growing right? OK?


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Apr 6, 2021
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Hey there! As you can see by the title I just wanted to make sure my little love is growing good and looks healthy. They will be 3 years old in August. Shell length is just over 4 inches. They eat like a garbage disposal and are very active and have nice solid perfectly form poops. So I can assume they are happy and healthy but as this is my first and only tortoise I wanted to make sure! Also I bought them from a very well known breeder of redfoots here in Ontario Canada and I just wanted to be sure are they actually a CHERRY head redfoot like I was sold. I dont know I just look at photos and I just feel like they dont really look like a cherry head. I wont be overly disappointed because I think cost was only like 50 more for a cherry head but also disappointed because I was lied to. I dunno thats why I am here! Id like some second opinions! Sorry for the wall of text! Thanks so much everyone.

The photos in my hand are the day I got them (late 2018) and Today (April 2021) The other 2 photos with the white background are also from today.


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Sep 6, 2011
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Is it two tortoises or one. You keep saying they but then said you only have one?
S/he is slightly pyramided in the first photo.
Also looks dry.
Give us some pics of the enclosure, size, temps, humidity, diet and what you use for lights and heat and we can better tell you if he is healthy as far as care.