1. D

    Habitat setup help

    hey guys! So I posted a bit ago last week about my sick sulcata. Since then he has passed, but I’ve been trying to make my habitat suitable to my other baby sulcata. I’ve come to a dilemma of how to set it up when it comes to heat. I have switched my uvb/uva bulb to a mercury vapor heat bulb...
  2. Tortytoes Gma

    Torty Rescuer Needs Housing Help

    Hello all. My daughter rescued a Sulcata from her neighbor who was not feeding it then moved away and left it. He is a sweet, 45-50lb Sulcata that we named Tortytoes. Unfortunately, her yard and very large dogs were not a good fit with the tortoise so he has come to live with me. I have him...
  3. wonderfulwildlife

    What Wattage CHE for a 29G Plastic Tub?

    I have a 29-gallon heavy duty plastic tub & for my hatchling I’ll need to raise the temperature 10-15 degrees above the temp in my house. The enclosure will be closed chamber or mostly closed chamber depending on how I set it up. I was thinking of getting a 70 - 80 watt CHE & putting it on a...
  4. wonderfulwildlife

    Is a CHE the best heat source for a red foot hatchling indoors?

    Is a CRE the best heat source for a red foot hatchling indoors? My dad wants to know why the CRE is better than a infrared heat bulb because he’s worried that the bulb itself gets so hot. Are the mercury vapor bulbs okay for a RF hatchling? I’ve heard RFs don’t like too much light which is why...
  5. T

    setting up a thermostat

    so I am going to set up a ceramic heat lamp and a thermostat yet i have no idea on how to do it and i also looked on youtube yet found nothing any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. dwright27

    New Enclosure and Lighting Crisis

    Hi everyone! I finally got my tortoise's new enclosure delivered after several months of waiting. It's 6'x3', which I know is still below the minimum recommended dimensions, but that is the size I can accommodate in my home right now and it's a hell of a lot bigger than what she's been living...