1. J

    Should you bake, boil or freeze loose coconut fiber substrate?

    Hello everyone, I just bought some Zoo Med eco earth loose coconut fiber substrate but i’m worried about having a mite infestation. I wanna know if others have had pleasant experiences with this substrate, or how I should clean it before adding it into the enclosure. - Thanks in advance!
  2. A

    What is wrong with my tortoise

    Please let me know if you see something wrong or odd and give me ideas on what to do. I’m trying to do better for her and I would greatly appreciate it. Thankyou!
  3. N

    Avocado and a tortoise

    Hello, yesterday I fed my tortoise a bit of avocado and today she was like normal but had a diarrhea so I searched and found out avocados are toxic for them. She is lively like before I am just scared and don’t know what to do.
  4. N


    I just got the new bulbs are they gonna be to bright or will they work, they are flood bulbs but idk if they are incandescent.
  5. Khanmahn

    Double T’s new crib

    SUP Tortoise Tribe. Double T has been mad patient during the construction of this build and his virtue has paid off for now he lives in a grand chateau that should be a thriving zone for the next year. TORT LOVE
  6. Cooksmorrell

    Will he ever stop the aggression???

    I have a male and 3 female Russian tortoise. My male and female we’re fine together for six years but in the past two weeks I’ve added two additional females and ever since he has been super aggressive trying to mate. But he is nonstop biting running from one to the other so I’ve ordered a new...
  7. F

    my 19 years old Chaco tortoise, Bureaucracy

    hey everyone! I just discovered this beautiful forum and wanted to introduce my tort :):tort: she's been with me for around 19 years now, I live in Berisso, Argentina. it's very humid here pretty much the entire year. her shell is 23cm long and 16cm wide. I haven't found much information about...
  8. N

    HELP PLEASE (yellow bumps)

    I recently purchased two Sulcata Hatchlings from tortstork. I had them in the same closed chamber they had flukers reptibark as there substrate the temps and humidity was all good. I would take both out for there uvb for an hour each day but I started to recognize one was getting bullied...
  9. H2.jpeg


    Just sitting here, watching me human.
  10. lionheartHC

    General thank you to everyone that contributes to this forum!

    I love being able to speak to/bounce ideas off like minded people that enjoy the hobby of keeping tortoises. Not only keeping them but giving them the life that they deserve to thrive! I was on the reddit tortoise thread and it's so sad to see people keeping these incredible animals in terrible...
  11. L

    PLEASE HELP!! (eye problem)

    🚨🚨🚨🚨 I have a question about my tortoise he was taking a bath and was splashing a lot when I took him out I noticed his eyelids came out like when they wake up it’s pink ish from the water hitting his eyes too much 1 went back to normal but the other didn’t and it’s bugging him because he keeps...
  12. NaniRedstone

    Baby Redfoot Help!!

    Hi, Does anyone know what this is that's coming up under his shell?? Hes 1yr2months and we've had him for 11days, currently worried about his care and health! Hes hardly been eating the past few days and mainly sits in his house and hardly ever puts his head in his shell if that's normal? We...
  13. T

    Hermann’s tortoise eye problem

    Hey everyone , so I have a one year old Hermanns tortoise who may be having trouble with one eye. Her right eye seems to be fine as you can see from the second and third pics , but her left eye has a white border around it and when she blinks it looks kind of painful the 4th image shows exactly...
  14. siceflo23

    Eastern Hermanns For Sale- Michigan

    I have a juvenile Eastern Hermanns tortoise, Garfield. As you can tell from the name, Garfield has a healthy appetite and is to be a big tort. I just don't have the space that I know they deserve, or enough time give to them. Overall, I want to make sure they get a good home, with a...
  15. Pokey

    Tortoise sleeping outside burrow

    I have an approximately 25 year old female Morafkas Desert Tortoise (whose been in my care for about ten years). Lately when I walk out back at night I notice she’s sleeping outside her burrow out in the open. Is that behavior normal? I’m worried that a great horned owl or something else might...
  16. Connor_b123

    My tortoise Greek or Russian tortoise has been having some problems please help

    I have had my tortoise melon for about 8 months now and she is a Greek or Russian tortoise that is about a year to year and a half old. Until recently she has been very active but I’ve noticed that she just hides in her hide all day long and I have to take her out to eat and then she eats and...
  17. M

    Artificial UV or Daily Sunning?

    Hi all, When I first set up my tortoise enclosure I put in a Zilla slimline fluorescent tube fixture. On the packaging it said it was good for a sulcata tortoise and I had read online that it was a good fixture. However after reading on this site and others from people who know much more about...
  18. Jarvis

    Tortoise Identification Help

    Hello, This is Horace. He's about 45 years old and he's been in the family for all of this time, but, we've never known what type of tortoise he is. We've looked at lots of pictures but none have looked very similar to Horace. We were just wondering if anyone can help us identifying him? Thank...
  19. Melissa0617

    Hibernation question for tortoises

    Hi everyone 😊 I was hoping I can receive some helpful advice. I am a newer custodian owner of two female gopherus agassizzi. I have a beautiful habitat for them outside that is large and safe. I also have two burrows the same exact size but they both go to only one of the burrows. The previous...
  20. tort_us

    Ate miracle gro potting mix

    I turned around for two seconds to weed a plant and found my 3-year-old Russian tortoise eating miracle gro potting mix. He took between one and three bites of dirt and may or may not have eaten perlite pellet(s). I’m really worried but it doesn’t have any sort of insecticide or weed killer—...