hatchling with soft shell


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Jan 9, 2010
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I will separate them. What would you recommend to get him to start growing? I've done my research and my temps and humidity are good but will switch to a close chambered container for them.
also i do soak them ever day as well as most them a few times a day in order to keep the humidity up

A couple of closed chambers will make your life much easier, and their lives better.

If your problem is due to kidney failure as a result being started incorrectly by the breeder, there really is nothing anyone can do. Some of them pull through and some don't. All you can do is offer good conditions and try to give them every advantage, but if the kidneys are fried from chronic dehydration as a hatchling, nothing will save them. Read this for more explanation: https://tortoiseforum.org/threads/hatchling-failure-syndrome.23493/

By contrast, read this one to see how it should be done:

The person you bought your tortoise from doesn't start babies this way, and given what I've read here, I think you are seeing the result. Sorry man. Give it your best and don't give up. Some of them make it.


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Oct 28, 2019
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I'm really following this thread. I have similar concerns. I'm using the 10.0 uvb t5. Is that acceptable? I bought a hatchling leopard July 31 from backwater reptiles online. He is 27 grams. I'm concerned as well with the soft underside. He gets at least 1 soak a day & I have observed him going to his little soaking area during the day. (I set up turtle cam) I want to watch him but not let humidity out. I'm concerned about him since he was sent dry packed. Not in moist sphagnum like the other one I bought from underground reptiles in April. They are separated now as suggested on the group. The one I bought in april had a soft bottom shell but has since got more firm, like Tom was describing. Does anyone know these companies?