Burmese star tortoise sick


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Mar 3, 2021
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Hello my 9 months old Burmese star tortoise is very sick. She has watery eyes. Eyes open but cannot seem to walk or eat. I have another Burmese Star tortoise in the same environment but doing just fine. I just called 50 vets but all of them are fully booked. Any suggestions? I want to save her.


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Jan 9, 2010
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We need to know how she's being housed. What temperatures? They need to be kept very warm day and night. No lower than 80-85 at night and low 90s during the day, with a 100 degree basking area under the bulb.

Are you using a closed chamber with high humidity?

They should also never be housed in pairs. This is very stressful and bad for them, and cause one or both to get sick.

Vets don't know much about tortoise care. Most of them will go in the back and read a vet handbook or vet website and then come back in and shoot up your tortoise with drugs or vitamins that do more harm than good. What needs to happen is to discover the CAUSE of the sickness and correct the problem(s). In most cases, respiratory infections are caused by conditions that are too cold.

Here is another possibility: What kind of UV bulb are you using? CFL type? Those sometimes burn their eyes and can create the symptoms you describe.

You can't tell the sex at 9 months old, btw. And the breeders, including me, don't know the correct incubation temps for temperature sex determination.

Here is the correct care info. Read through this and see what you are doing differently:

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