1. U

    Enclosure size suggestion for 2 Greek Tortoises.

    Hello, I recently visited a family member who was gifted two Greeks (I don’t agree with this practice whatsoever). Just by looking I felt like their enclosure was too small; from amateur measuring it seems like they have 11.5” x 17” in a plastic container with a tick paper sheet as bedding and...
  2. T

    Eli @ Tiko’s Torts

    This is Eli . Anyone else have a Western Hermann’s? Share pics plz 💚
  3. A

    Please help!!

    Hello! My name is Armani and I am very new to the tortoise forum. I've had my tortoise for about five years and have had minimal problems with anything. But this winter has proved to be the most challenging one yet. My goal is to get him through this winter. Alive. Here is the...
  4. N

    Redfoot Tortoise has this white semicircle ring around eye

    Hi Everyone! In the attached photo, my Redfoot tortoise has this white semicircle ring around the right eye. I tried to wash and rub it away but doesn't seem to go off. The left eye is fine but I can also see a small white sliver starting to form too. Anyone know what this is? Thanks!
  5. Amy.m

    Marginated Tortoise F Wanted

    Hi Everyone, this is the first time I'm using this forum. I am desperately after a female marginated tortoise as a friend for my male marginated. His name is Tim and we've had him for 8 years, he free roams the house and garden (both of which are obviously secure) and has multiple hides both...
  6. A

    Hatchling with URI (failure to thrive?) Update

    Hello, My hatchling redfoot went to the vet. They gave him subcutaneous fluids, ceftazidime, and a gentamicin eye drop. They said he may just be a hatchling that fails to thrive but I wanted to give him a chance. I soak him a few times a day in warm water. Sometimes I had Mazuri diet, carrots...
  7. T

    Shell rot?

    Hi there I had my tortoise out earlier and was inspecting her and noticed what looked like signs of shell rot on her plastron? The top of the shell looks okay to me but is the bottom normally supposed to look like that? She hasn’t been eating as much the past few weeks which I chalked up to...
  8. M

    Help! I caught my tortoise trying to chew his artificial plant

    Hello I’m new here, I’m Meg and my tortoise who is a Hermann is 2ish, called Darwin. I have a few things…. Firstly I keep catching him try to chew his artificial plants in his tortoise table, he seems to be okay and is eating and drinking fine ect… how long should I be worried for…. Secondly...
  9. T

    Is my tortoise preparing for hibernation?

    So over the last few weeks I’ve noticed my 2 1/2 year old Horsefield tortoise slowing down a bit. She appears healthy still, weight is good, eyes and nose are clear, pooing less as she’s eating less but urates and urine looks good. She’s kept indoors as the weather in the uk now isn’t as...
  10. H

    Drum and tortoise good together?

    Im new to this forum so im not gonna be able to get some stuff but is it ok that i can play my drums while my tortoise is in the same room as me?
  11. J

    Radiated tortoise wanted

    Any one sell radiated tortoise in Ca?
  12. thegringler

    ISO Female Russian Near Oklahoma

    Looking for a female Russians to put in my big indoor enclosure, I am in NE Oklahoma willing to drive a couple hours please let me know.
  13. JRB77

    Moving my 2 year old tortoises

    Hello! I have 2 beautiful and healthy sulcata tortoises that I’ve acquired from Phx AZ. 2 years old. I’m moving to Charleston, SC next month and hope it’s ok to take them with me! Is this ok? I want the best for them and hope that they will be ok to make the transition with me. Any words of...
  14. T

    New Turtle Pond & Stream w Questions

    Hi Everyone, I want to share my completed turtle pond and stream with everyone and I am looking for comments or concerns. I want to soon house and breed Spotted Turtle and maybe African Dwarf Mud Turtles. The pond is about 1500 gallons and ranges from 4000-8000 gph. There is a shelf around...
  15. Mark&Icarus

    What is the type of this tortoies? Please help i am new member 🌿

    Dear TortoiseFourm Community can you please help me by telling me what is the name of this tortoise the type of it. Thanks 🪴
  16. Melodieyy

    Can a baby hermanns eat Timothy hay?

    I’ve seen a few threads saying that they have Timothy hay in there with their hermanns tortoises, however usually they don’t have an age listed so I was wondering is it alright for a 2 month old to have some? I just want to be extra cautious! Thank you so much for any help! I’ve attached some...
  17. R

    Few pics of a hatchling Black Mountain Tortoise

    Cute is an understatement!
  18. M

    Arcadia T8 - Distance?

    I just moved my Greek Ibera from a table into a 4 x 2 x 2 vivarium. The issue I am having is the height of the vivarium in comparison to the bulb I am using. The bulb is an Arcadia Euro Range 10-Percent D3+. At the moment, it hangs down at the side, not in the middle as would be preferable...
  19. H

    Tortoise on terror

    Hello my tortoise Rocky I have had him since a baby , he is now 7 years old and just within the past few weeks has been ramming everything, moving all his shelter around, he is not humping , he rams our shins and cannot even clean out his pen anymore, he usally puts all the weight in back ricks...
  20. ChunkieMonkie

    What to feed a sulcata?

    Hey gang I have a 4/5 month old baby sulcata and I have pellets, timmy hay and also kale but my tort seems to only be interested in the kale. it wont eat anything else. Is this guide good or are there better guides out there...