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Jan 1, 2017
so a elongated turtle is on its way i just really need someone to maybe just tell me about there setup for inside its a baby by the way and also there general diet thanks so much


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Sep 6, 2011
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Hello and Welcome. Congrats. I can't help with its care, but I can say to give it nice warm soak when it arrives. Someone should be able to give you the proper guidance soon. Just keep checking back.


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Apr 20, 2015
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Elongated keeper here - as Yvonne G said, there aren't a ton of resources out there for keeping elongata. Thankfully, following care instructions for a red foot or yellow foot seems to work pretty well. Looking up a hatchling care sheet for the footed tortoises will give you general guidelines.

These are omnivorous tortoises who enjoy fruit, flowers, greens, fungi, animal protein, and gnawing on bones. Compared to footed tortoises, probably more fungi and cuttlebone is enjoyed by elongata, but the general diet is the same.

Keep your enclosure 78-86F. Adults can take more of a night drop, but for hatchlings I think general warmth is safe. I use radiant heat panels for warmth. They don't need a basking lamp, although I have caught mine basking in sun beams. Use long tube fluorescents for UVB. They don't like bright light, so provide lots of places to get out of the light. In the wild, they spend significant portions of the day hiding out in the burrows of other animals so provide dark hides they can pass the middle of the day in. They do well on high humidity and require clean water they can soak from and drink from at all times (also provide daily soaks outside the enclosure for hatchlings).

Closed chambers - like a big aquarium - work best keeping conditions warm and humid for these guys.

Elongata are very much a solitary tortoise - this tortoise absolutely wants no friends. Elongata are very aggressive and will fight brutally so don't house this baby with any other animals.
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Thank you, Sarah. Good to know you have them and can now be my 'resource'! ;)

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