yellow bellied slider

  1. P

    Yellow bellied slider available

    Hello all! I have had my Yellow bellied slider for 7 years and am unable to look after him recently due to unavoidable issues. He is a very sweet boy and loves to bask. I’m hoping to rehome him with someone who will love him and take care of him.. if you are interested please let me know!
  2. Baby Ted May 2020

    Baby Ted May 2020

    This lil cutie fell off a 4-wheeler that my husband was fixing, while at work. Hubby named him Ted, brought him home and he's been part of the family since.
  3. B

    Yellow Bellied Slider for Adoption (CHICAGOLAND AREA)

    I have a four year old yellow bellied slider in my home that was my brothers, he has moved out and I am unable to care for her properly and no one in my family is willing to either. Local resources are not helpful as they only offer to euthanize her which is the worst possible outcome. She comes...
  4. N

    White stuff

    Hello! I just found this strange white stuff inside my 1 year old yellow-bellied slider aquarium. The texture is soft, and it spreads out thin. This has never happened before. Does anyone know what this is? Not long ago, I fed her romaine lettuce and cleaned its tank. Could that be related? 🤔
  5. C

    4 turtles to good home

    We have four turtles looking for good homes. Two are red eared sliders and two are yellow belly. They belonged to an elderly lady who could no longer care for them. We took them temporarily as they were being kept in small fish tanks. We are located in Waynesboro Virginia. No cost for the...
  6. G

    Tortoise+Water Turtle Setup ideas

    I have been tossing this idea up in the air, of trying to create 1 space for both my water turtle(Yellow Belly Slider) and my Leopard Tortoise. However I've been wrestling this idea if its even a good idea to mix waters(fish tank water from Slider as drinking water for Tortoise) and I cant come...
  7. B

    Urgently Re-homing 3 aquatic turtles

    Hi, everyone! I'm reaching out on behalf of my family, due to unfortunate recent circumstances, the care of our turtles has become too extensive for us to keep up with. They've been with us since they were hatchlings for the last 13 years and we love them dearly, but they're in need of a new...
  8. G

    how much UV does my juvenile yellow belly slider need?

    I have a 30 gallon aquarium that has been for fish only until recently. I rescued a young YBS (approx 3.5 inches long) crossing the street in a residential area, and picked it up with the intention of releasing it into the creek behind my house, where I have seen wild YBS living. Instead of...
  9. C


    I am a new yellow belly slider owner. Petco gave me a surplus of bad information and I am wondering if any noticeable damage has happened to my turtle. I am also wondering about how old she is.
  10. M

    Yellow Belly Slider shedding or shell rot?

    I’m new to the turtle world, thanks to my toddler finding this one in a swimming pool and not willing to let it go. We have had it going a little over a month now. Very active, not a big fan of the pellet food but we found she likes the frozen cubed foods and blood worms and seems to have a...
  11. D

    Please help me (neurological???)

    hello everyone. I have a 10ish year old yellow bellied slider and lately it started acting weirdly. A few days ago (a week maybe? I'm bad with timing) I put an earphone piece in front of his face (it was in the lowest volume) just so I could see how he'd react to music and then he leaned over...
  12. Sam101

    Help! Turtle being tube fed but throwing up.

    So about 2 1/2 months ago, my yellow belly slider (female, 7yrs) stopped eating and I got really worried and eventually took her to the vet where she stayed for a while until they got to the bottom of what was wrong with her apparently she had a nasty fungus bacteria growing in her oesophagus...