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Genus Indotestudo - Elongated, Forstens, Travancore

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Aug 2, 2010
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As most know......Indotestudo is a genus of tortoise from South and Southeast Asia. in the Testudinidae family. The three species in the genus are all threatened.

It contains the following species:

Elongated tortoise (Indotestudo elongata)
Forsten's tortoise (Indotestudo forstenii)
Travancore tortoise ('Indotestudo travancorica)

ATC wanted to try to show the differences of these species so tortoise keepers can have some type of a reference, and also to be able to provide Travancore Tortoise photos.

Typically Elongateds have a nuchal scute and the other two species do not. (Although a percent of Forstens do)

Travancore Tortoises grow the largest out of the three and the nuchal scute right behind the head is absent.
(pictured in order are carapace photos of Elongated, Forstens, Travancore)

Travancore Tortoises second scute along the vertebral column is located at the highest point of the shell.
(pictured in order are side carapace photos of Elongated, Forstens, Travancore)

Travancore Tortoises Pectoral scutes are typically wider then the other two sub species, as shown in the photos below.
(pictured in order are plastron photos of Elongated, Forstens, Travancore)

Elongateds and Travancore Tortoises will typically have a white head with pink markings.

Most Forsten's Tortoises have some type of black marking on the head, as shown below.

Indotestudo tortoise keepers - feel free to add any additional information to this thread as seen fit....
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