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Jan 6, 2013
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Just started putting together a new balcony enclosure for my greek tortoise. Here is some quick info about it:

- Gets morning and evening sun
-Rain does not accumulate on balcony
-Will add hay, water and food bowl tomorrow
- I live in the south of Norway, so the day temps are about 20C these days and the night temps drop to 8C at the lowest.
- Helios (my greek tortoise) is now about 5 years old

I have a few questions/worries with the new enclosure:

- Substrate. Is it OK to just add a good amount of hay to borrow in and let him live directly on the wood balcony floor during the 3 months of the year he will spend in the outdoor enclosure (his indoor enclosure has ground coconut husk)?

- Minimum outdoor temps during the night for a greek tortoise in dry conditions? Is 8C (46F) too low? Should I start bringing him indoors for the night?

-Any other issues with the enclosure (see attachment)?


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