1. P


    Hi! Just wondering if I can feed my Greek spur thigh tortoise dock leaves? Seen lots of the HUGE ones and I would love to give them to him! But not sure if he can have it 🤔 online says yes but tortoise table says no so very confused! 🥴
  2. J

    5 month Sulcata throat moving

    Hi we have a Sulcata who is 6 months old and we see his throat moving a lot. He have respiratory infection and as exotic vet suggested we have given 10 Fortaz shots. He is recovering based on his blood reports. He is eating and walking. But we see his throat moving a lot. His nostrils are...
  3. littledudesmama143

    Is this sleeping position normal? **also new tortoise mom, so any tips/suggestions welcomed!!

    Hello fellow sulcata tortoise owners 🐢 This may be a very repeated question, but i NEED to know. I've been losing sleep because of it!! I recently became a new tortoise owner after this cute little dude kind of just fell into my lap and I've been loving every second of it. Well, almost every...
  4. E

    Update on Blast

    Blast seems to be doing well now, he's 370g, getting very big, eating plenty, he's a contented boi, he loves Mazuri, it's his favorite food, he's alot more active, doesn't hide as much, and spends alot more time basking and just generally seems alot happier and healthier Thanks everyone for your...
  5. J

    Hello, I live in bahrain and I am looking for a shop that sells all the tortoise products I need.

    I have been looking around in bahrain for a while and only found UVB lighting in pet shops but other than that I have yet to find any shops locally. Ordering online is incredibly bad, items are either really bad delivery prices (like 3 times the price) or completely out of stock. Does anyone...
  6. Sallythehermanntortoise

    Sally enjoying some much

    Sally 1st time eating dandelions
  7. Sallythehermanntortoise

    New tortoise mummy

    Hello group! I'm new to the community and being a tortoise mum. Meet Sally, she turned one in march, she's a Hermann tortoise who's full of character. I've had her since February and I'm totally in love with her 😍 Any advice I would love to hear..
  8. elel

    Tortoise not eating?

    Hey! Lately I've become quite concerned of my tortoise ): We took him out of hibernation 8 days ago on sunday. On sunday he seemed usual to me, like what he's always been after hibernation. He went in his water container, drank some and then went to sleep, wasn't awake too much. Now he has eaten...
  9. Joseph1

    Sleepy Egyptian tortoise… help appreciated.

    Hello, I recently got an Egyptian tortoise and it is constantly sleeping and hasn’t yet woke up without assistance. her basking temperature at the moment is 90f and where she is sleeping and other areas are around 77f. i have been waking her to give her food and soaks (she is eating well)...
  10. T

    Tricking my 3 year old Tortoise into eating

    So I just started my Tortoise on this new food called Arcadia Optimized52, she loved it for the first two days but has now gone off it Today I decided to try and trick her, I got all the Optimized weeds and flowers and wrapped them into bits of salad to create a salad burrito I don’t like...
  11. U

    Enclosure size suggestion for 2 Greek Tortoises.

    Hello, I recently visited a family member who was gifted two Greeks (I don’t agree with this practice whatsoever). Just by looking I felt like their enclosure was too small; from amateur measuring it seems like they have 11.5” x 17” in a plastic container with a tick paper sheet as bedding and...
  12. T

    Eli @ Tiko’s Torts

    This is Eli . Anyone else have a Western Hermann’s? Share pics plz 💚
  13. A

    Please help!!

    Hello! My name is Armani and I am very new to the tortoise forum. I've had my tortoise for about five years and have had minimal problems with anything. But this winter has proved to be the most challenging one yet. My goal is to get him through this winter. Alive. Here is the...
  14. N

    Redfoot Tortoise has this white semicircle ring around eye

    Hi Everyone! In the attached photo, my Redfoot tortoise has this white semicircle ring around the right eye. I tried to wash and rub it away but doesn't seem to go off. The left eye is fine but I can also see a small white sliver starting to form too. Anyone know what this is? Thanks!
  15. Amy.m

    Marginated Tortoise F Wanted

    Hi Everyone, this is the first time I'm using this forum. I am desperately after a female marginated tortoise as a friend for my male marginated. His name is Tim and we've had him for 8 years, he free roams the house and garden (both of which are obviously secure) and has multiple hides both...
  16. A

    Hatchling with URI (failure to thrive?) Update

    Hello, My hatchling redfoot went to the vet. They gave him subcutaneous fluids, ceftazidime, and a gentamicin eye drop. They said he may just be a hatchling that fails to thrive but I wanted to give him a chance. I soak him a few times a day in warm water. Sometimes I had Mazuri diet, carrots...
  17. T

    Shell rot?

    Hi there I had my tortoise out earlier and was inspecting her and noticed what looked like signs of shell rot on her plastron? The top of the shell looks okay to me but is the bottom normally supposed to look like that? She hasn’t been eating as much the past few weeks which I chalked up to...
  18. M

    Help! I caught my tortoise trying to chew his artificial plant

    Hello I’m new here, I’m Meg and my tortoise who is a Hermann is 2ish, called Darwin. I have a few things…. Firstly I keep catching him try to chew his artificial plants in his tortoise table, he seems to be okay and is eating and drinking fine ect… how long should I be worried for…. Secondly...
  19. T

    Is my tortoise preparing for hibernation?

    So over the last few weeks I’ve noticed my 2 1/2 year old Horsefield tortoise slowing down a bit. She appears healthy still, weight is good, eyes and nose are clear, pooing less as she’s eating less but urates and urine looks good. She’s kept indoors as the weather in the uk now isn’t as...
  20. H

    Drum and tortoise good together?

    Im new to this forum so im not gonna be able to get some stuff but is it ok that i can play my drums while my tortoise is in the same room as me?