann’s tortoise. I was so confused by all the conflicting information. The only thing I knew for...
  13. victoria.shayne

    Bo's New Table Setup !

    If you have any questions, comments, concerns PLEASE bring them up! Size is 2'x4'
  14. Yoyotort

    Dimensions for a full-grown male Russian tort enclosure??

    Hello! I have a 2 year old Russian tortoise. He currently lives in a zoo med enclosure but he has been full grown for a while now and it is too small. We were working on getting a custom enclosure made but that fell through so I’ve decided to make one myself. I was wondering the minimum...
  15. Cicitina

    When Is It Table Time?

    My baby margie has been growing so quickly and I am wondering at what size is it recommended I move him to a tortoise table while he’s still indoors? I want to be able to have enough time to prepare and build the ideal enclosure for him for when he’s ready to leave his closed chamber he’s...
  16. turtwigtortoise

    Closed or open?

    Hi all, I know this is a highly debated topic, but just wanted some no nonsense opinions on whether a vivarium or tortoise table is the correct choice for my little tort, the contradicting information can get a little frustrating. I know it can vary based on breed and age. My tort is a 1 year...
  17. S

    Wooden Enclosures and Alternatives

    Hello, I am thinking about getting my first tortoise (Russian). Given the climate and weather in my area, I would like to keep it indoors (with the proper light, enclosure size, etc. of course), and I am having a bit of difficulty picking potential enclosures. In what I've gathered from...
  18. D

    Table’s Plants Keep Dying

    I have a tortoise table for my tortoise. It’s a temperate environment with one heat lamp and 2 13 watt UV lights, there’s a night time heat lamp too. The soil is made up of bagged topsoil (75%), coconut fiber (15%), and terrarium mulch (from the pet store, 10%). I have worms in the soil and...
  19. T

    tortoise table Heating arrangement

    Could anybody help me out with the position to which I should place the ceramic heater in my tortoise table to provide heat for my leopard at night? Should it be nearer to the basking area or nearer to the my tortoises hide? (on the opposite end of the table) as the majority of the table is...
  20. Dankneepowpow

    New enclosure for Chevy!

    Lil’ Chevy has Almost doubled her size in the 5 months I’ve had her and I knew it was time for a new enclosure. I spent the last few weekends building and I’m super happy with the way it came out. I had a perfect spot on the side of my house that sits below a canopy of passion fruit. This way...