Darn fire ants!!


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Dec 3, 2022
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South Carolina
I just can't shake them!! I have literally tried everything!!! I thought they moved once, but they've only covered the previous area and the new area. Boric acid didn't kill them, DE didn't kill them, Bait in a mason jar with holes didn't kill them. These mother summa's are not moving!!!! Is it okay to treat that area with a fire ant killer? I purchased Orthene fire ant killer powder. I figured maybe I could sprinkle on the ant mounts, wait several days, hose it down several times then cover it with cypress mulch? I have cypress mulch on the other end of the enclosure and the ants haven't gone anywhere near it. An employee at Ace Hardware told me Cypress mulch is a natural insect repellent.
It's simple, crazy simple. Boil at least a gallon or more of water, then take the water and a glass measuring cup or another type cup, a coffee cup will also do well. Then using the cup, slowly pour the boiling water into the center of the ant hill or where the ants seem to be entering and exiting the area. You may even be able to see the actual labyrinth during your efforts. Good luck!

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