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May 4, 2019
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I have a rescued Sulcata that my boyfriend and I took ownership of probably around last April/May. He had a really nice outdoor enclosure and he used to only come inside at night (we have a lot of predators in our area), but now he's permanently inside for the winter and until we move (I go to bootcamp early next year!) I purchased two ceramic heating bulbs but every time I turned them on, they began smelling burnt and I was nervous to keep them on in case they started a fire. It's getting rather cold at night now and I need to find a new heating element or brand of ceramic bulbs to try. Wilferd is 6 years old and approximately 20-25 lbs his tank is 21" tall if that's information that helps.


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May 29, 2014
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Glenn Dale, Maryland, USA
So, CHE’S do smell a bit if it is brand new and first time being used. Lots of questions, but are you using a thermostat with your. CHE or did you just plug it in and keep it on?

I’m having a hard time visualizing a 6 year old Sully @25 lbs inside a “tank” - so a pix of your set up will help us help you & your sully.

Keeping a big #25 Sulcata inside for the Winter with good lighting and temps and room to roam is hard. Doable but takes some work.

Check out getting a Kane heating pad as well (use with thermostat too).
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