Garden State Tortoise - Testudo graeca Heaven


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Jun 12, 2018
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Tucson, AZ
I received these two gorgeous Testudo graeca terrestris hatchlings today from Garden State Tortoise! They are super healthy, wide-eyed and active, enjoyed their soak upon arrival, had some breakfast, and are now exploring their new enclosure. I've bought hatchlings before from Chris, and I am always very pleased with the babies his tortoises produce. It's easy to see they are a true example of the Testudo graeca species.

Chris is also a wealth of knowledge with the Testudo graeca. He's always provided wonderful insight and advice when I've needed help or had questions. It's obvious to see how passionate he is about all of this. He and his wife do an amazing job.

If you're looking for high quality, healthy Greek babies, I highly recommend Garden State Tortoise! Their hatchlings are the real deal! And they offer a wide variety of subspecies and locales of Testudo graeca. You can check out their websites: www.gardenstatetortoise and 20190412_133334.jpeg 20190412_133352.jpeg 20190412_133409.jpeg 20190412_133729.jpeg 20190412_133747.jpeg