1. Ascott8769

    Sheltered temperature too hot?!

    Hi I have recently got a Mediterranean spur thigh tortoise he has an open vivarium and is being kept in our living room. We have just checked the temperature for the undercover shelter where he sleeps and it is reading at 80F which I am aware is too hot. Any guidance or tips on how to cool it...
  2. B

    Pausing to think (photo)

    You guys ever catch your Torti in a compromising position? Well now and then I'll walk by or check my camera to see what Heidi is doing. Today I caught this girl stuck in a tight spot. It's funny because you can literally see her pausing to figure out how she's going to maneuver her way out of...
  3. LRZtorts

    CB Russian Tortoise hatchlings

    I have some Russian tortoise hatchlings that will be ready for new homes in August. I am currently taking deposits for anyone interested. They are $200 each plus overnight shipping via FedEx (anywhere between $40-75). Local pick up welcome as well. I’m located in TX south of Dallas. Deposits are...
  4. sadid1999

    Is this grassy poo normal?

    So i soaked my russian earlier and all this grassy poo has come out which has never happened before? He has been outside a lot more and i have caught him munching on the grass a few times but is this a problem? it was stuck to his butt quite a lot so a pulled on it slightly and it all came away...
  5. V

    My Horsfield is uncharacteristically lethargic

    Hi, this is my first post here after lurking for years. I need an opinion on whether or not this is an emergency for my tortoise. The earliest exotic vet appointment is August 5th so I don't know if I should wait or not for his check-up. I moved a little over a month ago and my Horsfield...
  6. S

    Do you know what breed of tortoise is this?

    About a year ago, my dad came home with 4 tortoises he bought from a friend, 3 of them were common tortoises you can find in a pet store in South Africa without too much trouble, the smallest one however looked different and landed in my care... I'm unsure of what tortoise this is, but it would...
  7. B

    Is my Redfoot growing too rapidly?

    Hello All! So my baby Redfoot, Heidi is about 3 months old now and I just measured her for the first time. she is 3.5 inches wide and 3.25 inches long. Now I've looked around online and a few sources I've read say that, that is the approximate size a 1 year old! question to you guys is...
  8. Donnie61

    New tortoise owner from Korea!

    Hello Everyone! I'm from South Korea and this is my new tortoise Donnie :> I got him about a week ago and he's a Horsfield tortoise! I've read a lot of useful information here before I got him so I figured I should just sign up. Thanks for reading!
  9. A

    Needing to rehome, any suggestions of safe ways to do so?

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well and having a good day. I have had my russian tortoise Sheldon for about 3 years now and I love him with my whole heart and wish more than anything that could continue to care for him. However, due to some recent health issues I unfortunately...
  10. N

    Russian tortoise not eating, puffy eyed and sleeping

    Hi! I hope you guys can offer some help. I’ve had my Russian tortoise most of my life - he’s around 18 years old now and has been completely fine until the past few weeks. Usually he’ll hibernate and slow down a bit because we have cold winters here in NYC- but the past few weeks we noticed that...
  11. R

    Looking For Tortoise in Singapore

    Hey there! I’m looking to get tortoises in Singapore. I just moved here recently and would love to have some tortoises as pets just like back at home. Whoever has any for sale please PM me! You could email me at [email protected] or WhatsApp me at +65 87990407 as well. Thank you!
  12. For Love of Everything Shell

    Posting for a free tortoise in need of rehoming on “Nextdoor” app 💔

    I just found this advertisement for a “free tortoise needing rehoming”. I asked the lady to pull her ad, and to list the little fella(s ?) on this forum and ... I provided her the website and my cell phone. Just in case... I hope she contacts me back and I hope to help guide her to one of the...
  13. A

    Tortoise Not Pooping when Soaking

    Hey guys, I have 2 Star Tortoise. I tried to soak them in Lukewarm Water but the girls are not pooping. I’ve checked their enclosure and seen their poop. Any tips on what foods to give to make them poop? I’m worried they’re keeping their poop inside their body
  14. B

    Leopard Tortoise mouth issue

    I have a tortoise who is around 10 years old. She always makes noises when eating with her beak clicking. Is this normal? I think I forgot to add water to her dish in her enclosure yesterday and it's around 97 fahrenheit in Arizona. This morning her upper beak was actually curled inside her...
  15. F

    Hermanns tortoise is trying to hibernate? Need help

    Hello to all tortoise lovers, I'm new here so I might be asking something I'm not supposed to here. Feel free to redirect me plz. I had hermanns tortoise that got sick and survived for 2,5 - 3 years (it was it's age as well). I might have done plenty mistakes as it was my first tortoise ever...
  16. A

    Sulcata tortoises tail stuck

    Now we’ve had sulcatas for years but one of our 4 1/2 year olds was eating just fine one day then stopped the next we weren’t to worried about it at first but then it turned into a whole week! So we started looking him over and offering treats hoping that he was just getting tired of Romain...
  17. SpiderTortGuy

    Hide Box w Recessed Ceramic Tracy for Humidity

    HI all, Has anyone ever purchased a plastic hide box that has a recessed top that allows for a ceramic pottery tray. You can pour water into it and it soaks the pottery and creates a more humid hide? Pros/Cons? thanks
  18. emylimarie

    Looking to buy Russian yearling or hatchling tortoise!

    Hi everyone! I've tried to go through the forums to find an updated thread with breeders but no luck. I'm looking to buy a Russian yearling or hatchling tortoise, male preferred. Does anyone know of any reputable breeders? I've emailed some of these companies like TortoiseSupply...
  19. Aaru.


    hello guys! My name is Bhumika and i have a star tortoise that was gifted to me a week ago. His name is Aaru. I don't know his age but the previous owners said they had him for 6years. We are still learning more about him everyday and i saw this site while searching about his diet so i decided...
  20. J

    Yearling suddenly died.

    We have had our Sulcata just over a year. It initially had RI shortly after we acquired him. We treated him with antibiotics and I believe they gave him a shot...calcium? I'm not sure. Well, he stayed sick on and off for months. His skin peeled it was scary. I syringe fed him for a while...