Lighting question for a red foot

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Aug 10, 2012
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Watsonpartyof4 said:
My Tyrone loves Kale! I also give him spring mix and dandelion leaves. His favorite fruit is strawberries which I give every few days. I use a lot of bell pepper when I cook so he gets that too. And cooked chicken about every three weeks. I give carrots about once a week or so. Apples about every two weeks. Variety is the key! Don't feed the the same old thing day after day. I do give him Kale everyday but I mix it with other food and he seems to enjoy it.

Thanks for this Watsonpartyof4 :) I do variety and keep an eye on what he is actually eating. If he eats more fruit one day I'll ensure it's greens the next! He's had his first pepper and loved it with a plum. He doesn't eat a lot though but then he's only small I guess. This is a reason why I weigh him now and again.
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