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Aug 22, 2018
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Hello there, although ventilation has been discussed before, after some post searching I feel my question is specific to my set up.

So, my leopard tortoise is living in a luggage trailer I converted. It holds heat nicely I find, and recently I introduced a humidifier to pump up the humidity levels after reading some information I hadn't come across before online.

Currently however the only form of ventilation is opening the door you can see in the pictures provided, that of course allows too much heat to escape and I would assume the humidity would suffer the same fate.

I have an old extractor fan in my possession, and my idea was to invert it so air was blown into the enclosure on a slow spin, whilst also having a vent elsewhere for stale air to leave the enclosure.

I'm unsure however if the fan blowing air in will cause the humidity or heat to drop, I of course want to avoid damp and mould, so air circulation is important. I feel the fan would help with fresh air coming into the trailer easier, as the trailer sits in the garage so there isn't really a breeze to help usher it in.

Any help would be appreciated, and thank you in advance.


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Sep 6, 2011
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Anything that opens up the enclosure will lower the heat and humidity.
My leopards are locked up all winter with only the door opening when I enter or leave the shed. It's not air tight so there is air getting in and small amount of heat escaping. You leopard should be an adult to be living in that enclosure so you can do a heated humid hide instead of the whole enclosure being humid. You could put a fan in the enclosure for air movement but I wouldn't pump air in or out. I have a ceiling fan in my shed to push the hot air that rises back to tort level.


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If the air you are blowing in is heated and humidified, the fan will work great. If the air you are blowing in is cooler and drier, then you are defeating the purpose of a closed chamber which is to reduce the mixing of the "good" air with the incorrect room air.

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