Need help with my baby (soft shell)


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Tom above is right with his points. Main problems are probably lack of calcium, and hi-quality UVB lighting, and possibly lack of consistent warmth to metabolise Vitamin D3. Agree, no vitamin injections, carrot soaks waste of time. And humidity needs to be right. In addition, if your little tortoise seems to recover, an exotics specialist vet may be able to help, but I do agree with members that this is a husbandry issue. You're in the US, I think, but still, I would recommend a sulcata expert to you who runs an excellent facebook group 'Tortoise Life'. Donna Stocking advises vets on husbandry of exotics. Also, you need to learn as much a possible about how to keep tortoises, whose needs are very varied according to species. A good general background resource is Andy Highfield's website 'tortoise'. I wish you well...
Both of the sources you mentioned are bad sources for tortoise info. The FB lady is crazy and immune to any sense of rational thought or logic. She'll ban you for making sense, no matter how much factual evidence you offer. In fact, facts and evidence seem to really set her off and make her hit that ban button.

Andy is mired in the dark ages of tortoise care and calls people names if they disagree with him and show factual first hand experience to the contrary of anything he says.

Carrot soaks are not a waste of time. Many a tortoise has been saved using carrot baby food soaks as part of a strategy to get them better.

I'm glad you've found us and joined. Hopefully we can shed some light on these topics and bring you up to speed.

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