1. B

    Leopard Tortoise mouth issue

    I have a tortoise who is around 10 years old. She always makes noises when eating with her beak clicking. Is this normal? I think I forgot to add water to her dish in her enclosure yesterday and it's around 97 fahrenheit in Arizona. This morning her upper beak was actually curled inside her...
  2. F

    Hermanns tortoise is trying to hibernate? Need help

    Hello to all tortoise lovers, I'm new here so I might be asking something I'm not supposed to here. Feel free to redirect me plz. I had hermanns tortoise that got sick and survived for 2,5 - 3 years (it was it's age as well). I might have done plenty mistakes as it was my first tortoise ever...
  3. A

    Sulcata tortoises tail stuck

    Now we’ve had sulcatas for years but one of our 4 1/2 year olds was eating just fine one day then stopped the next we weren’t to worried about it at first but then it turned into a whole week! So we started looking him over and offering treats hoping that he was just getting tired of Romain...
  4. SpiderTortGuy

    Hide Box w Recessed Ceramic Tracy for Humidity

    HI all, Has anyone ever purchased a plastic hide box that has a recessed top that allows for a ceramic pottery tray. You can pour water into it and it soaks the pottery and creates a more humid hide? Pros/Cons? thanks
  5. emylimarie

    Looking to buy Russian yearling or hatchling tortoise!

    Hi everyone! I've tried to go through the forums to find an updated thread with breeders but no luck. I'm looking to buy a Russian yearling or hatchling tortoise, male preferred. Does anyone know of any reputable breeders? I've emailed some of these companies like TortoiseSupply...
  6. Aaru.


    hello guys! My name is Bhumika and i have a star tortoise that was gifted to me a week ago. His name is Aaru. I don't know his age but the previous owners said they had him for 6years. We are still learning more about him everyday and i saw this site while searching about his diet so i decided...
  7. J

    Yearling suddenly died.

    We have had our Sulcata just over a year. It initially had RI shortly after we acquired him. We treated him with antibiotics and I believe they gave him a shot...calcium? I'm not sure. Well, he stayed sick on and off for months. His skin peeled it was scary. I syringe fed him for a while...
  8. AgataP

    When you get a seedling and you decide to plant it

    I have seen many posts on enclosure plants, on what is safe for a tort and so on. I went to HD and I got some kale seedlings last week. First of all I some them for some time to loosen up the roots and second of all.... soaking allows me to remove pretty much most of all the styrofoam (guess...
  9. Tortuthetort

    Which Species is this?

    Hi, I just bought Tortu the tortoise. I'm confused if she is a Russian or a Greek , pls help me out.
  10. Sophie1432

    Hermanns tortoise Tortuga

    Hi guys I’ve never used a forum before so excuse me if I’m clueless but wanted to introduce my hermanns tortoise Tortuga 💖 we got him last October #tortoise
  11. T

    What kind of tortoise???

    not sure the species of the tortoise I have? Any help on identifying him would be gladly appreciated!
  12. C

    Looking for somebody to take in my 2 year old male Sulcata!

    Hi! I have a young male Sulcata that is looking for a new home. I got him almost 2 years ago as a birthday gift because I always wanted a tortoise. At the time, I had a house with a large fenced in yard but at the beginning of COVID I obviously lost my job and had to move. I no longer have a...
  13. Lorna_lawrence

    Pink plastron.

    Hi, My tortoise is a year and nine months old. I know it is normal for tortoises to have a slightly pink plastron, however how pink is too pink to the point that I should be concerned. I don’t want to make a long trip to the vet for them to tell me everything’s fine..... is this normal ?
  14. Z

    Tiny bugs in tortoise enclosure?

    So recently I've noticed some tiny bugs crawling around in my red footed tortoise cage. I've checked my Tortoise's entire body thoroughly a few times and have never seen any on him except for an occasional one or two crawling on his shell. Other than that they usually are around his water dish...
  15. Maggy

    Feeding sprouts?

    I have a hermanns tortoise and am trying to learn how to grow him food. I figured the easiest way is sprouts. Trust me I have tried many things and I really just don't have a green thumb and kill almost everything. I am wondering if sprouts of any kind would be ok to feed him? Such as alfalfa...
  16. N

    Does my tortoise have a respiratory infection?

    Hello everyone, my tortoise makes squeaking noises out of his nose and he isnt really eating much. Whats happening? Should i be scared?
  17. H10.jpeg


    Sun out tortoise out! As soon as Herbie is outside and sees leaves he is so excited to eat anything. Super fun to watch. Got some good rays today.
  18. Lady Ashthorn

    Meet Ezra!

    Hello! I just got my baby redfoot tortoise Ezra yesterday. I have him in a medium Cement mixing tub with dampened reptile-grade coco coir. I have a terra-cotta flower pot on its side with damp sphagnum moss in it for humidity. I have a light for sunlight and heat which reaches about 102 F. It...
  19. theo_piron

    My baby redfoot has a cloudy eye

    Hello friends, on the 12th of february a single baby redfoot tortoise born on one of my enclosures, he looked well and i put him in a separate space from his parents as they could hurt im somehow, he was botn with a closed nostril wich i easily opened cautiously with a toothbrush, but the next...
  20. ayrgrn

    Is this shell rot or is it normal?

    Hi, I just noticed these patches of grey after soaking my hermanns tort I can’t tell whether this is normal because of the pattern or whether it’s something to worry about - I’ve not noticed it before but that might be because it is just his shell pattern? also those white lines between each...