New hermanns owner from England kent

Cathie G

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Aug 9, 2018
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Thanks Angie it's great to be able to get on here and ask just to make sure I'm doing all the right things
I'm just so excited I'm 52 and have wanted a tortoise for as long as I can remember 😂
My husband has bought our little one as a surprise for me so I haven't got too much info as yet and so not sure whether we have a boy or girl I think he/she is around 4 years old
I have ordered quite a bit from Amazon just hope I've got all the right things 😬
Hello and welcome and congratulations on your baby on the way. I was 54 when I bought my Russian and I had always wanted a tortoise too. They are similar so I considered a Hermanns also. But I ended up with my little Sapphire 🐢💘 Have so much fun 😊🤗

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