HELP!!! Tortoise cracked egg!


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Apr 22, 2020
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Help!!! My tortoise laid an egg on Monday and today I’ve put both (male and female) tortoises outside! My male tort is super active and walks around their large pen all day, I went outside after them being out there for about an hour to sit with them as I always do and I’ve realised a broken egg! I’m assuming my female tort laid it then the male tort has accidentally broken it! My male tort kept putting his face in the yolk?!? I’m so scared that My female tort is like traumatised seeing the egg broken? I took her straight inside by herself and she is now taken herself off to hide. I feel like she may lay another one soon as she was a little bit restless after I took her in but has calmed down now. Please can someone help me, was it normal for her to just lay it on a patch Of grass ? I’d usually ring our vets but they’re closed due to the pandemic? (she’s laid eggs many times before but they have never been fertile, they’re both 15 years old now)


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Jan 9, 2010
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Your female is not traumatized and doesn't care about who does what with the eggs. That is not how most reptiles work.

It is not normal for them to drop eggs on the surface at this age. First time moms, yes. Older females that have laid before? No. Does she have suitable laying areas with deep dirt to dig into?

They should never be kept in pairs. This is extremely stressful for her and may be the source of the problem. Separate them ASAP and let her have some peace and quiet.

She needs to be in the outdoor enclosure so she can lay any more eggs, and she needs to not have the male present, so she can relax and do her thing.

If the male broke the egg and was eating the contents, it wasn't by accident.