1. R

    eggs layed on surface

    recently i discovered eggs in my garden but they were not burried they were just laid on grass i saw a couple of holes that i think mother tried to dig but she didnt for some reason. now i have 4 eggs just laying in garden I dont know if they will survive the wether .it just started raining and...
  2. lloydw780

    Hermanns Tortoise Enclosure

    Just got an Eastern Hermanns tortoise, and this is the final set up I came too. Open to any suggestions to improve it ! Will be moved to a 4x8 table once big enough. Enclosure is a 2x2x4. Photo attached below !
  3. LavenderPickles

    Please help identify type of tortoise

    Hi all! I am very excited to be inheriting the family tortoise and in preparation for taking him on I would love your help. He is around 60 years old and my family who initially had him never knew what kind of tortoise he is. I would love to find out so I can research and provide the proper...
  4. Stump Sulcata Tortoise eat pet burp

    Stump Sulcata Tortoise eat pet burp

    This guy is out of control sometimes with the eating. Tell me what you think in the comments. His favorite giant and office buddy pets him while he's eating.
  5. Stump Sulcata Tortoise Water

    Stump Sulcata Tortoise Water

    Example of how much water your sulcata should be drinking. Soaking is nice for other reasons but is never a replacement for the quantity of water that they s...
  6. B

    Red Foot Needing Adoption

    A family member of mine (In central Florida) is not able to properly care for their red foot tortoise (male, around 7 yrs of age) and is looking for a good new home. Do you have advice where we can rehome him?
  7. S

    How old is my tortoise

    Hi, I got my Horsfield tortoise 5 days ago and was told he was CB22, be he seems to small for that when reading others post. I have measured and weighed him today and he is 6cm and 48g. How old would you say he is
  8. C

    Please advise on lighting controllers and lamps.

    Hello This thread is about my families tortoise Terry. He is meditaranean and I think Greek. I can find his detail soon by talking to my mum. Recently we have been having trouble with the uv lights. We regularly let him roam the house and sometimes outside in summer. What we have: Infra red...
  9. L

    is moss peat a good substrate

    i am looking for a good substrate coco coir is not available in my area
  10. Utapie

    Where can I find a stand for a 40 gallon?

    I recently got a 40 gallon (36 in L x 18 in W x 18 in H) for my future tortoise Yes I know they grow big. It's only temporary till it grows out of it since I'd be baby. Then it'll be moved outside as soon as it grows. But I can't seem to find a stand for it, do they make stands for reptile...
  11. Torythesulcata

    Posts disappeared? Second introduction My Sulcata Is Now 3 Years Old

    Hello everyone glad to be back. I have a 3 year old Sulcata called Tory. I made numerous posts in the past but as I’ve just logged back in they’re all gone ? I was hoping they would of stayed for my future reference and it would of been nice to go back to them. Does anyone know why they’ve...
  12. W

    Humidity (Relitive Humidity or Dewpoint)

    Hi I have a hatchling Sulcata Tort in a closed tub enclosure. Substrate consists of 90 %Coco fiber and 10% reptibark. It is moisture but not wet. The relative humidity is 80% temp is 81F on cool end but the dewpoint is 75%. Which measurement should I be looking at? I have a push wifi...
  13. Jeffweystan

    Leo and Jeffwey

    Hi! My name is Leo and I have a 3 year old Russian Tortoise named Jeffwey. I have had Jeffwey for almost two months. I have been obsessed with turtles for a while and finally got one. Jeffwey is really friendly and loves being pet. He is a bit of a picky eater, mainly eating collard greens and...
  14. IMG_7589.jpeg


    My Greek’s set up. I think he loves it ❤️
  15. A


    Hey whats up guys im new to this site but i enjoy tortoises as much as everyone here, i recently purchased 2 yellow foot tortoises 4 months apart from each other but they have very distinct looks in my opinion, i was told both are amazon basins by a reputable breeder aswell. my question is if...
  16. J

    Hello All

    Just a quick question I need to know if my Herman Tortoise is healthy? It’s developed these patches on the scutes..?
  17. Nancy Freeman

    Show me your tortoise/turtle jewelry

    Hi everyone, I hope you are doing fine! I've found the perfect turtle necklace I've been looking for! I'm so excited to show it to you😍. I recently bought it from a very reliable and affordable website. The site is called MadeInSea if you are curious. They have a lot of turtles jewelry pieces...
  18. Nancy Freeman

    I'm looking for a good place to buy tortoise or turtle jewelry !!

    Hi everyone ! I am currently looking for a place (website, business or seller) where I can buy turtle or tortoise jewelry. I'd like to start a small collection, so if the same place sells necklaces, rings and bracelets, that would be very much appreciated! Thank you 🤗
  19. M

    DIY Wheelchair?

    Hi! Has anyone attempted or know someone who has done a DIY custom wheelchair for tortoise? My tort hind legs aren't doing so good so I'm thinking of giving her some wheels. Any tips/advices will be awesome. :)
  20. D

    Tortoise / turtle identification

    Hello! Recently got a tortoise / turtle from my pops boss. Any idea what type of tortoise / turtle it is?