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Jun 30, 2018
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Well, my cute cuddly kitten has turned into a freakin holy terror. He's 12 weeks old now...I got him at 2 weeks. His was a light silky gray with yellow eyes. Now he's a dark gray and his eye are turning orange.Here he's with Simon, my Main Coon
and this is my love Smokey. I adopted him 4 years ago when he was 11 years old and is old lady person died and Smoke got placed in hospice at the local humane shelter...but it's a kill shelter. So I vivited Smokey daily for almost 2 weeks and when he head butted me I knew he was a keeper.
I'm pretty sure his previous keeper didn't take him on road trips, or played loud rock n roll. He is just so chill. He's 16 years old n ow and in tip top shape. He doesn't like the kitten and used to beat him up. But now he just ignores Little Bit as he caught on to leaving Smokey alone. lolDSCN0964.JPG
Here is my bathroom floor where Little Bit has learned to jump high onto the counter and in this photo he has my toothbrush (yep)m on the rug and is just playing like it was a toy,,,and never to go in my mouth again!!!DSCN0931.JPG
just oh yuck...
I love my kitten but he's trouble, he wants the birds...I keep a spray bottle handy...but he likes the box turtles and goes into the tort table when I stop paying attention...DSCN0947.JPG


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Jan 28, 2022
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I'll be needing you to post all of those nice cats to me...

Actually my two oldies wouldn't appreciate that much...but you have three stunners there!