A/C unit for a night box?


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Oct 23, 2023
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Phoenix, Arizona
I have a 5yr old sulcata in phoenix who doesn’t seem to want to burrow. She has a shaded soaking area, trees, bushes, covered patio, and a “burrow” I made for her. I also have tried to start a burrow for her to take over in two separate locations with no luck. We made her a night box similar to Tom’s design for the winters.

My concern is that our summers regularly reach 110+ for days on end with over night lows not dropping enough to offer her any relief from the heat. My thought was to build a summer lid for her night box that has a window unit a/c attached. Something that will bring the 116 degree days down to a more manageable 80 or 90 interior? Has anybody done something like this? Am I worrying too much? Any downsides to consider such as the humidity the unit would remove from the air?

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