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  1. SheldonsKeeper

    My New Discovery!

    Hello All, Had the most wonderful thing happen to me about a month ago now... So... I'm in the garden hanging out the washing when I hear a thud/knock, so turned around to see what it was and thought that it must be an ornament fallen out of the flowerbed. So I carry on hanging out the...
  2. Noodles1210

    leopard tortoise keeps trying to escape

    my two year old male leopard tortoise keeps trying to escape the outdoor enclosure i built him. it’s got plenty of room and lots of grass to munch on, yet everyday when i bring him out, he just paces the walls of the enclosure. sometimes he even climbs on his sister to try and get over. is there...
  3. B

    Natural Weeds in New Hampshire

    I am thinking about getting a tortoise soon. But the only thing that is really stopping me is from not knowing what weeds are edible to the little tortoise's around me. Does anyone know what natural grown weeds found in new hampshire are safe to eat? Any help will be appreciated.
  4. T

    HELP! Mouth problem!

    Hi, I have a two year old Russian tortoise called Ted, as of the past two weeks he's been acting as little funny with regards to his eating habits, he usually chomps his food and almost completely clears his bowl every time, but lately he has not, and he's been eating rather slowly. Noticing...
  5. MartinM

    Heir Looms.

    Hello. Noob forum member... I’ve cared for my tortoises since I was about 5 years old. I’m now 38. They have now officially become my “pets”. Although they’ve been around a lot longer than i have. (I think that makes me the pet). They are a living heir loom. They’ve had a tough life...
  6. Shadowhunter

    Looking for Adult female Sulcata or a pair of Hermanns tortoise

    I live in south Florida and have an adult male Sulcata and am looking to breed I also have a 20*10 foot enclosure that I want to breed smaller species in I am looking for a large female Sulcata or a pair of Hermanns (I will settle for a pair of Redfoots) I am willing to pay
  7. MunchIsMyTortoise

    Hermann's Tortoise Enclosure

    Overall I need a lot of help :p Problem One: I'm going to make an outdoor enclosure for my tortoise to roam around and be in during the day, and then at night I can bring him inside and use a heat lamp for a little and then turn it off when he goes to bed? Is this a bad idea, the moving back...
  8. MunchIsMyTortoise

    Calcium For Tortoise

    Hi, What brand / where do I find calcium powder or whatever for my Hermann's tortoise? He is about 5 years old
  9. MunchIsMyTortoise

    My Hermann's Tortoise Won't Stop Biting Feet/Shoes!

    Hi, So I have a Hermann's tortoise that is roughly 5 years old, and he has gotten into the habit of going after shoes and feet - he bites my dogs feet, my dad's, everyones'. It doesn't hurt, but it really pisses off my family, so I was wondering if there was any way to "train" him or make him...
  10. maggiefbryant

    Need to Re-home My Russian Tortoise Fast

    Hello! I recently took in a Russian tortoise for a coworker who was suppose to be moving to another state. Well she never ended up moving but now I am and she does not want him back. He is very sweet. I was told he is about 6-7 years old. She didn't have a UV lamp for him so I bought one. He...
  11. Donuhteloh

    Found a Sulcata Tortoise. Looking for experienced owners.

    Giving away a Sulcata Tortoise to whoever has a decent amount of experience and success with this species or similiar. Giving him away to improve his quality of life. He was found roaming a busy street and I dont have the means to give him the life he needs. I'm not looking for first timers...
  12. S

    New baby!

    Hello everyone! I adopted a baby sulcata last night due to a friend travelling a lot and not having time for it. I have a big place and lots of land so he'll be perfect with me. I work from home so i can give him/her the attention they deserve. Just a couple quick things 1.) Please link any...
  13. Arizona Sulcata

    Sulcata Hatchlings - FULL YEAR Health Guarantee

    I have some beautiful, healthy Sulcata Hatchlings for sale. All my hatchlings come with a full year health guarantee. Please email me at [email protected] with your zip code for a shipping quote and feel free to ask questions, I'm happy to help! For more info visit my site at...
  14. Cinnawho

    Hows Daisy looking?

    Hi I wanted some opinions on how Daisy the yearling redfoot tortoise is looking? :)
  15. G

    Hi everyone new member need help!!

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and I need help I was given these little guys and I was told they were sulcatas but my first instinct was that they don't really have the color to me they look more like desert tortoises Can anybody help
  16. Reptilian Nation Expo


    Largest reptile event to ever hit Las Vegas. Our 3rd event will be bigger and better than the previous!! 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and Supplies for Sale.. 60+ Breeders/Vendors. Venomous Snakes Shows and Exhibits (Exotic and Local NV). DATES/TIMES September 15, 2018...
  17. Reptilian Nation Expo

    Reptilian Nation Expo -Denver

    All New Reptile Expo in Denver, CO.!!! This will be our 10th event, but 1st time in Denver, so please show your support!! 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and Supplies for Sale!! Tons of Breeders/Vendors. Shows and Exhibits.. DATES/TIMES July 21, 2018 (10am-5pm) July 22, 2018...
  18. M

    Brand New Enclosure...Still Trying To Escape!

    Hello All, I’m new to this whole forum business so take it easy on me please, Hehe! So I have a 12 year old (7inch) Hermanns tortoise names Marvin, I’ve had him for about 9 years and he’s always been pretty active. We jokingly call him the “Houdini the ASBO tortoise” because he loves...
  19. M

    Rescue Tortoise... Many Questions

    So, I just recently received a tortoise from my neighbor when I didn't know the basics of how to care for one. He fed it only whole pieces of romaine, and the mouth looks to be slightly deformed. There seems to be a part of it's mouth that wasn't there to begin with or was lost somehow. The...