1. zarawyon

    New Enclosure Lighting Enquiry

    Hiya. I have just got my new outdoor enclosure for my 8yr horsfield and I’m not sure how to go about the lighting / heating for the house section. I am thinking of using a Zoo Med Powersun UV Flood Lamp on a timer. I don’t know if i need other lighting or heating or if this lamp would provide...
  2. zarawyon

    Help with Improving my Esio’s Enclosure

    Hiya I have a 9 year old horsefield that I got quite young and I am now endeavouring to improve her enclosure. She currently lives in a basic set up with a mercury lamp over a tortoise table but it’s just way too small. I want to get her an outdoor tortoise house (retaining the table for bad...
  3. B

    Keeping my Russian tortoise in a tortoise table inside a shed

    Hello, I live in the UK and i am planning to put my reptiles outside in a shed which has an electrical supply , My Russian tortoise currently lives in her tortoise table in my room but i want to move her into my shed but I am worried it will be to cold for her , The shed is not insulated...
  4. Redstrike

    Ceramic Heat Emitters vs. Heat Panels

    Hi all, I've been actively pursuing reducing the amount of dust in my tortoises' enclosure (indoor closed chamber). Just wanted to say I noticed my old setup of 3 Ceramic Heat Emitters (CHE's) produced a lot of powdery, white dust on the sliding glass door as they ran. They are an excellent...
  5. R

    bulb reccomendations?

    hi i’m getting a hermann’s soon, does anyone have any specific recommendations for heat/uvb/uva lamps for a hatchling? specific brands to get, or dos and dont? i’ve seen a lot of conflicting information.
  6. obiwantortellini

    Red foot hatchling light + heat

    I have researched so much and still am not 100% sure about lighting. We are getting a red foot hatchling next week, we will set it up in a temporary 20 gallon terrarium which is a 2x1x1 i think (yes it’s small but the breeder actually recommended this for a temporary enclosure) i know that i...
  7. graciemay98

    Heat Emitter Gas Smell?!?

    Hi, I use a double dome unit with 2 zoo med heat emitters in it. i have used this set up for years, and replace the heat emitters when burnt out or stop producing heat. the last 2 weeks, the unit is letting off a horrible toxic gasoline/burnt smell! it’s strong and filled my entire house with...
  8. A

    Need help! New tortoise Mom

    So I just got a sulcata tortoise, I was told that she/he is just a little over 2 years old. I'm living in New Mexico, I was told by the previous owners that she/he would only eat spring mix salads from the store! Iv read in only an hour that is not the proper diet this little guy should be on...
  9. MasterOogway21

    'Regular' flood incandescent bulbs bulbs - what does that mean?

    In The Best Way To Raise Any Temperate Species Of Tortoise, @Tom mentions that he uses 'regular' flood incandescent bulbs for heating his torts. Does that mean bulbs specified as flood bulbs (the wide-bottom ones), or the most common ones that you see everywhere? I looked it up and the bulbs do...
  10. G

    UVB & Basking - What Do You Recommend?

    Hi All, I am in the process of researching and setting up my home for a hatchling that will be arriving in a couple of months. There is so much information available online regarding basking and UVB lighting/heating, and some of it is very contradictory. I will be speaking with the breeder...
  11. awt1997

    New tortoise owner soon!

    I am going to be getting a hatchling baby hermann's or russian but I hear it's pretty similar either way. my question is, what will i need for it? what substrate? what should i do for the lighting and heating? and so on.
  12. E

    Will a radiant heating panel suffice in So Cal?

    I have been using the mini oil radiator heater, but my 60 lb.er has grown so that it's a tight fit in his 2' x 4' insulated night box. Not in a position to make a new box at the moment, wondering if a radiant panel (same as Kane heating mat?) would keep it warm enough in So Cal winters. Or how...
  13. T

    Need help with heating at night! Indoor

    I have a rescued Sulcata that my boyfriend and I took ownership of probably around last April/May. He had a really nice outdoor enclosure and he used to only come inside at night (we have a lot of predators in our area), but now he's permanently inside for the winter and until we move (I go to...
  14. oneilmatt

    Specific Questions About Hatchling Care

    Hi all, I just received a pair of 3-Toed Box Turtles about 2 months ago. These are my first turtles and my first reptiles. This lack of experience is the reason I am posting. I keep them outside in a spacious enclosure, and the female just laid a clutch of eggs about a week ago. I have...
  15. C

    Help on a fireplace enclosure for a baby cherry head

    I've looked through the threads on enclosures for babies and they've been very helpful, but I have a bit of a unique idea in mind and I want to make sure this will work for my prospective tort. I live in a very old house in New Hampshire and I have a large blocked off brick fireplace that I...
  16. V

    Red foot tortoise heat lamp and UVB lamp

    I'm going to built my 7 year old female red foot tortoise a new tortoise table and I'm wondering what heat bulb/lamp is recommended, and what wattage/heat it would need to be, I got recommended a ceramic bulb would be best as it gives out no light. Also what type of UV bulb should I get, a...
  17. Maro2Bear

    Thoughts on Arcadia’s New Deep Heat Projector (DHP)

    Greetings All Just received Reptile Basics latest email update with new items for keepers of reptiles. One of the highlighted items is this new DHP heating lamp and I’m wondering what this Tortoise Forum thinks about it. Link to photos, video and the entire description -...
  18. LRTortoises

    Heating a garage for tortoises in Arkansas

    I bring in 3 leopards and 6 redfoots for the winter (about 5 months) into a two car garage that I don't have to put cars in. So I have lots of space. i cover the floor with Cypress Mulch at least 6 inches deep and in some places 2 ft deep for egg laying. I got arcadia lights on a timer for...
  19. B

    Ventilation/Humidity using a fan.

    Hello there, although ventilation has been discussed before, after some post searching I feel my question is specific to my set up. So, my leopard tortoise is living in a luggage trailer I converted. It holds heat nicely I find, and recently I introduced a humidifier to pump up the humidity...
  20. Crotalis

    Getting the right temps

    I have a 60w incandescent basking bulb low on the far right (100 degree basking spot). I have a CHE on the far left, situated high in the enclosure; 20" above substrate. (UV lighting is in the middle.) I have a thermostat connected to the CHE, at 82 degrees. But, sometimes it gets to an ambient...