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Nov 12, 2022
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I know I’m being a pain now but Shelly’s new viv is arriving on Friday, so yesterday I bit the bullet and bought absolutely everything I could think of that needs to go in there. Here’s my list of everything I bought. If I’ve missed anything out, please let me know! He already has hides/‘furniture’ so for that reason I won’t include those. I have also purchased coco coir and orchid bark and plan on mixing it/having different areas of substrate in his viv.

Arcadia D3+ Reptile Lamp T5 12% UVB

Arcadia Solar Basking Floodlight 75w (to be height adjusted as needed)

An LED baton for ambient light

2 ceramic bulb holders for his basking bulb and CHE (that I already have)

4x digital timers (will probably only need 3 of them)

Aquarium Sealant

Bin liners to line the bottom

I already have a dimming thermostat, probe, thermometers and a laser thermometer thing.

That said, guess who just woke up! lol. Time to go feed the tort!

Thanks guys.

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