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  1. 5

    How interactive/fun are tortoises?

    Hi TortoiseForum. Recently I've been interested in reptiles. I'm debating between getting a ball python and a tortoise this summer (most likely a Russian or a Hermann's, maybe even a Redfooted), but I'm stuck between the two. The main deciding factor for me is which one is more interactive or...
  2. S

    Hermann Tortoise - Shell colour change with new growth

    Hi all! I've had Aristotle, a hermann tortoise, for 1.5 years and her new growth on her shell has become a brighter yellow colour than her older growth- please see attached photo. I havent changed anything in regards to her food/habitat. Is this healthy or should i be worried? Thank you! Ellie
  3. Anessa55

    Need help with correct lighting for Red Footed Tortoise inside enclosure.

    Hi, just joined because I have so many questions with lighting my tortoise correctly. I used to just have the normal 100 W lights you can get at any pet store from Zoomed. However their bulbs kept breaking on me so I needed a new option. I asked at my local reptile store what can I do...
  4. RobP67

    Mr Reptiles LLC

    Hi everyone, I saw a vendor from Facebook as well as their website and they have tortoises in my price range. I spoke to the owner through message and they seemed nice and answered all my questions. I also checked the care sheet to compare their answers. They seem legit but i was wondering if...
  5. AllieKat1997

    Hello From Missouri

    Well, technically I’ve been here for awhile, but I never introduced myself or my tortoise, Lumos. I’ve been passionate about animals all my life but box turtles were always my favorite, and after years and years of hunting the woods for them, and years and years of adoring them, I said screw...
  6. S

    where to keep a Spur-thighed tortoise?

    Hi everyone! I'm struggling to find somewhere to keep my spur-thighed tortoises when it is too cold to let them go in the garden at night. What is best to keep them in a vivarium or tortoise table? Also what sizes are needed? I read that a vivarium does not allow enough ventilation, but a...
  7. ayrgrn

    Signs of pyramiding? Healthy growth?

    Does this shell growth look okay or are there signs of pyramiding? Does he look overall healthy? Loki is just over 7 months old, shell length of about 5.8cm and weighs an average of 40g. I feed a mix of lettuces, clover, chickweed and pansy leaves every day and dust with nutrobal over every...
  8. janschlo

    Looking to adopt a small tortoise

    Hi! My names Chloe and I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I am looking for a tortoise to raise and love. I already have one tortoise, his name is Shelldon and he is a Russian Teacup Tortoise. He's about 5 years old and he's starting to get really lonely. He continues to run into the class of his...
  9. abbieeemarron

    Too big? Too small? Just right?

    I have two Herman tortoises both hatched in the same year (2015) however one is massively bigger than the other (see pic). Tortoise 1 is 387g, 12.4cm carpice Tortoise 2 is 177g, 9.4cm carpice According the Jackson ratio they are both healthy and they are both certainly happy. They’ve had a vet...
  10. ayrgrn

    Repti Bark/Orchid bark good for baby Hermann's?

    Hello, I'm considering changing my Coco coir and topsoil mix to either repti bark (or orchid bark if I can find any near me) but am concerned whether it is suitable for my baby Hermann's who is nearly 8 months old. The Coco coir and topsoil mix I have in my table right now is giving me a...
  11. ayrgrn

    Jackson Ratio Confusion

    Hello all, Didn't know where to post this so sorry if in the wrong place! I'm a bit confused about the Jackson Ratio weight-length chart/calculator. I have been using the calculator on https://www.tortoise-protection-group.org.uk/site/171.asp for the last 6 weeks of having my Hermann's tort and...
  12. RobP67

    Reptile Expo High Desert Tortoises?

    Hey everyone, Hope all is well and keeping warm during this winter. I've seen advertisements of the Victorville expo coming up and i wasn't able to go to the super show in pomona last month. I know and heard of horror stories about expos and shows and definitely know what to look out for. But...
  13. ayrgrn

    Too hot?

    Hello all, I have a 100w Arcadia MVB in my 60x130cm enclosure for my tort Loki. The temperature at his height directly underneath the bulb is about 32-33° which I think is perfect. However, underneath this bulb I have a flat stone that I found in my garden, it has been disinfected of course. I...
  14. Chapstickglue

    Baby Leopard Losing Weight, Bubble Nose

    Thanks in advance for replies! - Leopard tortoise - ~8 months old - Male - Arrived by overnight shipping 1/17/2019 - Arrived with bubble nose - Currently losing weight His House: - Large wood tortoise table from ReptiMed - UVB light / Ceramic Heater / Blue Heat Bulb / Heat Mat used for...
  15. Arielle.shull

    Looking to adopt tortoises near Greenville, SC.

    Hey y'all. Looking for tortoises to adopt. Must be friendly. I have a huge fenced in back yard and heated homes for the summer months, and I have a tortoise room for the cooler months. These tortoises will be spoiled!!! I'm looking more for leopards or smaller, but looking to adopt many.
  16. M

    Greek tortoise diarrhea for weeks

    I have had a young greek tortoise for about three weeks and all of that time he is having diarrhea. No matter what I feed him it just wont go away. Most of the days I am feeding him rocket, lamb's lettuce, salad mix, sunflower shoots. I have also tried cat grass but he seems not to like it. I...
  17. M

    Baby Sulcata concerns about weight gain

    Hello Everybody! I got my hatchling sulcata, Geode, on September 22, 2018 and today is January 21, 2018. When I got him, he weighed 50.5g and today, four months later, he only weights 59.9g. I was under the impression that slow growth was good for these babies, but after doing so more...
  18. S

    Tortoise out of hibernation, help!

    Hello all I’m just messaging to get some advice about my 6 year old Russian Horsefield male called Arnie! He is very active, eating well and generally seems happy but I can’t help but worry as I’ve never had a tortoise before so I don’t feel as confident in looking after him as I do dogs and...
  19. BlueCassowary

    New tortoise owner - care help needed

    Hi all, I am a new tortoise owner and could really do with some advice to make sure I'm on the right track. First of all, here are some pictures of Elliot and his setup: https://imgur.com/a/7Kcg0yC Background: My tortoise is 7 years old and was adopted 4 weeks ago from a friend who did a pet...
  20. B

    Recommendations? Sulcata equipment

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but a long time turtle lover. I want to purchase a hatchling or yearling sulcata tortoise in the near future and I decided to do more in depth research before I do, thank heavens for finding this forum. I've read so many threads and I've got lots of information but if...