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  1. TortyDxb

    Should I do anything, tortoise ate a toxic leaf?

    one of the new 4 month olds in our care ate an entire leaf (more than the size of her) of a miniature eggplant plant. Not the fruit. The leaf looks like fig leaves and it didn’t occur to me to check ... She’s basically finished and gone off for a sleep, shall I do anything or just let it...
  2. Alex Prolucs

    3 Egyptians, 1 Greek

    Hello! I have got 3 Egyptian tortoises; 2 small-size, 1 medium and 1 Greek medium-sized. My question, Is it safe to put them together? Or do I have to seperate them? Like 3 Egyptians in an enclosure and 1 Greek in another. I can provide pictures if needed.
  3. TortyDxb

    Bathing an aldabra

    So a daily 25 minute soak is going on in a big tub under a shower tap. I couldn't recommend this enough. I think it is an excellent routine thing as it guarantees a drink (if needed) and, more often than not, a big old poop. I have the water quite hot, hand in water feels hot to warm - but...
  4. M

    Please help me

    Just a week ago, i got a sulcata tortoise. He is a month old. When i got him from the breeder, he was lethargic and seemed like he had no life in him, at the time i figured he was just adapting to his new enviroment. He's got a great set up, a large shallow pool, cool hide, moist hide and warmer...
  5. C

    Eating Behaviour

    Just wanted to know my 1 year old when he is out of table and wandering around house or conservatory he will non stop eat food from his bowl or floor however in his table he rarely eats. Is this normal? Does anyone else have this?
  6. Vanessa Black

    Russian Tortoise Healthy Shell?

    Hi guys, this is my Russian named Ned. I got him from a lovely family on Craigslist who got him from petco. He's a male and he's six years old. I'm worried about his shell, he has white lines along the bottom of his shell and the black part is fading. Is that normal? He feels normal and...
  7. Rusky

    Tortoise might be sick or trying to hibernate

    Rusky is a young tortoise, living in a temporary 1 1/2 x 3 ft tank. I got him about a month ago. He was not eating much, but he ate every day. However, he has not eaten for three days now, and has been sleeping almost nonstop, burrowing in different areas around his enclosure. I think he may be...
  8. V

    PLEASE HELP! Abused Turtles/Tortoises at Thai Restaurant?

    Hi all, I'm new to all of this and have been doing extensive research on purchasing an Eastern Hermann's or Ibera Greek tortoise. Tonight, while doing food deliveries, I went to this restaurant where they have 5 turtles in one small enclosure. There is no UVB lamp, no heat lamp - nothing...
  9. S

    New Ornate Box Turtle owner

    Hi there! I'm a relatively new Ornate box turtle owner and am looking for some advice. I have had a female Ornate box turtle for about 6ish months now, and I believe she is 2-3 years old. In her first home, the people who had her were raising several box turtles in their backyard. They are...
  10. C

    14 days and still not eaten

    Marginated still not eaten after 14 days of having him. Offered fresh weeds daily, tried bathing daily mornings still nothing. Have lost 2 grams weight is this normal?
  11. M

    Not sure whether russian tortoise is sick or going into hibernation

    So for about 4-5 days now, my russian tortoise has suddenly refused to eat anything I give him, instead opting to spend all his time burrowing down into his substrate. When he is indoors, he usually gets a mixture of greens (spring mix, collards, mustards, turnips, romaine, etc) with some...
  12. Nessa

    Missing/Lost Sulcata Tortoise

    My 40 lb tortoise went missing Thanksgiving from my house in Arcadia, CA. She has a spike missing on her left back leg and has a little white dent on the center top right of her shell. I have been searching for 4 hours and put up posters around my neighborhood and have knocked on doors. If...
  13. mushroomandcucumber

    Hi! Soon to be Hermann Tortoise owner! I have a lot of questions!

    Hi, soon I will be welcoming a baby Hermann tortoise! I'm really excited because I've never owned a tortoise before even though I've wanted to ever since I was a child However, I have a lot of questions that I'm struggling to find answers for, and I would greatly appreciate any help you could...
  14. C

    marginated heat

    Hi out of interest when using a heat temp gun the floor under the basking is registering 44c/111f is this to hot or not as it's not air temperature
  15. willsh

    Tortoise's chin is tilted

    Hello, I got my tortoise from my friend who clearly wasn't taking enough care for her tortoise. That's only reason why I accepted her offer to give that tortoise to me for free. I was feeling bad for that tortoise. Now I have noticed that her (tortoise) chin is tilted and it really makes...
  16. Ace's Mommy

    TORTOISE TABLE FOR SALE (Dallas, Texas) 3x5

    Tortoise Table for Sale by Ace's Mommy posted Nov 8, 2017 at 8:33 PMTortoise Table for Sale by Ace's Mommy posted Nov 8, 2017 at 8:33 PMTortoise Table for Sale by Ace's Mommy posted Nov 8, 2017 at 8:33 PM Good condition tortoise table, fits two tortoises depending on (size/ species), pole...
  17. courtoon

    RT avoids water dish!

    Hi all! My baby RT will not, and I repeat will NOT go into her water dish I have in her enclosure. She seriously hates her soaks and I have a feeling she hates her water dish now too because of it. I have a small terra-cotta saucer embedded in her substrate so it's not deep, pretty shallow. Her...
  18. Anapakalolo

    New sulcata tortoise owner here

    Hi everyone! My name is Ana. I am a happy owner of a 3 month old African Sulcata tortoise that I have named Yoshi. I received him/her today. It is being raised inside until it is big enough to live outside. 1. I was wondering does my tortoise need heat/UVB at night? I live in a tropical...
  19. N

    Prison Break Monster

    Just curious if everyone Redfoot is active and restless like my Monster girl?
  20. Sherrythetortoise

    My tortoise doesn't like his new house!

    So I just got my tortoise a new house And he seems unhappy with it :/ he prefers the old room i used to put him in Before I bought the house I used to keep him inside a room with moquette and likes it he walks a lot in there and seems happy But whenever he's in his new house he seems to be...